Monday, August 7, 2017

Celebrities Talk “The Law Of Attraction” (Very Inspiring)

Let us understand what this is all about.  Our physical third tier bodies are operated by our physical second tier so called spirit bodies and this is done in close contact with independent spirit guides all advanced and committed to helping us. We merely have to ask or learn how to ask.  That is actually the difficult part.  After all you also have to ask for the right things or support will wane.

My point, whatever we choose to call all this, is that it is all physically real and completely necessary for us to function as living people.  

For that reason the so called 'Law of Attraction' happens to be a process that teaches you how to access this support.   Many of us need to learn this.  I personally lived by asking for nothing and expecting nothing and find it amazingly hard to ask for anything not supportive of my life's work.

So go for it and remember that you are working with the best you can be.  Forgive everything as well and treat it all as an experience learned.

Celebrities Talk “The Law Of Attraction” (Very Inspiring) 

23/05/2017 Gavin Nascimento 

By now, most of us have heard about the concept of the Law of Attraction, which suggests that what we think, feel, and visualize helps to ultimately create our reality and overall experience of this mystery we call life.

While many people tend to relegate this concept to the heap of “new agey” crap — because far too often it is oversimplified and thus can easily be dismissed — people have actually applied this concept throughout history with remarkable results. In other words, we shouldn’t blindly dismiss it just because we don’t entirely understand it. Please understand, that even to this day; science, philosophy, and all other bodies of popular knowledge (or lack-thereof) have not been able to comprehend the inner workings of the human mind. So dismissing something simply because we don’t understand it, or have the ability to measure its efficacy, does not automatically make us right and the concept wrong. We, as a species, are largely dominated by our ignorance. Losing sight of that obvious fact, is our greatest obstacle to making authentic progress. In fact, according to NASA, “everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter – adds up to less than 5% of the universe.” In other words, we are a blind species pretending to know everything. It’s comically absurd and also profoundly disturbing.

With that said, below you can listen to some incredible testimonies from celebrities that managed to lift themselves out of poverty, hard times, and mediocrity, through the application the Law of Attraction. And although I certainly am not a fan of all of these people, we can always learn from others if we simply open our minds. However, because I am not someone who blindly subscribes to oversimplified theories that have yet to be tangibly proven, it should also be mentioned that most of these individuals (that I have researched) possess other unique qualities (that were not inborn but are the result of practice), such as a stubborn persistence to achieve their vision, the willpower to learn and adapt their approach to reach their goal, and an optimistic attitude that even if they fail again and again, if they just keep on trying, eventually they will succeed. In other words, without positive action, positive thinking and visualization are practically meaningless. So be sure to focus on both.

Aside from that, I do not see why people are so quick to dismiss this. From our very narrow scientific understanding, we know that when we activate the Reticular Activating System, through focus, visualization and desire, our brain begins to actively seek this out while blocking out other information. Furthermore, no one can lift themselves out of their current circumstances, without imagining different circumstances. It’s really not rocket science, but there does seem to be an esoteric aspect to it that we have yet to comprehend.

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