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2 Potent Ways to Kill Fat Cells and Lose Fat Fast

 For most of us there is too much here.  What is beneficial though is that we start our day with a cup something such as cold green tea to save a lot of fussing.  Then run this warm - cold shower protocol for ten cycles.  Then go at it.
Recall that you have woken up in a fasted mode.  I actually do not break my fast until the evening.  all good.
The key point is that this actually stimulates the hard elimination of fat cells themselves or at least that is the claim.  It will certainly focus your mind as well...

2 Potent Ways to Kill Fat Cells and Lose Fat Fast

Here are two little-known but potent ways to kill fat cells and to lose fat fast.

By Ben Greenfield,

Get-Fit Guy

May 30, 2017

-Former NASA materials engineer Ray Cronise taught me about how burn fat without exercise.
 Considering that you can run a whole marathon and only burn 1/2-3/4 pound of fat, this is important information to include. Ray’s trick is to implement a daily “hot-cold contrast shower,” which is better for enhancing fat loss compared to the the currently popular “cold thermogenesis” practice of cold showers and cold weather exposure. For this tactic , you simply take a shower and alternate between 10 seconds of warm water to 20 seconds of cold water 10 times through. That’s just 5 minutes, but it’s free fat burning!

-Paying attention fascinating results of a University of Connecticut study (in which I was personally a study participant) that conclusively proved a high-fat, low carbohydrate diet could increase fat oxidation from an average maximum of 1.0 grams per minute to over 1.7 grams per minute.

-Reading up on why the “fat burning zone” is a myth, and the results of a recent study that revealed that runners exercising at over 85% of their maximum intensity still experienced fat oxidation contribution as nearly a third of their total energy expenditure, which I covered in the episode “How To Train Your Body To Burn More Fat”.

-Implementing quick and easy fat loss strategies throughout the day, including one short, aerobic workout as many mornings as possible a week, preferably in an overnight fasted state, avoidance of the commonly recommended practice to frequently snack or “graze”, saving all carb intake for the end of the day and up until that point, eating high amounts of healthy fats with moderate amounts of proteins, staying mildly physically active all day long (e.g. standing workstation, jumping jack breaks, etc.), keeping the metabolism elevated by exposing your body to frequent fluctuations in cold and hot temperatures, including a a three-fold combination of endurance training, high intensity interval training, and weight training in an exercise protocol, and exercising (if possible) every day for 20-60 minutes.

As you can see, many of these strategies outlined in this episode are lifestyle based. For example, you can start off each day, before eating, with 10-30 minutes of very light activity (yoga, walking the dog, doing yard chores, etc.), take at least one cold shower each day, visit the sauna at least once per week, avoid non-nutrient dense carbohydrates, and be as active as possible all day long. Then, you can put the “icing on the cake” by alternating between one day of high intensity cardio and one day of weight training.

Finally, the nitty-gritty details for one of the most effective fat loss techniques that I personally used when racing Ironman triathlon to stay extremely lean, and that I now implement with clients worldwide to great success is the three-fold combination of a 1) consuming ~100-150mg of caffeine from green tea or coffee; 2) a 20-30 minute morning, aerobic, fasted, conversational workout with the caffeine in the system (the caffeine mobilizes fatty acids from adipose tissue); 3) the completion of this workout with the hot-cold contrast shower described earlier.


If you’re implementing all these strategies, and nothing still seems to be working, you may want to look into blood, urine, stool and saliva testing works best to elucidate why your body may be resistant to fat loss, and what to look into from a biological self-quantification standpoint when nothing else seems to be working. My two top such tests that I recommend are a DUTCH test for hormones and a comprehensive blood and biomarker test for things like micronutrient deficiencies and thyroid issues and beyond.

Want more? Check out twelve of my most effective unconventional ways to burn fat, which teaches you how to “biohack” your entire life to maximize fat loss, rather than relying on the inconvenience of a gym and strict diet to do achieve a lean body forever.

Throughout this episode, I’ve let you in on a little secret that I’ve hammered home over and over again: exercising and beating up the body with a ton of physical activity is not an ideal way to put yourself into maximum fat burning mode or to shrink your waistline. Instead, light levels of physical activity or mild “discomfort” throughout the day is the true way to maximize activity of fat burning enzymes. This includes using strategies such as a standing workstation, taking cold showers, avoiding sitting for long periods of time, using deep diaphragmatic breathing, implementing intermittent fasting, and using a host of other “unconventional” fat loss techniques.

So what are you waiting for? Are already be taking a cold shower each morning. If not, start doing it, and if so, start doing it A) before you’ve eaten and B) with green tea, coffee, or some other caffeine source in your system. Combine this tactic with limitation of vegetable oil and quelling of inflammation with sleep and lifestyle strategies, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for fat loss, without spending hours in the gym or without eating a restrictive diet for life.

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