Thursday, March 8, 2018

Wartime President

This is a difficult topic to get your mind around when the war itself is been fought in complete secrecy.  Just how do you credibly talk about it?

We all know that the core opponent is the so called DEEP STATE.  However they have engaged extra territorial  allies as well and have in fact opened up national assets for those allies in order to advance their aims.  Thus the war must also be waged world wide as vigorously as within the USA.

What is horrible is that they have used the rogue CIA to organize criminal activity that can be organized and criminalized specific behavior in order to thus profit from it.  This has ultimately led to a massive expansion of all forms of policing including a civilian security industry.  We all know about the drug abuse industry in particular and now we are learning about child procurement for an extensive pedophile network.  

If we step it up a bit it also includes making war in order to loot resources such as in Iraq.  Certainly this explains the 9/11 scheme in particular.

What i am really saying is that this has been rolling out and expanding for many years and ultimately ties directly back to the Kennedy assassination although CIA activities prior to that event had festered to the point that Kennedy was in fact about to disband the CIA.  That though was the Original Sin that bound it all together and made it all irreversible. 

Tracking all this, perhaps not at first, but certainly after the Iraq experience, Military Intel used their skills to actually uncover the whole network and to determine what was actually going on.  The counter coup against the DEEP STATE has been planned for several years.  This was an actual War. Once started they needed political cover and political support. The Obama presidency only deepened and worsened the attack on US interests by foreign powers and the DEEP STATE to the point it became uncomfortable for the electorate who certainly understood intuitively and struggled to find the levers of power again.

In the  end Mil Intel threw their support to Trump and got him to run for the presidency.  He entered the race knowing that he was going to war.  What we saw was a campaign which flushed out all aspects of the NWO conspiracy.  The electorate got to see them all fully revealed for what they are. 

It turns out that  democrat operators succeeded in switching several million votes to hide Trump's actual triumph in the popular vote but were unable to queer the electoral college. The real numbers are likely 70 million to 56 million and we may actually know this for sure soon enough.

My point is that with Trump's victory the gloves came off and  real interrogations got underway and the long planned counter coup against the DEEP STATE got underway along with a global assault against those exploiting USA interests.  Yet all we get to see is the odd squeal and movements in the shadows as this unfolds. It is almost boring if it were not so scary.  

One aspect of all this that is not particularly clear yet is what is planned in terms of the Central banking cartel.  There have been serious rumbles, but it is not a war that needs to be fought just yet as all those minions are been taken down.  What i have observed is that they pace the changes to prevent chaos overcoming their plan.  That then is likely to be the last step in the whole plan and may well take place well after the DEEP STATE is no more.

At this point what is most telling is the silence. Network nodes have been neutralized and minions have lost traction.  Thousand of interrogations have taken place by now and of course those 13,000 sealed indictments must never be forgotten.  Or that they are building a very large jail in GITMO.

Someone suggested bye the bye that three of those indictments will name three supreme court judges.   That should shake you completely and it surelY means the actual death of the Democrat Brand if it happens to be true.

Everyone of those 13,000 + indictments now feels the boot on their necks and no deals will be made.

I do want to add something else.  I also think that some part of the global religious leadership is also caught up in this horror and this could lead to a complete reshaping of Christian organized religion around the renewed Orthodox communion in particular.

I am anticipating a unified Christendom now that my Cloud Cosmology  has clarified the physical nature of spirit itself and thus allowed error to be flushed away as well as providing clarity of understanding.  This new Christendom will provide a European umbrella for the EU and Russia to form a renewed polity along USA constitutional lines and a powerful front against Islamism or Fascism.  I like to call it the Communion of Europe and we also need a Communion of the Americas or two as well.  This naming allows us to end the large problem of ethnic pride conflicting for control over other groups.

From this resolution it is no trick whatsoever to confront Islam on all its borderlands with the pressure of conversion triggered by a targeted reading of the Koran in the language of the citizen.   Throw in the deliberate ending of poverty which is now possible and it all changes out in a couple of decades at most.  In the meantime i am hearing rumbles that Christian conversions in China and Iran no less are growing rapidly and suspect that the underground church in north Korea is alive  as well. I know how to get there and suspect that it will evolve in this way, but also know that the present is also intense.

Now that we understand that the spirit world is physically valid, all humanity can awaken to their spiritual potential and actual support.  This will be called the GREAT AWAKENING when the history is written.

The true purpose of human education is to first master contemplative meditation through reading. 


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