Monday, March 19, 2018

Death by a Thousand Cuts

As I have posted before, the Trump administration is engaged in major secret operations against the Deep State and we are been fed some intel through Qanon.

It appears that a month ago, that restraints placed on Trump were eliminated whose nature we do not understand but certainly included placement on non allies in his administration.  Since then their replacement has been quick.

During all this and apparent from the continuing content, it seems that the they are literally dismantling CIA criminal assets at least worldwide and likely taking possession of others.  This would be in preparation  for its final dissolution.  Thus the shift of Pompao to State from the CIA and the 'promotion' of a  CIA functionary to the post smacks of getting your loyalists off the target.

We had a rumble months ago that the Marines were storming the CIA or at least collecting intel.  This may well have been a deliberate leak to act as a warning order to loyalists.  Pompao was in fact gathering intel as well.

I hope that is enough cloak and dagger for you.

As i have said before, intel is been leaked to loyalists in order to warn them and so they will not be utterly wrong footed when this goes public.

The allusion to a thousand cuts is both to Kennedy's vow to blow the CIA to a thousand pieces and obviously doing it through a thousand cuts.

In fact the nature of the intel is such that i suspect that the source has spent a lot of time on the NY Times Crossword.  Right type of thinking. This strongly increases the probability that Qanon is Trump  himself and he has to do something when all others are sleeping.

It was reported that CIA assets in North Korea have been neutralized and i also observe a cleanup of the judiciary is underway as well. Sudden unexplained resignations and this is worldwide.

What is easy to underestimate is the depth of the intel haul been now exploited.  The same methods used to locate Saddam Husein are now been used to process the data mined.

More recently other perceptive observers have woken up to the likelihood that Mueller has been working with Trump under the cover of the Special Prosecutor.  After all, Trump has been formally exonerated and all the deliverables are bad news for Democrats.  The real sting is a complete and as subtle as you can imagine.

Between Mueller playing Inspector Cleauseau and Sessions playing Mr Magoo, i wonder who is having the most fun?  Sessions must have loved dusting off those old marijuana speeches.

And the MSM has been so blinded by their own wishful thinking that they have fallen for the whole story line.  I wonder how they will handle it if the Media giants are suddenly put under trusteeship while their owners spend real time explaining themselves in Gitmo.  This is likely wishful thinking  also but recent censorship activities on their part would make this welcome.

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