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Is Trump playing the Reagan Space Defense card? To what end?


I do not think that Trump will retain the present level of secrecy over the US Space Fleet. It has gone on for too long and has certainly hindered global science as well. After all we understood how to manipulate gravity as early as 1955. All these photos here represent a reasonable output of seventy five years of gravity control alone. Considering that the main war ship is pushed around in the atmosphere by jet engines, it seems unlikely unusual propulsion is operational yet. Yet eliminating the effect of mass is just as good.

It has also left a false sense of near parity with competitors.  The Russians have recently announced high speed craft as if this is important yet the USA has craft operating at those speeds for years but still secret.

What has long become necessary is a global regime that provides global security and zero meddling by local interlopers who have plenty to attend to in terms of sustainable economics

Is Trump playing the Reagan Space Defense card? To what end?
Clarkson writes, “In a somewhat surreal scenario, President Donald J. Trump last week remarked on the idea of a “Space Force,” something he’d clearly been briefed on at some point. After telling an audience at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar that “space is a war fighting domain,” Trump tossed off the idea “that “we may even have a space force.” Also the Air Force announced that the 200 man National Space Defense Center will operate 24 hours seven days a week to protect US satellites. It appears offensive forces would be needed conduct combat operations to protect the satellites. The following stories may show what in space.

Space Objects Photographed
Objects photographed in space several hundred miles above Earth include the ISS and are likely either human space craft such as Solar Warden or extraterrestrial craft. This is an alleged top secret aircraft or “space vehicle” which has some quite incredible abilities. The source of the information is from a former Area 51 employee who started making public disclosures in 1998 after retiring from his job as an avionics engineer. Huge Objects are regularly photographed in space above the Earth by John Leonard Walson.
In 2007, a John Lenard Walson invented a new gadget capable of extending his amateur telescope resolution. The new way to extend the capabilities of his eight inch Meade telescope to shoot his videos has enabled him to achieve optical resolutions – at almost the diffraction limit – not commonly achievable. The discovery was first publicized by Jeff Rense at “Mystery Space Machines Above. Black Ops, Star Wars Or ET? Or All Of The Above?” in December 2007.
Maybe some of Walson’s images are sensitive, secret US or Russian military Star Wars machines. On March 23, 1983, President Reagan proposed the creation of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), an ambitious project that would construct a space-based anti-missile system. The SDI was intended to defend the United States from attack from Soviet ICBMs . Maybe these ‘secret’ weapon platforms in space were actually deployed, which the US military has been rumored to have for at least 20 years. It’s clear the major space powers are far more heavily-invested in space than they will admit. Of course the major powers know what each other has in space. If they have been there for thirty years they are getting obsolete.
As a reflection of that reality, there has been a lot of recent talk about ‘anti-satellite’ weapons ‘needed’ by competing countries to ‘protect themselves.’ Most recently, China has been discussing its anti-sat programs and even threatened to destroy or disable all GPS satellites which over-fly Chinese territory. It’s anyone’s guess how many billions the US military and government have poured into lack ops. Walson’s video images and sounds may well show some of these advanced machines. So, what you see could be spacecrafts, and maybe even space ships, parked or stationed in orbit above the Earth. It is also within the realm of possibility some of these items might be products of non-human intelligence.
These are not just satellites and space junk? We are seeing large and very sophisticated spacecraft that rockets are unlikely able to put in orbit. Another propulsion system would be needed suggesting alien technology. Walson received the following comment about one of the videos:
“My congratulations on your superb astrophotography. MIT Lincoln Laboratory is the group which has built some of the things you are seeing. Much of what they do is what used to be the Star Wars project, which no doubt involves some of your objects.” MIT Lincoln Laboratory is federally funded and was sponsored by the Missile Defense Agency, and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It is known they examined crashed UFOs held at Wright Patterson AFB and likely back engineered these craft.
Here is what the International Space Station (ISS) looks like through the telescope and video camera lens of astro-photographer Walson. The dimensions of the ISS research is 356 feet (109 meters) by 240 feet (73 meters), or slightly larger than a football field.. It is the International Space Station… the ISS… take a look… Keeping that image and it’s relative size appearance in mind, now ask yourself, what is THIS? It looks at least 500 feet long or almost two footbsll fields.
So far his claims and disclosures have not been given the coverage which they undoubtedly deserve. He has hundreds of official USAF documents to back up his claims. If he is correct, as the evidence suggests, then the U.S. does have a secret space fleet consisting probably of dozens of 600 feet wide flying triangles, which can go to and from space with ease, travel at Mac 9 +in any direction. For over ten years John Walson has taken up close images of celestial craft in orbit around the Earth John writes, ‘I have so much more that I have not told anyone yet, I have very specially made UV spectrum telescopes and UV real cameras with very amazing footage. I would really like to share my telescope inventions in a TV show to use my equipment to solve famous historical Ufo or Sky space based events. And here is the actual video footage from which the above freeze frame is taken followed by some footage of something.
I’m saving to be able to bring my telescope to a dark area, no atmospheric distractions. I want to give you clear beautiful high quality video, and evidence from a remote location without freezing in the process, and without interference.
Walson claims he discovered that many “stars” in the sky are in fact HUGE structured objects – giant machines are “fixed” in the sky. With this new-found ability, he has proceeded to videotape, night and day, many strange and heretofore unseen objects in earth orbit. Walson claims that he can record them in plain daylight at noon and that he can record sounds from the machines in space. The resulting astro-photographic video footage has revealed a raft of machines, hardware, satellites, spacecraft and likely alien space ships which otherwise appear as ‘stars’… if they appear at all. These discs are seen hovering over thunderstorms appearing to collect lightning strikes perhaps to collect electrical energy.
These discs are seen hovering over thunderstorms appearing to collect lightning strikes perhaps to collect electrical energy.

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