Saturday, March 10, 2018

hard tack

We hear about hard tack in all nineteenth century litterateur because it was an effective way to make wheat flour into usable food that could last for months at sea.  No one promised to make it tasty though.

In the end it is hard and dry and needs to be moistened by dipping or soaking in a bowl of soup or even coffee or tea i suppose.  It is a survival food.  More complex grain blends will end up giving you problems with rancidity so do not get carried away making this with out a consumption plan.

I got lucky the other day when i make up some dried squash and then found it works very well with pasta. and pasta sauce.  No consumption problem at all but you get my point.  Do not make even the long lasting stuff unless you are prepared to eat it soon enough..

Those holes are important in the curing process.

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