Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wall has been Funded

Somehow the initial budget that starts the building of the wall found its way into the omnibus spending bill last Friday.  So without further political pyrotechnics, the Army Corps of Engineers will begin the actual physical work.  At this point you might be sure that the last year has seen extensive design work and no end of survey crews out there.

You can be sure that come the midterms. we will see heavy equipment all along that border doing site preparation and improving access roads.

It has also become clear that Trump has been able to now establish full control of his government.  Those compromise candidates he accepted  to placate the Deep State have largely been replaced.  The ongoing mining of communications Intel going back at least two years has also served to indict those effectively disloyal to the republic.  This has been the ongoing assault that has silenced internal enemies who are all now fighting to resign with some form of a pension.  I can imagine little worse that an interview to explain compromising conversations but no immediate arrest.

The shoe we are all waiting for is of course, the pending Inspector's General's Report.  This is certain to be linked to ongoing DOJ investigations as well all of which has so far produced over 18,000 sealed indictments.  Talk about an army of the walking dead.

As I have posted, many important folks have had a trip to Gitmo, not to be kept there yet but for interrogation long before such niceties as a public trial.  I am sure those interrogations included water boarding and i can assure you that none of these folks have any training to assist in withstanding that.

This explains the developing silence from the ranks of the opposition.

President Trump hinted over the weekend that newly-approved funding for the military could be used for building the wall along the Mexican border.

The president said that "Building a great Border Wall ... is all about National Defense. Build WALL through M!" he wrote, referring to the military. 
White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said Monday he did not want to comment, citing a possible future announcement by the president on allocating the money. 

The president suggested on Twitter that the $1.6 billion allocated to border control in the government spending bill is "just a down payment."
"[Building a border wall] is something the president ran on, one of the reasons I think he got elected," Gidley said. "He understands that walls work."

He said the bill is only a "starting point" on the wall and that Trump had to agree to "trade-offs" with Democrats for their "pet projects" in order to keep his promise on rebuilding the military. 

More broadly, he said that the construction of a border wall is a major victory for Americans in the spending package. The wall - with an estimated cost of around $20 billion - was a pillar of Trump's presidential campaign as he repeatedly vowed that Mexico would pay for it. 

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