Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Brendon Dilley's drops

This is the raw Intel that has been shared and is worth reading carefully. As stated in the past, we are seeing snippets of a huge operation that is historic and will be one of the greatest shocks ever to the whole Earth. We are at war with a profound evil on the same scale as Hitler's Germany.

I have a pretty good understanding of the historic roots of this criminal conspiracy and the importance of pedophilia to maintaining its internal integrity. This does not throw up the best talent but it certainly ensured loyalty by command. Twenty thugs who have zero choice can be tolerated while a smart chap questioning orders cannot. This is the natural flaw of hierarchy as the Catholic Church has learned as well. It is why i have introduced the rule of twelve meme at the local level to groom a higher quality of prospective result.

The genius of Trump was that he was always smarter than anyone reporting to him but hid it as a matter of habit. That he never polished the apple at university was strictly because he had his life's work.

Brenden Dilley Intel Source 1/25

"12 have been sat for 39 days."

Meaning - 12 members of the military tribunal have been sat for 39 days reviewing the information

They have not just been twiddling their thumbs

These are NOT jurors!

Why 12? 12 members are required on the panel in order to entertain the DEATH PENALTY

Normally, that number is 9

Dilley claims he's known that since day 1 (we're on day 39)

Source admits he is late to the drop that "Obama is lawyering up", but now has confirmed it.

Finding the Obama lawyer who is an "Expert" in Military law will give a clue that ALL this intel is legit.

More "lawyering up" for the "cabinet members"

A lot of them don't know what's coming

They now have a new "source" from the FBI.

The reason why they have this new source is because of McCabe's singing which gave them this guy that basically was a "keyhole" to everything

McCabe delivered him.

This "guy" has everything.

Obama pissed himself when McCabe delivered this "guy"

There are approximately 19 charges for Obama alone 3 of which involve "criminal enterprise sponsors of terrorism"

Assange photos and videos of him at the Ecuadorian embassy pre-recorded. He's no longer there.

"Expect Pictures and videos of Assange coming out because they need them to keep looking over there"

"Nobody is getting pardoned except for (maybe) Mueller"

Flynn won't even need to get pardoned

Thomas Paine FISA memo drop today confirmed

Not a drop… Dilley Opinion - "Christopher Wray is a SAVAGE. Wait till the OIG Report comes out."

 cdf67e No.112>>113
>>111 (OP)
Brenden Dilley Intel Source 1/27
Memo will NOT be read during SOTU (not appropriate)
Pay attention to the GW Pundit article on the executive order
Gitmo used to extract information out of scumbags, release them back out into the world and keep them on a short leash.
Hannity pissed off some Deep State people last night.
White has are gonna use old videos, old pictures, old articles to prove that Assange is still in Embassy. They created the videos and took the pictures to prepare for this to make sure that no one would know where he was at
White hat releasing this deliberately to keep everyone looking in a different direction.
Another Soros may have been taken, not Georgy.
George Soros believes that he could beat Trump.
George Soros WILL be taken out but it won't be U.S. Military, nor even a U.S. Citizen.
It will happen from another country's military who is "absolutely fed up"
Don't assume that if Intel gives the "last name" of a person, you automatically figure out the individual.
You're given small pieces of information deliberately because they don't want to give out the whole farm. People get overzealous to try to solve and assume the intel is regarding particular individual. Instead of taking the "raw intel" the way it is, and staying open, people want to "play investigator" and "piece it all together".
"You get going down these paths, it's not good."
"You go down a rabbit hole that's not accurate, and then when the truth comes out, you get disappointed."
I thought I heard "this". You didn't. You heard something, interpreted "this", ran with it, and now you're here.
Podesta didn't write that article that came out the other day. Robby Mook wrote it, Hillary helped.
Skippy was in ill health at the time. He is not doing so well health-wise
The intellience community is annoyed because some of you guys aren't normally watching Dilley scopes and only in there to watch for Intel, write things down, then publish it on YouTube as if it were your own. You start to build your own brands around it.
The Intelligence Community know you who you are and they don't like it.
It's not a good look whether you're doing it to Q or Dilley's Intel Source or other sources.
"Annoyed" is not even the right word.
They don't like it because you guys SCREW IT UP and you change things, add thing, and you start being "conspiritorial" instead of just taking the information.
With the Intel, people are trying to play "Clue" instead of just watching what's happening (and) having some faith, they start stealing information and pretending that someone told it to them. They're capitalizing on it. Good Luck!
If you're taking that information and you're rebranding it and putting it out as your own, good luck, it's not going to end well for you.
They know where you live and they know where you put your money. They have everything. You're not anonymous at any point ever when you're on the Internet.

 cdf67e No.113>>114
Direct Quote from Intel:
"Sadly, people see a surname, add who they wish it to be, then spout it elsewhere and devalue the intel. Seen some shocking copy/paste style jobs and for the record, Skippy is in ill health at the moment."
"Skippy was in a military medical facility till Monday, just left. Waiting to hear where he is right now. His brother is in the lower 48 in Military Custody."
"GITMO journeys are to get the intel, they are not yet permanent residents. Again, for the record, we have never said they were there permanently. We said they had visits, some for much longer than others. There are so many moving parts on this that it changes not by day or week but by the minute."
"MSM is the disinformation campaign to rock patriots."
"Example, POTUS just had to clarify he never wanted to sack Mueller. I think he has said it about 40 times+. Yet media runs a hack piece and he has to say it again."
"David Duke Disavow stuff - Same Way. They are just a smear campaign to slow the Trump Train."
"Podesta Op-Ed (Hillary really) is the same crap as is Obama. They wanna push a narrative that they're untouchable and they get the low-educated CNN and Company to fall for it. Same with this John Kerry shit that's weeks old info, yet is churned out. They're trying to muddy the waters and put blood in the water. Disinformation is a tactic - both sides. However, our side is done to protect assets. Their side is to cause carnage."
Old news being passed as current.
We're livid with people "repacking the Intel as theirs" and adding lies and misinformation to it. It distorts the facts.

 cdf67e No.114>>115
Current Assange footage being used by BBC, etc. May of 2017 footage. Wikileaks footage as recent as December, early January.
Dilley has a "BOMBSHELL" that cannot be dropped just yet. Green light to drop this until probably early next week.
Q rolled out the word "Cyanide" and that HRC, Soros, and Hussein would not see a public court.
Huge Military references in the drops.
Dilley mentions to source that he doesn't listen to Q: "I don't read Q drops, that's why I got you!"
Source replies, "True, but cross references of my drops and Q drops plot the way it would go."
Other 'special' item skipped.. Dilley not allowed to tell yet.
Dilley asked about Prince Alwaleed: "He got released?!?"
Intel Source: "Ya, minus some toes and a device fitted internally. Think 'Kill Switch'"
There's more (Alwaleed) data after that drop that Dilley can't say it.
Confirmation - Earlier today, Jerome Corsi dropped that Hannity was attacked by Deep State for posting form submission 1649 - which is a referenceSUGGESTING Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (were) guilty of treason. Qanon warns Deep State in panic, will attack Conservative, Libertarian, Red-Pilled Journalists… This is from Jerome Corsi, a tweet that he put out.
Intel Source - "He's on the right track", Not confirming EVERY bit of it but at least stating that on the right track.
Dilley states he has deliberately withheld Intel from audience that he felt was preposterous, but ended up becoming true. He claimed he knew about the December Executive Order a week in advance, but couldn't believe it and refused to release it. He sat on it because he was running for office. Too risky to drop.
luckyT: Dilley's advice on any intel drops:
"Don't get too wrapped up into it. Have some fun, go enjoy your lives. Cause all this is going to happen whether you're watching it and glued to your phone or your Internet OR NOT. It's all gonna happen. It's all gonna play out. I would just hate for a lot of people to get sucked into the drama of all this and you start neglecting your own lives. Then you start getting emotional about this… You start demanding… GIMME THE INTEL!"
Intel source picked Dilley because they watched "Your Voice America" and was able to vet Dilley. They chose him because of his ability vet, process, and communicate information.
Besides Fox and Friends and Hannity, "YourVoice America" is a favorite show 'Inside the White House Administration'
Sean Hannity knows a LOT.
No deals for the people at the very top.
Every day, Intel is being dropped and will continue to be dropped. Not all at once to prevent civil unrest. When the "Hammer" drops, people will not be so surprised.
"There is no panic. There is, however, people who jump to conclusions and muddy the Intel. Some do that on purpose just for the many reasons we say"

 cdf67e No.115>>116
Introducing this new Popular vote statistic "as of January 25th"
Popular Vote Dilley published coincides both with the memo and other things that will be coming out.
At first, the left used this popular vote as an argument to de-legitimize his presidency.
They then followed it up with Russian investigation.
"This is how they deceived the public"
They needed you to feel marginalized when you were really the majority.
They needed you to feel alienated when you were in fact the "Popular Vote"
NSA contributed to this report. Figures Dilley provided is still not a finished product.
You deserve to know really how many Americans believe the way you believe
The apparatus of control they use is "perception"
If they can modify and alter your perception of the world, they can control you & keep you a little more quiet.
Reality: The country wants what President Trump is bringing
"The memo is bad, by the way"
Jacksonville Airport, more people trying to get out town
RR is a scumbag.
Those raids from over a month ago:
"They kicked over McCabe's door"
"There was a van in Chicago that got pulled over and had files in it, and in this van was a whole lot of information that RR didn't want people seeing"
Dilley claims he knew about RR being in trouble over a month ago.
The popular vote is the drop alluded to from previous Periscopes:
Taken from the "NSA Core Records"
As of January 25th,
CLINTON: 57,177,958
Hillary got "7 millionish" of Trump's votes from machine fraud.
No way of vetting this intel, but future will prove if this is true.
"In addition to an Electoral College ass-whipping, this is a popular vote ass-whipping which would have put the whole 'Hillary Clinton should be president" argument to bed day 1. But they didn't want you to have that, they didn't want you to know that and so the "Popular Vote" lie is what allowed for the "RussiaGate" lie to take place.
The popular vote lie planted doubt in the voters minds.
They wanted to put the narrative and perception that this a much closer race than Americans believed, which then allowed them to introduce the idea that had only the "Russians" not gotten involved, President Trump would not be there.
Everyone hated Hillary Clinton
She got dominated in the popular vote
She got dominated in the electoral college
There is no Russia Scandal
How many months did the media run with "Hillary got the popular vote"?
Dilley cracks a joke about a female troll in his Periscope: "That is the face that only 13 cats could love!"
Voter fraud WILL be made public "Look for around the end of the week for it to pop"

 cdf67e No.116>>117
From 6.56 to 13.25
Main drops
DHS ramping up voter fraud, it will be huge sometime after memo bombshell. Their is a independent review on top of the DHS review. This is a precursor to VOTER ID LAWS push by POTUS.
GITMO EO is not the EO Dilley warned us about. It's a precursor to the EO we were talking about. Testing the waters to see how they respond. The next one is the real one.
Bill gates in a panic. Big pharma companies crapping their pants.
Enemy combatants defined.
Who arrests them.
Annex 2 defines the rules of engagement.
Will it become public.

 cdf67e No.117>>118
Brenden Dilley Intel Source 1/29
Comment on Rod Rosenstein article. "A lot of people are getting fired"
As with all Intel, there's no way to "vet" this information.
The only way to vet this information is based on what happens afterwards and what comes comes to fruition
Funny comment by Dilley: "Lord knows there's gonna be about 50 of you that'll take this and go repurpose it, add your own garbage to it, shoot Youtube videos and talk about me in them, and then try to drive traffic. If you're building a brand off of this information, there's something wrong with you.
Catch & Release - Why would they use Catch and Release with big-time criminals?
Over several years, Obama removed military men from key positions because they refused to sell their men & their country. Obama is a CIA cutout, a traitor. While present(?), the military held back out of Patriotism to God and Country, they will not back down now.
The "16 year plan" is not a conspiracy theory. It's a CFR Globalist Plan. They protected the office of the President and they upheld the constitution, held back from having a military coup because they knew Trump would rescue the country. Trump is a stable genius who has been involved on the inside of a Patriotic movement for over 2 decades."
Dilley leaves out a portion of this write-up - specifically about the Patriotic Organization. Dilley doesn't belive it's relevant.
"Hold onto your family and say your prayers… Big Week!"
"Norfolk Virginia, stay away!"
"Catch and Release, in Q post like everything has 2 to 3 meanings. In the case of GITMO visitors, it's "release them" so their co-conspirators "WORRY" they "sang for release" and it's also to catch out their handlers and any low-level personnel who were assigned to run ratlines to help them escape."

 cdf67e No.118>>119
It was successful as we closed out their Belize to Marshal Islands escape route via WHO(?) and many other routes. Remember 'PLANES'"
"The top-tier targets are now on notice."
"We will prevail. We are patriots. Justice will be swift and unrelenting. Pray for your military"
Dilley comments/opinions:
There's a strategy/game being played and information being shared that a lot of times isn't going to make sense right away.
There was info given to Dilley in November that didn't make sense till this week.
There stuff in December that didn't make sense till a couple of days ago.
There stuff that he is sitting on that still doesn't make sense.
Be careful not trying to figure out the entire puzzle. It's a loose outline as to not be "shocked" when it happens.
The socratic method as to which they teach and share which lead you to your own conclusions is to get you interested and aware. Don't take your eyes off the prize.
Referred to his early tweet:
Hmm… Wouldn't it be interesting if the media started talking about the "Popular vote" this week and there was strong evidence to back up the claims?
"Whoever is feeding Thomas Paine information is potentially feeding me info as well."
PLANES = "reference a past event not anything going forward."
"They've cut off the routes those planes were going to escape through."
Media knows that their days are numbered
Rosenstein is dirty, we've said that from the getgo, but they were all used. A lot of them. There's a reason they were kept close in the administration to continue to do their jobs. They maintain their relevency and hubris. Then the hammer drops.
They're allowed to stay on for reasons such as:
Exposing others
Potentially turned to keep themselves free.
Some of these guys were allowed enough rope to hang themselves.
This is not just "Team Trump". Military Intelligence is all over this strategy. It's something that they with the president have laid out.
Christopher Wray is not dirty. He will clean this up.
Memo IS coming!
Hillary is still in the spotlight. Think that's an accident?
The media is trying to maintain prominence that these people are still powerful/relevant/everything is normal.
The Optics are this: If they're still in the public, everything is normal, everything is going to be fine, and they won't go to jail.
Same thing with Obama - Him giving a speech makes everything feel normal.
Who decides civil unrest? The People (unlikely if people are happy and getting a good paycheck)
It all boils down to "Is America ready or are they going to care."
Americans may have too short attention spans to care.
Speculating that protests might be going down because they lost funding or they're finally working and have careers.
Dilley begins clowning people who are waiting for the "Memo"
The Popular Vote Total was not accurate.
About election figures: "I wont release them today, (will talk about it in a couple of days) but as of January 25th, I saw the figures and they're not close. Oops, voter fraud!"
Gitmo is an in-and-out kind of thing… "Catch-and-Release"
No further info on the details of memo
Koch brothers are spending $400 Million in campaigns
Their candidates put forward about 1000 pieces of legislation (written by Koch's Corporation) and 20% get passed = Politicians are owned by big companies - part of the problem.

 cdf67e No.119>>120
Brenden Dilley Intel Source 1/31
Someone lady from Canada made a graphic of Dilley's Election numbers, shared it, and now Reddit/Internet is exploding screaming for a "source"
Democrats are screwed because all of their big money is far left, but all the votes are in the middle and slightly to the right
"Booker has a problem" (Dilley doesn't want to say anymore)
Yesterday's EO Trump signed yesterday regarding GITMO is NOT the EO that Intel Source warned about
It is a precursor to the one the Source is talking about.
It's testing the waters to see how they respond. The next one is gonna be the "real one"
There's multiple memos
"Enemy Combatants - Define? Who arrests them? Annex 2 defines rules of engagement.. Will it become public?" (Coded - Dilley doesn't understad what this means, but maybe Q followers will)
"Bill Gates in a panic. Big dodgy pharmaceutical companies crapping their pants"
DHS ramping up the voter fraud. Will be HUGE. (This will occur) sometime AFTER memo bombshells.
"They have an independent review ongoing on top of their own review"
"It's a precursor to Voter ID Laws pushed from POTUS on the back of HUGE evidence of fraud"
Dilley knows who's doing the independent review. "It's TOP TIER"
Dilley speculates on Alabama
"I have a feeling they're building a case."
Using Alabama as a way to make sense of what happened nationwide in the general
Regarding the timeframe of the release of the memo - "My guy won't tell me"

 cdf67e No.120>>121
Detailed Dilley Intel Drop, 2/1/18, AM. Part 1
Dems freaking out over memo, do not want it released. They know what/who it implicates.
The memo is the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of the process for letting people know what is going on.
Dossier, paid for by CF, Obama, McCain, Comey/FBI, to try to take down Trump.
Mass corruption in FBI & DOJ.
Ds trying to block meme by saying there were changes to it.
This is true, there were changes; about 4 words total redacted for procedural reasons
Adam S crying about memo being changed, but normal process being followed.
Once memo goes from Legislative Branch to Exec Branch, it's up to Exec Branch (POTUS) to decide what needs to be redacted, if anything at all.
Things following procedure, but AS/Dems trying to prey on ignorance of public by saying what is happening is treasonous/scandalous.
It's POTUS' job and his right to decide when it comes and what is/is not redacted, considering input from FBI, etc.
Dilley's intel source says 12 judges have been sat for 39 days for military tribunals looking at the evidence.
13,600 sealed indictments nationwide (as per "Pacer," an attorney website for looking at this kind of info). The average for this time of years is about 1,900 indictments.
Mass RICO cases that will hit the Judicial branch (white collar crime, pedophilia, child trafficking, drugs, gun running, etc.) – this will be what the majority of the 13,600 indictments will be about.
Then there'll be a "grouping" toward the top, the leadership, this is what's freaking the Dems out.
These leaders will not have opportunity to face a judicial judge, but a military tribunal.
How can they be forced to face Mil Tribunal instead of normal judicial court?
Happens when they are charged with Treason and high crimes and classified as Enemy of the State.
POTUS EOs. Another EO coming that is big; testing the waters first
The Dec EO allows assets to be seized for a broad number of reasons.
Then the Gitmo EO, which ties together with Trey Gowdy who was picked for a specific role dealing with this situation.
(to be continued)

 cdf67e No.121>>122
Detailed Dilley Intel Drop, 2/1/18, AM. Part 2
Dilley's opponents are a bunch of "schleprocks" that can't be trusted with any sensitive information.
Gowdy is not going to the DOJ that Dilley knows of, there's a specific role he'll be playing.
Can't give out the title, not authorized yet.
Dilley attacked for Popular Vote, 2016 drop the other day as to source. Dilley is the first source with his guy. And this source says DHS with assistance of the NSA have created their own investigation into the voter fraud for the popular vote.
There's an independent investigation outside of the government that just wrapped up their study into the popular vote of 2016.
This information has been passed on to the DHS, it corroborates what they had found, those investigations will be released.
There was a senator yesterday talking about the popular vote and he want so see the numbers.
Dilley go the Pop Vote intel a week ago, said it would start to see it heat up this week.
The popular vote plays a direct ole with the Russian investigation.
Pop vote is how they justified obstructing/delegitimizing the President
Russia invest. was how they were going to get Trump removed
They overplayed their hand; didn't realize Mil Intel was way ahead of them
A lot of what you're seeing is theatre.

 cdf67e No.122>>123
Detailed Dilley Intel Drop, 2/1/18, AM. Part 3
Don't ask Dilley for a source. He is not a journalist, he is a congressional candidate. He can't give his source.
Don't ask Dilley to expand because if he could expand, he would. He only releases the information he is authorized to release.
The veracity of the information can only be based on the outcome.
If you don't like what he says and you want to dismiss it, that's fine.
But if you want to see the information, put it in your back pocket, and hope it comes to pass, then great.
Dilley started getting intel on November 1, 2017. A lot of it has come to pass in many crazy ways.
He had intel on the Dec EO two weeks in advance, that they were working on something very significant.
J Assange being moved, he is not where they say he is, he got moved a while ago.
He got that corroborated by perhaps the most trusted source in conservative news.
(to be continued)

 cdf67e No.123>>124
Detailed Dilley Intel Drop, 2/1/18, AM. Part 4
The following information will sound very cryptic. He doesn't try to break a lot of this stuff down. He gives it as he receives it.
God willing it'll make sense and if it doesn't maybe it will eventually.
Middle of the night, last night, he gets a message: the Marines are rolling, three groups.
The 12 military panel was the target they were originally after.
This is regarding the train thing yesterday.
He can't expand on some of it.
12 military panel was in Norfolk VA; they're now working in a more secure place. Marine moved them recently.
Can't say who, but someone in politics leaked their location (12 member tribunal panel).
He (politician) leaked their location. He found it via a purposely-left memo, but the panel had been move 24 hours earlier.
Now for the cryptic stuff (you're on your own):
Enemy Combatants Defined
Martial Law Defined
Freedom Defined
Patriots Arrive, God, Country, Humanity
The President maintains authority to detain certain persons as part of his Constitutional Powers as Commander and Chief and Chief Executive and those provided by the authorization for use of military force, the AUMF of September 18, 2001.
That part of the last EO is so beautiful. Generals together, top ones are now coordinating from bunker, stealth then light, patriots (rise? arrive?), pray, pray, pray, thank you Hannity, Comms Active.
Wray is a patriot, Gowdy is a patriot.
(to be continued)

 cdf67e No.124>>129
Detailed Dilley Intel Drop, 2/1/18, AM. Part 5
Dilley's source is in the same circle as the Q team that's been dropping intel elsewhere. Thomas Paine from True Pundit (TP). TP fed almost identical intel as Dilley. Sean Hannity is another source; he needs to be protected right now as he's another source.
Hoping the memo release is today but won't be surprised if tomorrow.
Dilley was slow to release some intel he wasn't fully comfortable with early on, but when he saw it come to pass he realized he was "late to the party" so his confidence grew.
Disinformation goes both ways.
There is a method to madness in how Trump uses Twitter. Very specific.
Sara Carter, John Solomon good sources. Nick Short too. Conservative Tree House (sundance) – he's got it dialed in. Very good and easy to understand.
MSM is going to spin this is the President is arresting and trying anyone who stands opposed to him. They're going to try to gaslight the average American, the voters, into violence, destruction and they're going to do this because the media has been complicit in this operation against the USA for the past 35 years.
Trump's smashingly successful SOTU address and his successful economic policies have won a lot of people over (75% SOTU approval), so people are less likely now to do what the MSM wants them to do (violence, etc.). They may not love Trump (yet), but they like how things are going and the extra money they have.
Antifa, BLM have all but gone away. That narrative is going away because of success.
But all of this is not going to stop the Dems, the MSM and the GOPe from trying to gaslight.
Dilley believes there will be a lot of shock and disbelief across the country when this rolls out but not too much violence, if any, because the country is enjoying have money again.
Intel source says memo tomorrow probably. Missions today to sensitive for memo to disrupt. Pray, pray, pray, patriots (ride?), defend the republic, enemy combatants must fall.
The train incident was not an "accident."
There are no coincidences.
We are getting stuff in drips because when the final exposure comes with this memo you're going to be stunned, even people who have been studying this are going to be shocked.
The Benghazi cover-up and the cover-up of HRC's server was done because Obama was directly involved. HRC server had emails from Obama and his server. This is why they had to bury that.
Of the 33,000 emails on HRC's server, 400 carry with them the death penalty based on the intel that is in those emails. 400 of those emails are high crimes against the USA. Obama's are no better.

 a7ce28 No.129>>130
Dilley AM Periscope, 2.2.2018, Reading of the Memo
It's one thing to have conjecture about treason. It's one thing to reports of treason. It's another to have it come from the House Intelligence Committee, and this is the very first memo
Who knew what was going on?
Yates, Comey, McCabe, obviously Steele, Preistrap, Strzok, Rosenstein…
This is the beginning—this points 100% that Obama knew. All Obama's people, they all knew.
This makes Watergate look like a parking ticket.
McCabe knew, Strzok knew, Comey knew—they got Comey's signatures on this stuff.
They're all going down.
They have names of reporters who were propagating this fake news. The goal was to make sure Trump never became President.
They all knew.
And people wonder why there's going to be Military Tribunals, why there's 13,000 sealed indictments now, if you go look on Pacer.
They're screwed.
The MSM is going to try to downplay it. It won't work. It's too late.
Hillary Clinton is mentioned in there. They're all in there. Unbelievable.
After reading the memo and just prior to signing off, Dilley got some intel that he shared:
Sedition = death penalty.
RICO = life in prison
Which category is top tier?
That's right, sedition, hanging time.
Sessions will talk to POTUS shortly.
Sessions can now unrecuse himself and kill Special Counsel and instruct Gowdy and NEP to start the ball rolling.
Storm is here, and it's beautiful.
I'll add; "Wow!"

 a7ce28 No.130>>131
Just listened to Dilley on facecrap live talking to his AZ voters. He dropped this intel. Realize he did a drop earlier today but this is an update to clarify that drop.
There are 9 total memos. Dilley believes only 4 will get released.
Memo #5 states…Obama's Daily Briefings (top secret), which he passed on to Hillary, with daily updates on Trump's campaign via the wiretap. So HRC got all the intel of BHO's DB's on the wiretaps of Trump along with OTHER intel updates. SEDITION!
The content of the wiretaps is amazing. They, the O admin, were passing top secret intel to people who had no security clearance to read it.
OIG report is a shocker. Still being compiled. No date when will be released. It goes back 'really far'.
Gallos being built.
Uranium One section in Iran is beyond comprehension.
FYI, RICO cases have no statute of limitations. There will be at least one if not 2 very large cases.
Media is complicant.
In the FOIA release of HRC emails last night proves the daily briefings
sedition = death penalty
rico = life in prison
which category is top tier? that's right, sedition…hanging time.
sessions will talk to potus shortly
sessions can now unrecuse himself and kill special counsel
sessions can then instruct gowdy and NEP to start the ball rolling
storm is here, and it's beautiful
(My note: earlier it was posted that Dilley's source said Gowdy and P were ready to roll. Dilley actually spelled it out tonight and specifically stated NEP)

 a7ce28 No.131>>132
Dilley Intel Drop, 2.2.18 PM, via Facebook PART 1
FISA memo. MSM downplaying significance, tyring to pretend one-off memo saying it only covers a small window of people.
Memo a product of nearly a million documents.
Memo product of hundreds of hours of testimony.
Memo is smoking gun.
Unequivocally states that Comey, McCabe, Susan Rice, Yates, Priestap, etc., used the Steele fake dossier, planted in Yahoo news, they then took the dossier and the Yahoo article and took it to the FISA court.
The FISA court gave them the warrant to tap the phones of the Trump campaign.
This is not the full scale of it.
Not easy to get FISA warrant. Very difficult. Have to be a foreign actor doing intelligence, they think you're a spy, to get FISA warrant.
This means FBI conspired with Obama admin and HRC campaign to spy on US citizens who were running for office.
This is called a coup.
This is how you take over an entire country and usurp democratically elected government.
This is treason.
This is sedition.
This will get everyone who's on that thing hung, that's the penalty. No getting locked up for this.
You signed that thing, you signed your fate.
Obama had this information, he was complicit in this.
Don't let the media fool you.
This is one of many—there are more memos coming out.
Backed up by hundreds of hours of testimony, millions of pages of documents, black and white.
This is history you're seeing, the media is complicit and they know it.
The State Dept. has a memo coming out against them.
His one was the FBI/DOJ memo that showed they conspired.
You weaponize the Intelligence Community (IG) and your law enforcement community, the top, to fix an election.
This is something you would see in third world countries, not in the USA.
This is what you get shot for in front of a firing squad.
This is how you literally usurp 340 million people and the will of those people, and you plug in who you think should be the next president.
It's way worse than many of you guys probably realize.
Get the word out, intel coming in a moment you won't see ANYWHERE ELSE.
This is huge. Intel coming straight from the top (remember that when you're voting).
There are NINE TOTAL memos.
Believe only FOUR are going to get released.
Memo #5, a nuc about to drop on you guys, memo #5 states: "Obamas daily briefings [Top Secret], which he passed to Hillary, with daily intel updates on Trump's campaign via the wiretap." Along with other information.
This is called SEDITION.
This is what you would get hung for in the USA.
This is the highest level of crime that you can actually perpetrate, aside from treason, which Obama will have an opportunity to face those crimes as well.
Especially when you guys find out about the weapons and everything else.
But we'll stick to the topic at hand.
This dude was literally, illegally spied on a candidate for the Presidency of the United States
They took that information that they were spying on him about.
And passed it to another candidate in that race.
Even if they believed their nonsensical lie that they thought President (Candidate) Trump was actually a Russian spy, well, that whole narrative goes out the window when the next memo comes out and shows they were passing information to that political candidates opponent.
Now you're done. Dead in the water.
Now you have broken so many laws that it's not even funny.
This is why Obama lawyered up, why McCabe lawyered up, why Comey lawyered up, they're all lawyering up.
Post last edited at 02/09/18 (Fri) 14:48:02

 a7ce28 No.132
Dilley Intel Drop, 2.2.18 PM, via Facebook PART 2
The content of the wiretap is amazing. Can only share this one portion, not cleared to do the rest yet.
Touches on people without clearance involved and being shown top secret intel.
They were passing along the most sensitive intelligence that you can receive in government and they were allowing average Joes with no security clearance to read it.
This other part is really bad. Cannot read it yet (aroused anger) but it will give you the most respect for the President of the United States.
Inspector General (IG) Report. Unbelievable, it's going to take a while, not confirmed when it will be released, but it's a shocker. Gallows being built. Uranium One section in Iran stuff is beyond comprehension. This is what source telling Dilley.
It goes back really far.
As said before, you will be facing/observing is going to be military tribunals for those at the top, because treason and sedition are punishable by death, and that is not to be tried in a normal, everyday courtroom.
That is to be tried in a military courtroom.
However, also mentioned 13,600 sealed indictments now, of which we don't know hom any people that actually is.
There will be multiple RICO cases.
Why is that significant?
Fun fact about a RICO case: there is no statute of limitations.
So if you broke the law, part of organized crime, back in 1975, and the evidence is found in 2018, you're getting charged.
You can't out run a RICO case.
In a RICO case, you can be sentenced, maybe not to death, but life imprisonment.
We're going to have a really big RICO case. Probably two of the, maybe more.
This is organized crime.
Media is complicit.
[Dilley covered some information specific to the AZ Dist 8 Congressional race he's in.]
McCain has got major problems.
There's a reason he's not be in public in two months.
Five of the memos you won't ever get (raw intelligence), and you won't really need them.
The four you will get will be the breakdown of this whole mess. These will suffice.
Sedition = death penalty
RICO = life in prison
Which category is top tier?
Sedition -> hang time.
Sessions will talk to POTUS shortly.
Sessions can now unrecuse himself and kill Special Counsel and instruct Gowdy and NEP to start the ball rolling.
Storm is here, and it's beautiful.
Raw intel here, not broken down
Don't let anyone tell you that that memo that came out today wasn't significant. You've got to start paying attention.
There was a Freedom of Information Act release also on HRC emails which corroborate another portion of this memo that will be coming out which is that Hillary was getting Obama's daily briefings which is disgusting.
They have evidence that, not only did they weaponize the IC, they also weaponized the Judicial Branch. They weaponized judges, just so we're clear. And there's actual evidence.
That's way they (Dems/MSM/GOPe) ar trying to downplay this. They are freaking out.
This is how you end up with a banana republic.
Been saying for nine months, the only way to save this country is with law and order, restore law and order.
The rule of law must be established and respected or your country will fall apart.
[There was a Dilley Periscope that aired just prior to this that I didn't listen to, but I was told by a friend that this podcast covered it all.]

 a223b5 No.192
Brenden Dilley Intel Source 2/5
https:// twitter.com/Hublife/status/960698110266589185
The Swamp Strikes Back w/Congressional Candidate Brenden Dilley and Ann Vandersteel
Dilley reminds the audience about drop regarding Flynn "months ago" - happening now
Believes Flynn will be "back in the WH"
Drop today is "Sing-Songy" and cryptic, something that Dilley doesn't prefer, but gave it out in Periscope anyways.
Start of Intel:
"4 Clinton Assets Neutralized, Patriots Safe"
Marines are watching, rise up, believe
Light Defeats Dark
20/20 Perfect Vision needed to see ALL crumbs
3-Letter Agencies all corrupted but still full of Patriots destroying the dark, Who did control the reigns"
Rise Up, Dark Souls can't defeat awoke heart & minds. Pray, Pray, Pray
Raids on news outlets coming. We're letting them self-destruct before we burn the carcass
Voter Fraud.
Who steps up to tell all? Interesting.
Past plots path to answer.
Memo leads where?
20/20 Vision Needed.
All clear to read, but try to keep an order.
Valerie Jarret controls Obama, who controls Valerie?
Presidential EO Controls all when hammer drops
Raw Intel, Game Over"
End of Intel
Dilley states that how pervasive the corruption was within our country and within all of these aspects of government was so massive that you could identify the figure heads but it was really hard to figure out who was the in-between management. Because we know the boots on the ground for the most part are usually good people, whether FBI, NSA, or CIA, they're patriotic, hard working Americans just like the rest of us. It's that "Upper Level" that you start to have a problem with.
Raids on News Outlets, Dilley states NYT & CNN - "GUARANTEED"
Ann Vandersteel Recommends Thomas Wictor tweet streams
Hannity Video of Sara Carter on 2nd Dossier, Dilley's Intel Source Also Confirms (broke 20 something minutes ago from Periscope post)
Dilley reconfirms Thomas Paine Intel as a good source
Sundance at the Last Refuge (https:// theconservativetreehouse.com)
Latest drop on FBI/Russian Spy/Carter Page - This is full blown rogue treason and sedition - A sitting president weaponizing all facets of government against a single candidate that represented the WILL of the people - INSANITY
It's getting worse. They are slowly easing the American people into ultimate reality because you can clearly see how bad this is.
The lawsuits - They're gonna end up making Flynn super rich because of what they did to him
All the media can do is literally "RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA" who
They don't want to acknowledge the fact that their previous administration - their previous ICON and MESSIAH is a treasonous scumbag who was interfering with our own election.
Dilley states he think he source will be okay sharing with you guys…. So, Obama was spying on EVERYONE, EVERYONE in the government, in the different 3-letter organizations. They were all spying. Why….?
For Leverage.
Maybe they were cheating on their wife or husband or taxes, maybe their kids were scumbags, he was trying to use that against them. Obama was spying on EVERYONE.
He was ALSO SPYING ON THE SUPREME COURT and Dilley tweeted earlier out about the judiciary problem they had.
Spying on Supreme court, leveraging judges. Dilley was DM'd a recent story about a judge in Texas, Rudy Delgado, being bribeed for over a decade by a prominent attorney and the case popped. This kind of corrupt behavior was RAMPANT for the last 8 years
He was also "spying to get laws passed through"
And the one that made Dilley the most infuriated the other night:
They were feeding the Oppo research to his competitors in order to undercut him. As he is businessman himself, this drop made Dilley so angry, it affected his Periscope previous nights ago.
When you spend your whole life trying to build a business legitimately, and the government is using the entire spying apparatus that was funded by taxpayer dollars AGAINST YOU!!!
Someone like Trump who probably cut millions of dollars to the IRS, has that money turned around to fund the spying and feed his competiors in order to try to distract him from the campaign trail.
Dilley was fired up about this drop when his source gave it to him.

 56f639 No.209>>211
I'd love to hear more about Trump winning the popular vote and any resources linking any discussion on the subject. Just a patriot trying to spread the new. Make America Great!

 a223b5 No.210
>>111 (OP)
From 020818, via Periscope & Facebook video. Thank you to the diligent anon who transcribed this.

 a223b5 No.211
Yes, thats a worthy research topic. Feel free to come back and post what you find!

 a223b5 No.218>>219
https:// twitter.com/Hublife/status/961620271546343424
Dilley Intel Scope 02/08/18 1000 hours
Although, great work by some Anons were done, I've provided another report with additional details
Someone in post asked Dilley if Q was real.
Brendan responded: "How much more evidence do you have to be shown that the information you're getting is legit before you finally believe it?"
Same question is asked of Brendan's source. "Brendan, is your source legit?"
Brendan responded: "I've been giving you information for 3 months. I don't know how many times in a row I have to be right before ppl go 'ok, we're gonna listen'"
"Your own critical mind should be able to decipher what's real and what's not anymore. It's time to start using your nugget"
"You ask the wrong questions. You waste time. You waste my time, you waste your own time."
"Who is Q?", Dilley responds "Who cares. It doesn't matter whether you like the Intel or you don't. If they're right, they're right."
"It doesn't matter if you know who Q is. At the end of the day, what you're seeing comes into the public domain and the information ends up being real."
Everybody wants things to be like CNN and Fox News. That's not the way this works. You're expected to be smarter than that.
You want spoon-fed information… Mockingly "Brendan, what date on this guy will this person come get arrested?"
Even if I had this information, I'm not telling you. That's just not the way this works.
Dilley expect smarter people in his scopes asking better questions.
Begins talking about news drops about Texts, Memos, revolving around Obama.
You can't put the Genie back int the bottle. IT IS OUT! The MSM is unsuccessfully trying to divert attention away from it."
Mocks George W Bush who was trending today claiming "Russia, Russia, Russia". No one cares what he has to say. He's a treasonous sh!tBag.
It's a big charade but the evidence is brutal. These ppl are AWFUL. They will not be able to run from what this is.
It's their HUBRIS that continues to try and maintain their power right now in America.
They continue to trot themselves out with their "comments" and "opinions". Nobody cares what George Bush thinks especially in this day and age.
"We know what you did Georgy Porgy! We don't care. You're full of crap, buddy"
Answers attack on Trump Supporters as "Conspiracy Theoists":
Even if president Trump wasn't in the equation, if you found this stuff out, you should be absolutely furious! There's no way any American should be look at the evidence against these people. They tried to take over this country and almost did.
Dilley's statement to POTUS "We will not settle for anything less than FULL BLOWN PROSECUTION for these people's crimes. No one can to walk on this one."
"I don't care if half the country tries a civil war because of it. As an American citizen, you either have a country or you don't"
Dilley spoke to a ex-military c who speaks to generals. Says EVERY perp must do a perpwalk to restore faith in our republic.
Dilley is holding Trump and sessions to the highest standard. Says 'i am a sycophant to no man' if they to not prosecute.
"Liberals can't allow the truth to happen because if the truth happens, they've got to reassess their own identity. That's why they reject everything"
"Q showed you guys an arrest last night? That's funny, My guy told me there were arrests coming a couple days ago. I was like huh?"

 a223b5 No.219>>220
Dilley reached out to source to try to get an answer about the arrests in China.
Dilley then reads off an Intel Drop:
<1st drop="" intel="">
Is Q/Pres going to use a MIS to MAG with compents from a RDB aka coded leaks to or from the NSA/WIKI soon to blow EVERYTHING wide open and show us the LIGHT?
The end part tells you how accurate we are.
Dilley says this drop was sent to him 17 hrs ago.
Dilley then interacts with his Periscope and they begin giving him misleading info about the post being a BS comment from 8ch and that it's innacurate.
Dilley moves on as he doesn't know what it means. "I don't care, I just share the info… I'm not reading it again… Huh, interesting"
Dilley believes Q is in the administration
Dilley says there is real panic in DC, they have lost the ability to push back fast enough
Dilley agrees with Periscope, we ABSOLUTELY need e-verify for voting
Mentions Weiner's phone contact list dropping
Scope begins to ask about Voter Fraud report.
Dilley confirms Voter fraud info/report WILL come out.
Responds to the ppl on Periscope: 'Things aren't done on your timeline'
Did make an update on voter fraud - "Voter fraud count at 8.75 million at the moment" - he got this drop a couple of days ago, but forgot.
"It'll come out. There's multiple reports. It just won't be one location"
"I can tell you that my source is EVERYWHERE". Dilley believes he listens to comments and twitter.
It's a team of people… Not just one person.
Source replies back that not allowed to give out any info person snatched in China.
Only answers "WAS SUPERB"
Dilley mentions 84 doctors killed over last few years.
Dilley retells story of being a personal trainer to a female who was a researcher on cancer cures.
She discovered something about the early stages of a cancer cure on Monday - by Wednesday, the lab was SHUT DOWN.This was in 2009.
They've had a cure for years.
Dilley encourages his Periscope followers to DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH
He is then is fascinated by the fact that may of his followers have good intel:
"You guys have got good information in here"
He then begins to give insight on what he's seeing:
"One of the things I hope you're learning from the Q drops and certainly from me is there is a VALUE in asking large groups of ppl to pray for the country"
"GOD & COUNTRY - Keeping those 2 things together… The power of your prayers are what's bringing about ALL of this truth. It's your PRAYERS"
"You're literally manifesting everything you're seeing right now. That is a HUGE thing that ppl are overlooking in this process."
"Your resilience for the truth. Your ABSOLUTE, UNRELENTING pursuit of that truth combined with your prayer is what's allowing all of this to happen."
"You're literally creating this. This was NOT gonna happen."
"You guys are actually bringing this about. IT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. This HUGE group, this HIVE MIND that you've got right now for TRUTH and for PRAYER."
"That's why GOD & COUNTRY - every single time."
"Right now, we've got the HUGE COLLECTIVE that is committed to the truth. That power is REAL and it's AMAZING"
2nd INTEL was dropped in the middle of Periscope:
<2nd drop="" intel="">
Shanghai Grab and Hit
'First of Many'
Watch the skies over Cali next
Then borderland north
Runners cant run with broken legs

 a223b5 No.220>>221
3rd INTEL was dropped in the middle of Periscope:
<3rd drop="" intel="">
Mueller about to open his Special Counsel Reveal
Someone jokes on Periscope: I hope it's Gov Brown
Dilley laughs and compliments his Periscope:
"I love that you guys all know who the actual enemies are now. Cause there are a bunch of Democrats who are faceless. They're just democrats… and they're not evil people, they're just kind of.. whatever. But you guys know the evil ones. You guys recognize them REAL QUICK!"
Periscope asks: Is Mueller a 'blackhat'?
Dilley responds: "Mueller is a guy trying to stay out of jail. I've been telling that to you for 8 months"
Persicope asks about Rod Rosenstien
Dilley responds: "I told you guys RR would be screwed in like December. Remember when my source was breaking it down for you guys?"
People who Dilley agrees with Periscope on who is "Screwed":
Ted Lieu
Nancy Pelosi
Everyone keeps asking about if Mueller is a "Good Guy"
Dilley Responds:
"No he is not a good guy, he's just a selfish old bum who wants to stay out of prison so he's gonna do this in the middle. I keep telling you guys this."
4th INTEL was dropped in the middle of Periscope:
<4th drop="" intel="">
Tell people to Google their names
Let's make them fly
They are constantly monitoring their mentions
Lets scare them…
Also menion George Herbert Walker Bush and his vile wife Barbara
5th INTEL was dropped in the middle of Periscope:
<5th drop="" intel="">
What's behind the curtain?
Is it really the 4th Reich?
Dilley begins discussing someone he knew who swears that Soros and Hillary Clinton installed real Nazis into Ukraine Government.
"It is my genuine belief that the corruption is SO DEEP AND SO BAD that they're having to ease an American Public into the reality of what's been going on. It's is THAT BAD"
"I believe that your impatience, while understood, is completely necessary"
6th INTEL was dropped in the middle of Periscope:
<6th drop="" intel="">
Lets run some names
Obama answers to Valerie Jarret
She answers to the rogue CIA
Who runs the Rogue CIA?
George Herbert Walker Bush
Who runs point for GHWB?

 a223b5 No.221>>222
Dilley Live 2/8/18 2230 pm Facebook Live
https:// www.facebook.com/dilleyforcongress/videos/325851541240999/
A lot of people are compromised. This is all part of the red-pilling that is going to take place.
"They're all dirty and we're finding it out more and more"
Follow Sundance on Conservative Treehouse
"Bad news for anyone who is a bad guy."
"One of the things that I shared out the other day… and someone said it was a Q drop"
"and you guys said 'Oh that's NOT True'….'Hey this was a Q drop, we already debunked it'"
"My source came back to me and said 'No, you DON'T KNOW. That's not what it is'"
"So I wanna break that down for you guys a little bit"…
Dilley Breakdown:
"Not all of the information that you're gonna be given from me or even from other people, whether it's Q or any of these other organizations aren't - "
"Sometimes a (small) fraction of it will be what the truth is and it's buried within (a lot of) misdirection" (hand motions)
"This is just the way it has to be"
After Intel Source was informed by Dilley that Q's post was 'inaccurate',
Intel Source replied:
"Really? You're NOT reading the crumbs. There's a message there. Tell those on Periscope/FB live to READ WHAT IT SAYS & NOT to take it as Gospel. There is a crumb within that post."
JOHN MCCAIN runs point for George Herbert Walker Bush and is the conduit between Bush and Soros
Who is about to be SNATCHED in California?
Hannity is just about to DROP something else as well.
DHS is busy at border
Michael Hastings Raw Intel is scary, I wonder who has twitchy feet now that coded Anon post told them we have the whole story fully deciphered
Crumbs drops sometimes for the purpose of the perpetrator ONLY
Fly, fly, fly. We can hear you breath.
Why is USSS on high alert? Not for reason you think…
'Think MIRROR'
Who protects POTUS
Drones up
We see all.
Time to Go Hunting.
Why are non government official PERVS important to the big picture.
Think Weiner.
Now think Weinstein.
Laptop from Perv #1.
What does Perv #2 have?

 a223b5 No.222
Dilley begins speculating with FB Live:
Describes who Hastings is/Story…
Hastings was sitting on MASSIVE Intel
Hastings girlfriend is a contributor on (Dead Intern) Morning Joe/With Mika Brezinski (her father).
Dilley claims he has Intel from OTHER source outside of his Intel.
They are in agreement and say "Big things are coming very very soon!"
Convictions and Indictments are Coming"
wheels are turning behind the scenes
Nothing is an accident
Arizona Election talk…
Repeats Intel Drop, this time with his own opinions:
Who protects POTUS? Dilley answers, not just USSS, but Marines!
Perv #2 is Weinstein, what does Wenstein's laptop have?
Harvey Weinsteins charges are now at the DA's office & he could be grabbed @ any time.
How many people does Harvey Weinstein have leveraged just the way Anthony Wiener had leveraged through the laptop.
Dilley believes Weinstein was definitely into Human Trafficking & is going to try to keep himself out of prison & there is only one way to do that.
Turn on everyone else involved in it.
There are major happenings every single day now. THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT.
There are things happening both at home and abroad that you are completely unaware of.
Our president and our military, specifically our Sec. of Defense General James Mattis have managed to close all leaks on the military side.
You'll notice most Americans have no clue of any operations we're executing right now.
The media is in the total dark about what the military is performing right now. THAT IS PERFECT!
The less we know of what our military is doing, the safer our troops are abroad. This is a good thing so.
You've got military operations happening around the globe.
Many people that you may know… friends, family… Soldiers are being recalled in right now.
There are big operations underway and commencing very soon.
But more importantly, as this is being made globally, here at home,
there is a full blown panic within Washington DC/establishment class.
Because their handlers and their financiers are in real big trouble.
This is one of the most undertold stories in 2018
It's not going to stop at Obama, the Clinton, McCain, Flake. The ppl that "own" them will be outted.
The real goal is "how far up can we go to get the rest?"
The real power and money, this is where you then begin to see names like "Gates, Bezos, Soros"
These financiers of corruption around the globe are about to face their day and they're not going to have any choice.
Because without their money, they're nothing.
This upcoming EO that Dilley has been priming for weeks is absolutely still in the works. They're pretty close to rolling it out.
EO ties in directly with the last EO as well as with the Dec 21 EO.
One of the most important elements of this effort/Operation to restore this republic is YOU THE PUBLIC.
More ppl have to become aware of what's been going on and not be tolerant of this corruption.

 56f639 No.234>>239
I have brought up the discussion here, hope you don't mind.

 56f639 No.235
"Voter fraud WILL be made public "Look for around the end of the week for it to pop"
I didn't see any "pop" as of yet. So, I'm going to have to put this in the "didn't happen" category.

 56f639 No.236>>240

 a223b5 No.239
Awesome! The more people questioning and discussing, the better.

 a223b5 No.240
What are they saying? Oh yes we know it was a russian hack but it wasn't via the internet? Whaaaa???
Text here:
Jeh Johnson, who served as the department’s secretary during the hacking, said they were “able to determine that the scanning and probing of voter registration databases was coming from the Russian government."
Johnson added that 2016 "was a wake-up call and now it's incumbent upon states and the Feds to do something about it before our democracy is attacked again."
The attempted intrusions were aimed at targeted online systems including registration databases, not the voting itself or tabulation machines used on Election Day. The penetration attempts were not tied to the Internet.
Before leaving his post in January 2017, Johnson designated the electoral systems a part of the U.S.’s federally protected “critical infrastructure,” making it the department’s official duty to safeguard them. But Johnson said he is concerned that many states have done little or nothing at all to boost their cybersecurity.
Manfra disagreed, saying, the states “have all taken it seriously.”

 a223b5 No.241
Brenden Dilley Intel - from yesterday:
luckyT: (transcribed from Periscope video)
(Part 1)
Sunday Night Recap w/Congressional Candidate Brenden Dilley
Dilley jokes: "Yeah, lots of Q posts tonight! Q keeps stealing my Intel. Grrrr"
"Q is like legit stealing my INTEL as my stuff was coming out!"
Intel source was about to drop "this, this, & this…" but Q scooped it!
Dilley talks about the 'Watch skies of California' drop that occurred a few nights ago.
He then received a bunch of DM video & photos of CA skies with "tons of drones. Very, Very Wierd"
Someone in Periscope says that the don't trust Q.
Dilley responds back, "that's fine, I don't blame you"
"The whole point I think is just to have fun and enjoy this experience."
"This is the collecting red-pilling of America, by the way!"
Someone in Periscope asks "Who was on the Russian plane?"
People in Persicope answered CFO of Uranium 1 Company (Rosatom)
Dilley then comments on his attitude about Q:
"If it gets more people involved in exploring and learning about the country, it's a positive thing"
Dilley feels the same about his own Intel source.
"If people are just simply bringing America into the KNOW, it's a good thing."
That's what matters the most… People are waking up every day
Raw Intel needs to be deciphered and put into correct Intel batches.
It's that huge of a task. It can't be done in days.
We're talking years and years of corruption.
A cancer that infected every branch of government.
To have every ounce of evidence for Military Tribunals, you have to exhaust ALL Intel
Dilley begins passionately stating that he's been saying this for months
"If you were really gonna to clean up the system, you have to respect how cancerous and broken it has become."
We have to cut the head of this satanic, corrupt system forever.
Many have died and many will die.
PRAY, PRAY, PRAY Patriots.
ES is toast.
One less Gatekeeper
(Part 2)
Dilley doesn't know who 'ES' is nor does he understand the meaning of 'One less Gatekeeper'. When Periscope suggests it's Snowden, Dilley is adamant
"No, it's not Snowden, no it's not. He actually told me that specifically. He said it's not Snowden"
Time to roll a significant name:
"Beatrix of the Netherlands"
Dilley is aware of this individual but states he will not discuss it at this time.
Dilley wants to the tie this to the "House of Orange" but admits he could be wrong.
Dilley then begins receiving from Periscope audience that "ES" is Eric Schmidt (of Google)
Dilley asks "He died?" (Gets corrected that he only stepped down)
"Beatrix of the Netherlands"
What part has she played on the world stage?
Do your research.
How intertwined is she?
What's her link to Barbara Bush?
What has she been involved in?
Real live Hunger Games?
Did a recent EO affect her?
Where is she now?
Another card-carrying NAZI
Just for clarity, 'ES' is not a reference to Edward Snowden
Q drop regarding Snowden is separate to this Intel
ES is someone else, a GATEKEEPER who resigned.
Dilley then states "I have more, a lot more, so hang tight"
"ES stepped down as head of Google. He was also heavily involved with the Clinton Campaign and Obama. Oops!"
A lot of people complain about Dilley's informal style on Periscope.
People get so frustrated with comments like:
"He's not concise enough"
"Get to the point"
"He goofs around too much…"
Dilley states "I do it on purpose"
"You guys just need to be like… I'm trying to bring you back, you need to come down"
"I got more intel I was gonna give you guys, but you guy just need to…" (Gives hand motions to calm down and chill out)
"I don't want you guys holding onto every word. It's not good. Anxiety gets up."
Continues reading Intel drop, Skips over a snippet, stating "I don't want to mention that…"
Dilley then tells Periscope audience that he will read rest of Intel in FB Live…

 e8f296 No.525
File (hide)fd8d9c6e301522c⋯.png (134.45 KB, 1002x1190, 501:595, 18.png(h) (u)
2/11/2018 FB Live

 e8f296 No.527
File (hide)56dfd0d0ddd4d43⋯.jpg (94.52 KB, 1178x471, 1178:471, 21.JPG(h) (u)
02/14/2018 Periscope

 e8f296 No.529
File (hide)dd2cc31cc4aeb63⋯.jpg (28.68 KB, 540x193, 540:193, 24.JPG(h) (u)

 4ac579 No.787>>788
File (hide)2d93bedecfee678⋯.png (28.93 KB, 200x148, 50:37, 001.png(h) (u)
Just a heads up for those of you that follow Dilley. Dilley has stated that his intel source went quiet at the same time Q went quiet.

 a14901 No.788
File (hide)d325f8ab737bab3⋯.jpg(3.86 KB, 87x155, 87:155,wohletme[4].jpg(h) (u)
File (hide)4dac2a2c893a1d1⋯.jpg (6.48 KB, 159x112, 159:112, mighty 77th.jpg(h) (u)
https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.ca/ if that's true people get ready one of my 3 steps will be done just free energy and alien disclosure would be left,,,, humanity is about to take a major leap forward IF THAT IS TRUE PREP PRAY AND STAY OUTA THE WAY

 fa14b2 No.2881>>2908
there's about to be a 'game changing move'. Worth a read!

 050cff No.2908
I am going to echo LuckyAnon's suggestion that you read this. I am of the opinion that this is potentially the most accurate and coherent take on this portion of the plan is unfolding before our very eyes.

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