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5D Shift: Dealing with the Influence of Ancient Entities in the Field

A thought here, that that the path away is through a false neediness.  That then is the first mover toward what we like to call the dark side of the force.  Without need all is simply free.  there is no calculus.
Thus we understand that dark entities are of no consequence unless we have unwittingly allowed ourselves to be influenced or possessed. Be aware that this is possible and the odd can be understood.

We are not experiencing a shift in dimension but an increase in perception of the second tier of matter.  We should all spend an hour in a dark room. or much better a deep mine.  Let our eyes adjust to seeing the ultraviolet.  We really do need a deep mine for this.  That way we can see the flux of dark matter coming for the sun
5D Shift: Dealing with the Influence of Ancient Entities in the Field 

February 26th, 2018

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Day by day the shift gathers a pace. And as we pass through the Inflexion Point, the crossroads between the old and the new paradigms, then the karmic construct gets increasingly challenged. Many layers of the matrix have been opened up and a river of light is fast gaining momentum through it. But at the same time, we’re dredging the dregs at the bottom of the barrel. I witness it stirring some very virulent and ancient ‘demonic’ entities. Awareness is the key to overcoming these, by steeling our resolve, we can forge sovereign souls and drop deep into Samadhi. Find the eye of the storm, and the deceptive interference that’s clinging on, will wash away in its own turbulence.

The Rejection of Light

Ancient mythology paints pictures of grotesque gargoyles and sirens leading the innocent astray. It’s easy to pass off as glamorised fiction. However, there are what we might call ‘damaged souls’, that became disconnected from the divine flow, that by their own density, were ejected from the natural cycle of reincarnation. They now dwell in the density, preying on other souls that might be susceptible to some kind of influence — one that is often based on neediness, lack of self worth, or judgmentalism.

To best understand any such phenomenon, I find it always helps to take a top down perspective. At the big bang, the presence of The One exploded into flows of awareness — flows of light. Simultaneously there was a ‘breathing out and back in again’. The flow back to Unity Consciousness created ‘gravity’ which caused layers of reality to condense into form. Unity Consciousness became the ‘glue’ holding the constructs together. 

In the dense outer layers, bottlenecks formed in the immense, rushing in-breath, back to the source, and the materiality coagulated. The light was depleted and compacted in the density. This in turn created a magnetic polarity, which then pulled in weaker souls that now animate the darkness. They’re what we might refer to as “fallen angels”, who now gain their strength from the divine disconnect. Weakness becomes a strength when you discover that by playing on the tethering bonds of the old reality construct, you can pull in all manner of energy from the susceptible.

What causes a soul to stay in such density? Why would they continually reject the light?

The Infinite Potential of Pure Presence

Having confronted many such entities in the field, they do come in varied forms, but I would say the commonality uniting them all, is their reluctance to accept the Void of Presence as the ‘creator’ of reality. It seems there’s an expectation that some “God” created all of this, and then castigated them purposefully to the outer reaches of the density for some judgmental reason. It is the dynamic of many a spiritual myth.
Of course there was no intention to all of this, there was no original mind of God that purposefully created everything. If so, you’d have to ask where did that mind come from? What preceded it, and so on, and so on, ad infinitum. You can, however, form the entirety of the Universal Torus without intention, from the infinite potential of pure presence. When contemplated deeply, it became inevitable that such a form would take shape as the torsional energy breathed back to the source.

So what we now have, in the outer reaches of the Universe, are souls who believe they’ve been abandoned by an uncaring, judgmental or vengeful “God”. An inherent feeling of unworthiness turns the finger of blame in on itself, to become self hatred and loathing. It’s a deep pit that placates the pain by projecting the neediness out to other wayward souls and preying on their own externalised need of completeness and acceptance; whereas the answer will always lie in total surrender to the inner Void, where nothingness becomes everythingness. It’s the expectation and need for there to be ‘some thing’, some protector, some father figure or great being to complete you, that banishes souls to the separation. Not that we shouldn’t seek out an aligned reflection, the key is always to feel that within yourself.

What causes susceptibility?

I have encountered these entities in many forms. Here are just some of the ways they prey on people through their emotional pscyhe… 

the need to be loved or for a source of external love
the need to belong within community
the need to be liked or cherished
the need for sexual or material pleasure
the need to control some aspect of reality
the need for an answer or a solution. 

Let me be crystal clear, I’m not saying that these experiences shouldn’t be enjoyed or at times even cherished. What I’m saying is that the problem arises where there’s a NEED for them. Where we can’t accept their effortless arising as a direct result of the natural pull back to the Void of Presence. It’s the clinging on that creates the distortion, that then victimises souls through their neediness.
Understanding “Possession”

Such neediness can lead to various levels of possession. Many of these entities are ancient, with exceptionally developed, deceptive techniques designed to fill the non acceptance of the Void. They will come into the psyche on a subtle sense of lack. I’ve often witnessed them masquerading through “love and light”. It’s the clever projection that “love is all there is”, so when people touch some level of blissed out unity acceptance, they stop inquiring into a deeper uniqueness and personal sovereignty – the ability to stand in the Void alone, from which self love perpetuates, needing no particular external reflection.

They will definitely enter where there’s judgmentalism or a sense of victim mentality — where there’s a perception that reality is being “done to you”. A soul will always manifest the direct reflection of their own beingness. Nothing is ever done to you. But this projection is prevalent in society right now, and it will draw in such entities that then prey on the self-loathing energy. It’s how they maintain their strength.

Such possession can be a challenging nut to crack, because it embeds itself as a part of the psyche, which then becomes invisible. A person may become popular, loveable and glamourised. The sense of completeness is gained through the fulfilment of community. The question we must always ask ourselves is, “Do I need this?” “Can I live without it?” Not that community is wrong of course, friendship is a wonderful experience to behold. Again, it’s the neediness of it that generates the susceptibility.

However tough the ‘nut’ is, it can however be cracked! It just requires a complete commitment to profound self honesty. It’s the completeness of nothingness wherein the answer lies. It’s being prepared to continually surrender into the Void of Nothingness – not needing an answer or some quick fix, not needing to be loved, liked, respected or cherished. The paradox is that true completeness can only arise from the nothingness — which is the everythingness. (See: This Breakthrough Breathing Meditation can Lead to Presence.)

Coming into “Samadhi”

This continual surrender leads to “Samadhi“. You come home to the inner Void of the Universe. Whereupon you realise the completeness of nothing. All need falls away. And with that any resistant entity. It can no longer cling to you or possess the psyche. If it continues to do so, then the possibility is that it will become increassingly enlightened by the experience and let go anyway.

The challenge of Samadhi is the arising of soul from it. The nothingness must persist within the activity and expression of beingness. So the soul must be allowed to flow, but at the same time, with a keen ‘eye’ on attachment within the expression. Then Samadhi will persist as the eye through the storm to which nothing can cling. It is essential therefore to attune your inner compass to complete acceptance of the Void, and allowing the authentic flow of soul to resolve out any distortion. (Consider the Openhand process “Openway” for attuning your personal Spiritual Compass.)

Dredging the Bottom of the Barrel and Coming up in Light

We have reached the point where these ancient entities are now being exposed. I witness it sending them into a tizz. I see projection and subtle judgment quite rife. I see souls being influenced by the clinging neediness. AND AT THE SAME TIME, I witness a tremendous commitment arising to soul sovereignty — to the urge for self completeness within the Void of Presence. It is heart warming and greatly inspiring. The fraternity of light gathers strength. Let us come together in our uniqueness and reflect the experience of Samadhi back to one another.

Let us be compassionate to the wayward, to help them realign, but not weak and pulled in by any emotional projection or victim mentality. Let’s reflect the strength that comes from not needing any particular thing. Above all, let’s seize the tremendous opportunity facing us in the shift, to forge the soul through the firey crucible of change.

They say it gets darkest just before the dawn. The emergence of these ancient entities is therefore a good thing. We are dredging the bottom of the barrel, and the light is pouring through the darkness. Steel your resolve. Steel your soul. Tie yourself to the mast of completeness as we traverse the stormy waters. It will become the mastery of you.

In loving support,


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