Saturday, March 17, 2018

No Deals

This has been said several times and i had not actually appreciated what this meant in terms of timing.  We have heard of the 13,000 + sealed indictments.  We have seen an increasing silence from the political class.  All this supports the idea that extremely serious interviews are been held and the indictees are getting their house in order for the inevitable. 

In the normal course of events we might get public disclosure followed by deal making in which the indictee agrees to some form of penalty to a lesser charge to avoid a trial on a far more serious charge and in the process lowering the overall costs involved.  This has always been unsatisfactory because the indictee gets on with his life damaged but with an acceptable cover story takes often ignores the true seriousness of the indictee's misdeeds.  More critically the public often never hears details it needed to understand.

Those 13,000 + indictees need full disclosure in order to stop cold any form of apologetics getting underway.  Otherwise it must look like an arbitrary act of the State or can be painted that way.  Thus the very correct decision to have no deals.

Unfortunately this means preparing a full case with detailed affidavits and all that so that a complete indictment can be produced in which the real charges are laid out.  No misdemeanors here unfortunately.

The reason it was possible to file so many indictments is that it came from processing NSA surveillance data that laid out the networks involved in criminal wrongdoing. In short you have prima facie direct evidence of the crimes along with circumstantial confirmation, but you will not have collected the testimony of pertinent players involved all of which needs to be processed and prepared for your submissions.

Even then the most important must be tackled with even greater attention to detail.  All this takes a lot of time. For that reason, we still have a lack of public action.  They really want the bulk of those disclosure documents in place before that happens.

In the meantime, they all know that the jig is up and cooperation their only viable option.  A little delay allows them all to get over themselves and prepare.

I do need to add one thing.  This mass of pending arrests must be mostly around pedophilia.  Plenty of other political crimes have also been observed but all require different agencies to be engaged and much more specialist investigation.  Those indictments will tend to dribble in. Because they were so public, it is unreasonable to  assume no investigation as well.  Folks do know their duty particularly were the administration has their back.

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