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The Extreme Danger to Women, who are Driving Alone at Night

Without question, the technology exists.   It also likely exists as a military grade cannon.  Yet we see no evidence of it out there commercially.  I do not think that a garage expert will be able to cobble enough together with what is available to do this trick either.

Yet it is now reported that a rash of similar EMP conforming attacks have taken place.

This is not supposed to be happening and it may be isolated to the SE.  Be aware though as it looks like these toys are out there illegally or not.

EMP technology is not complicated and a simple flash circuit from a camera can operate the hardware. Then it is capacitor storage for power build up and a directed coil to do the rest.  thus you already know enough to try to build a device.

The extreme danger to women, who are driving alone at night

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The primary focus of the People of One Fire is cultural research, but two of our female readers, wrote me personally last night with horrific accounts of their cars suddenly not functioning properly.  They were driving on remote roads at night.  They were suddenly being followed by another vehicle, just before their cars went lame.  Obviously, these young women were scared out of their willies by these terrifying and then unexplained experiences. In both cases, mechanics could find absolutely nothing wrong with the vehicles other than their computers being discomboomerated. The computers were reset by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and re-cranking the engines.

We will get back to fun stuff.  Nevertheless, as stated in an earlier article, one of the key cultural differences between traditional Native American men and mainstream North American males of today is that Native American men had an absolute responsibility to protect all members of their community, irregardless of danger to themselves.  I feel obligated to pass on what I have learned to others, so that they might protect themselves. 

The special danger to women is an important point that was not addressed in my two articles about electromagnetic pulse beam weapons.  The general availability of EMP weapons might explain a rash of strange disappearances, kidnappings and murders of women over the last few years.  They were all driving on rural roads or little used urban streets . . . and generally at night.  Invariably, their vehicles turned up in  remote locations with no signs of an accident. 

[ could this be a military take down in support of  criminality or the US Space Fleet staffing requirements ? - arclein ]

Understanding the problem

Women and young ladies are not being paranoid, if they are being cautious.  There are a lot of males in the United States today, whose heads are screwed up.  A major cause of the problem is the gargantuan shift in wealth to the fortunate few that followed 50 years of middle class prosperity and egalitarian politics.  Men traditionally measured their worth to their woman, their family and society by their work.  Now many men see the fortunate few living the good life, while they barely survive.  They are no longer the absolute kings of the household.  Meanwhile, they see women taking their places in the work place, some women making a whole lot more than him,  and most women no longer being so financially dependent on men. 

There are three types of predatory males, who might use an EMP gun to intimidate or harm a woman.  

Billy Joe in Love – A teenager or young male, with more hormones than brains, might decide that the best way to meet a hot chick, who had a yearning for, was to stalk her with his EMP gun.   When he catches her driving alone in a remote location or at night, he plans to shut down her car with his high-tech six shooter then come to the rescue like a knight in shining armor.  In most cases, it is fairly easy to reset a car computer after a EMP blast . . . so the whole planned scenario would make Billy Joe look like a super-hero to a damsel in distress.   In his mind, Tammy or Britney will then fall helpless into his arms with gratitude.

Billy Joe Scorned – Billy Joe gets more dangerous when his woman scorns him or leaves him for another man.  In this scenario Billy Joe stalks his ex-lover until he catches her in a remote location, driving alone.  He shuts down her car or causes her to have an accident then drives on.   The message that Billy Joe’s mind thinks she will get is that she is now helpless without Billy Joe to protect her. 

Billy Joe Possessed by Demons –  Billy Joe and his buddies have come to see themselves as victims of society.  The truth is that they are to a certain extent.  Always before one could just get by in high school and get a decent blue collar job afterward.  No more. How many Wall Street moguls, financial speculators and bank executives went to prison or lost everything they had because of the 2008 Crash?  Virtually none . . . while 38 million households lost their homes and many more Americans now are in a much lower financial condition than before? 

However, Billy Joe and his buddies have gone off into LaLa land after years of mutually-reinforcing hate,  violent language on anonymous internet sites and ultimately identifying certain stereotypes as the villains, who caused them to be unhappy.   The list of villains  never includes the oligarchs, who were the cause of their economic privation.  Far more likely they are strangers, often women or people who look different than Billy Joe.  

The process ultimately leads to Billy Joe becoming a sociopath, who thinks that he is morally justified in bringing serious harm or death to strangers because of what society did to him.  Some Billy Joe’s don’t think about the consequences of murdering people in a South Carolina church or a Colorado movie theater.  Smarter Billy Joe’s discover than they can chose strangers as victims with almost no danger to themselves of being caught by putting an EMP in their pickup or car.   The stage is set for crime that will be very difficult to solve by law enforcement.

Safety precautions for women 

The reality is that a woman is far more likely to be viewed as a victim by a predatory male than another male.   During the 1990s and early 2000’s  demonically possessed Billy Joe’s also viewed homosexual males as equally helpless victims.  With their discovery that several of the most powerful Republicans in the Southeast are gay, the predators have backed off from attacking gays in recent years. Now their prime targets are just women and people, who look educated or “ethnic.” 

Nevertheless, an FBI agent told me that between 1999 and 2009,  the bodies of 24 women and homosexual males were found in the national and state forests of Pickens County, GA, which is part of Metro Atlanta. Keep in mind, this is just one county in the Southeast that is considered suburban and affluent.  Actually, one of the males was not homosexual, but was a married, professional bicyclist who trained on a highway in the Dawson State Forest.  Local male retards assumed that the brightly colored and tight uniforms, worn by professional bicyclists, meant that he was gay.  

Of these forest murders, only one has been solved.  That was the kidnapping and beheading of Meredith Emerson in 2009.  She was abducted from the Appalachian Trail.  She was kept bound in the back of a van, as the murderer drove along populated areas of Pickens County for five days, until he drove her back into the forest and killed her.   The bicyclist was shot in the head while biking.  The other 22 murders involved people driving alone at night through Pickens County, GA.  Their cars were found unlocked on the sides of state highways or paved county roads with no explanation of why the drivers had stopped or how they were transported deep within the forests, before being killed.   Ladies have I scared you enough?

The wisest policy is for women not to drive alone at night in remote areas.  Well, heck . . .  several of the women murdered in Pickens County were abducted at night from a four lane limited access highway!   If you absolutely must drive alone in remote locations or little traveled sections of urban areas, please get a permit to carry a gun with you.  If you have not served in the military, a firearm is not safe for you to use, unless you have taken an accredited course in firearm safety and use of firearms.   I have distrusted semi-automatic pistols since taking such a course required in Naval Officer Training, but the reality is that it is much easier to grab a pistol in a car than a rifle.   

Living in the wilderness for a year in a region, where the local Nazi’s had been told that I was an old gay, Injun male prostitute, made me acutely aware of safety precautions.  However, when they attacked my camp at night, they quickly learned that the only part they got right was the Injun thang . . . and it was Creek, not Cherokee.  As the clerk at a Nantahala, NC convenience store told me, “Creek? . . .  oh, you’re the mean ones!”  (Translation:  Creeks stay cool, think quick and are not particularly interested in being victims.) 

 Everyone should keep the following items in their car:   In the glove compartment should be a multi-head screw driver, a pair of pliers, a wrench, which matches the nuts on their battery cables, and a wide-up flashlight that does not need batteries.   The positive (red) battery cable must be disconnected for about five minutes then reconnected in order to reset the computer.  That’s when it might be wise at night to have a pistol in a holster!   Elsewhere in the car should be a roll of duct tape, a roll of electrical tape, at least two cans of Fix-a-flat, two quarts of motor oil and two gallons of water.   Duct tape can be used to temporarily patch water lines.  The electrical tape can be used to temporarily patch exposed electrical cables.  Fix-a-flat can get a car with a flat tire to the safety of a town.  The same can be said for the motor oil and adequate water to refill your radiator-cooling system.

Oh! . . .  Always bring a rain coat  . . . and when traveling in the winter, always bring along heavy, outdoor winter clothing.  You never know when a car break-down, traffic jam behind a wreck or a surprise snow storm are going to put you in frigid conditions for an extended period of time.  Hundreds of North Americans each winter die from hypothermia or get frostbite in such situations.

Better safe than sorry . . . or in too many cases these days . . . a tragic statistic



    Possibly, you have allowed your difficulties with the local “Nazis” to cloud your perceptions? The use of the name “Billy Bob” infers that they are White. “Billy Bob Scorned” and “Billy Bob Possessed by Demons” could just as likely (percentage -wise) be represented by the use of names such as Darious or Shakeem or Muhamoud in today’s America. After all, as you admitted, Pickens County is part of “Metro Atlanta”. One final point, during rural, winter traveling especially, having a GOOD bag with drinking water and freeze-dried food should be added to your list of things to carry.
    • Actually all these type crimes are being committed by Billy Bobs. Is that your real name? LOL You claimed to have worked with or for the DA’s office in Dalton, GA. None of their staff or investigators ever heard of Adam Freeman. However, they did bust someone else with Freeman as a last night.
        So you want to go there? You must have missed the words “(percentage-wise) “? How biased of you. BTW, A re-reading of what I wrote would show that I wrote “with”, not “for”. It was part of getting my Criminal Justice degree and before that I worked with a Dalton Attorney named William Glisson for years. Now, a quick Google search for “Richard Thornton” turns up many criminals busted for crimes, including a homosexual for child molestation. LOL Adam Freeman is not my name. It is just a pseudonym that I like and have chosen to use for years. As I stated before, My g-grandfather was Creek/Cherokee, so I might just be one of those “mean Creeks” from the Tellico Mountains. Why not stick to your aborigine research and keep your racism to yourself?
    Richard – Will the EMC weapons disable a cell phone? If not – I think it would be a good plan to include a list of names and phone numbers in the glove box for AAA, Sheriff’s Office, and a trusted cowboy she can depend on to ride to the rescue. Yes, there are risks in calling any of these numbers so she has to ask for verification and frequent updates on ETA’s. If disabled at night, lock all doors, have windows all the way up, and do not open them until the help stands in the light of a flashlight and is recognized.
    Most of the girls/women who live in my neighborhood carry, know how to use it, and will use it when necessary.
    • Yes, EMP weapons get the cell phones before they get the car computers. At least the metal body of a car gives some protection to the computers. However, your suggestion is an excellent one for all emergencies. The break down might be a flat tire or something else.
    How disconcerting that the need to be so offensively prepared has risen to this poing. I’m going to print this post and make a list. Thanks for looking out for your fellow humans. Especially us girls. 🙂
      I really need to proofread my posts. Point. Not poing. Good gravy. (In my defense, I am distracted by my adult twin sons with autism and a rowdy Bosto Terrier…)
    I asked my mechanic about control of automobiles, and he said that for quite some time there has been a service installed on cars called “on star” (for a monthly fee..). voice controlled, you can ask your location, unlock/lock, etc etc. the thing can remotely diagnostic the modules… tell you what your mechanical problem etc. etc.
    it is amusing to hear all the survival tips from the flat landers. I took a brief survival bit in Colorado once and they told us to carry one thing in the mountains. it is a plastic trash bag. if needed it can be made into rain protection or provide warmth, etc. I archery elk hunted in the mountains for weeks at a time, above 10.000 feet. It is different there, you do not make mistakes… there are no do overs. My favorite item to carry always was a military rain poncho,… used it a couple of times over night. watch your topknot.
    Thank you Richard, for this timely advice, especially in these times. I do carry all of those things, including a monster jump starter requiring recharge every three months. Because there are 60 plus registered offenders within a six mile radius of my place, (and i dont even drive at night). None of them are named mahmoud, only one is black, and their photos scream “call me billy bob”. Its amazing to me that someone would take the time to read your “racist” site, like looking for something to label, and of course pounce at the opportunity to call you racist, and of course imply something about your perception related to fear of nazis. And of course the thinly veiled threat of being a mean creek, (well, and cherokee too). Congratulations, youve been trolled again. Must be something important there needs to be dissed.

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