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Hillary’s secret plot to IMPEACH Trump!?

It is actually shocking and tiresome to see the craziness out there.  Worse, all the narratives now been peddled are substantially wrong and easily dismissed, but that is never good enough for a fanatic.  Any narrative actually taken to their logical conclusion will be as rewarding as the recount fiasco which served only to confirm suspicions of serious vote stuffing in Democrat rich polls.  How delusional can you be to have a recount when it must expose your misdeeds at the least?
What bothers me most though is that by maintaining controversy it provides a situational background from which an illegal coup could be launched. That is not funny but it provides motive.

It is over a month after the election and we still are seeing serious spurious attacks been launched.  At least the rent a riot crowd has gone home.  At some point it all must end. 
Trump has plenty of issues to resolve as he enters office of a personal nature.  Yet he is also clearly tackling them and moving strongly and effectively to see to it.  He understands what is demanded.  He is never going to be impeached easily.  Better yet he is launching shots that would be difficult the day he takes office.  This is actually sound practice..

Hillary’s secret plot to IMPEACH Trump!?

Ever since she lost the presidential election, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been coming unhinged. She’s admitted spending hours crying, pouting on her couch, and taking “selfies in the woods.” But now she just wants one thing against the man who ruined her 40-year dream of becoming the most powerful woman in the world – revenge.
Hillary’s campaign has unleashed a plot to have Donald Trump impeached and thrown out of office – and he’s not even president yet.

A former Clinton staffer has started a new website dedicated to convincing people the president-elect is guilty of committing impeachable offenses. The site,, states that “Donald Trump is corrupt AF.”

In internet lingo, “af” stands for “as f**k.”

The site lists every negative anti-Trump headline it can find – like the fact that Trump will still be credited as producer of “The Apprentice” – as serious crimes against the Constitution.

The Constitution says that a president can be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” It doesn’t define that term, but personal corruption would be enough to begin hearings. And that’s what the Clintons are banking on.

Before the website’s owner, Matt Ortega, worked for Hillary’s 2016 campaign, he developed attack websites for the Democratic Party.

In other words, he’s a professional hatchet man and political hack. And he’s spilled the beans on the Clintons plan to overturn the election she lost.

Ortega told the New York Daily News, “If there are any patriots within the Republican majority, they will investigate, impeach, and remove him from office.”

The Clintons would love to see another modern president impeached – especially the Republican who destroyed their electoral ambitions.

Hillary secretly hopes this will let her run for office again in 2020, claiming that the election was rigged, and that she tried to warn the country about Trump four years earlier. She’s already appealing to her big-dollar donors to keep the money flowing.  But only having him impeached would redeem her hopeless political career.

But impeachment, really?? These days, it seems like that’s all liberals can talk about.

Donald Trump won’t even put his hand on the Bible and take the oath of office for another 39 days, but Democrats are already campaigning hard to kick off impeachment hearings.

Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore wrote on his Facebook page that Democrats had to “prepare to impeach Trump” – two days after the election. More than 66,000 people have signed a petition on demanding Trump’s impeachment.

Professor Allan Lichtman, who predicted Trump would win the election, also predicts that “there’s a very good chance that Donald Trump could face impeachment.” But you didn’t need a Ph.D. to see this coming.

The Left is obsessed with destroying its enemies – and, as far as they’re concerned, Donald Trump is public enemy number one. He’s a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot who needs to be squashed – as a lesson to his “deplorable” followers.

All the fashionable left-wing outlets – MSNBC, Vanity Fair, The New Republic, even Cosmo magazine – have written stories about telling The Donald, “You’re fired.”

Politico started talking about impeaching Trump – in April. Not to be outdone, the New York Daily News ran a one-line editorial to “impeach Trump” on March 2.

The impeachment threat is real, because it’s not just the Left that wants Trump thrown out on his ear. The Republican Establishment wants to get rid of the populist maverick and put one of its own back in charge. They’ve never accepted Trump, and they never will.

So now the “Never Trumpers” have become the “Impeach Trumpers.”
  • In October, an article in The Federalist encouraged Republicans to “elect Trump, then impeach him”;
  • The CEO of the Chamber of Commerce warned that if Trump slapped 45% tariffs on Chinese products, he could be impeached;
  • Former Bush speechwriter David Frum said Trump is “driving himself” to impeachment – after Trump bragged about the view from his Scottish golf course to a British politician; and
  • The New York Times’ “conservative” columnist David Brooks even put a timeline on the efforts, writing that Trump “will probably resign or be impeached within a year.
Turning Trump out of office would let the Establishment regain control from the Trumpsters who have had it with the GOP elitists’ agenda.

Rush Limbaugh predicted an impeachment push back in March: “They’ll be talking impeachment on day two, after the first Trump executive order.” More recently, he’s said the Democrats will accuse Trump of voter fraud.

Now, the Clintons have taken the first step with the website.

Incidentally, the domain .af  means that the website is registered in Afghanistan. The Clinton campaign even outsources its anti-conservative attacks to terrorist countries.

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