Thursday, July 25, 2013

Giant Sloth Tracks

The only thing that I have been missing in terms of assembling the case for the existence of the Giant Sloth throughout the Appalachians has been a clear set of tracks.  I knew that they should be there but obviously unidentified.  Well we have a present today.  Here are clear examples of three toed tracks.  It is our buddy.

I also show a picture of the paws of the ‘lions’ of Delos which I have identified as the giant sloth for some time.

This pretty well wraps up the effort to confirm my identification and what we get from now on is additional detail on the creature’s lifeway.  It is extant throughout the Appalachians and also in the western mountains in locales remote from human interaction.  However, we have only one report to confirm that.

You do not want to ever confront this creature.  It is engineered to tear you apart.

Off-Roaders Discover Trail of Three-Toed “Monster Prints” in Concord, New Hampshire

By Greg Newkirk on July 22, 2013

Two kids enjoying some off-road action hit the brakes last weekend when they stumbled onto a trail of three-toed footprints in the mud. They aren’t certain of what left them, but they aren’t ruling out a “monster”.

A young man known only as Josh found the prints while four-wheeling his way to the local swimming hole in Concord, New Hampshire. When his girlfriend realized how strange the tracks appeared, she didn’t waste any time pulling out her cellphone and comparing the prints to hers.

“Guys this is not faked or anything,” Joshwrote on YouTube. “We were four-wheeling to the quarry ( were me and [my] gf swim) and we stumbled across these foot prints. Are these a possible monster?”

The jury is still out on that, but lucky for us, Josh has posted a number of videos online for internet cryptozoologists to pour over.

The prints seem to be roughly the length of a human’s, but a bit wider. Plus, there’s that thing about only three toes. Interestingly, the impressions look quite a bit like the prints left by “goblins” in Kentucky last summer.

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