Saturday, July 13, 2013

Accountant Inspired to Research Telepathy

I would hardly call this telepathy but it is a meditative process that can be respected.  If imaging is achieved, then one can test its value rather easily if one is a doctor.  I have had this done to me by an advanced member of first nations spirituality who confirmed what I already knew.

It is fascinating to see how these empirical teachings continue to be passed down.  It is well that they are.  As we learn to overcome our prejudices, we have become far more open to empirical results.  One of the better examples that I have been able to personally monitor is ginseng.  It behaves like a moderating blood tonic that puts induced imbalances right.  These imbalances often come from medication so having ginseng on hand is strongly indicated to support any prescription regime.

Access to sound empirical medicine is grossly hampered by the lack of a viable marketing protocol outside an army of amateurs doing word of mouth.

Rockdale accountant inspired to research telepathy

Deborah Field
June 22, 2013,

ACCOUNTANT Beiyue Wang, 37, of Rockdale, says he has the telepathic ability to detect unhealthy organs in the body.

When he closes his eyes, he is able to visualise a person in shades of black, white and grey — the "black" being areas of concern.

Mr Wang inherited the ability from his father, 73, who lives in China and practises qing gong, the Chinese art of making the body extremely light in weight by altering the distribution and flow of chi, or "life-force energy".

Mr Wang did not believe in qing gong when he was growing up. The turnaround came last December when his father visited Australia to see his grandson, aged 16 months.

"My father came to look at the baby and said the baby could have this ability and if he can become a doctor it would be very good for him," Mr Wang said. "When the baby grows to be a teenager, my father will be 89 and he won't really be able to instruct the baby so he said he will make notes for me so that I can instruct the baby."

Mr Wang is now hoping to perfect his craft with the help of volunteers.

He is seeking people willing to have a "test" and those who believe they may have their telepathicabilities.

During a "test", Mr Wang and the subject both stand silently with eyes closed for about two minutes.

Mr Wang uses his "third eye" to scan the body, while occasionally he opens his eyes.

Mr Wang said it would take practice to perfect his ability to identify organs he saw as being "black", or unhealthy.

He said he did not recommend that anyone act on his findings until he was was more confident of his identification skills.

This writer took part in a "test" that revealed areas of black within the stomach area, trachea, spleen and/or breast.

In February, Britain's The Times reported that telepathic communication was close to becoming a reality after scientists stated they had created the first brain-to-brain interface.

It was understood that scientists had demonstrated it was possible to capture neuronal activity of rats with a chip implanted in the brain of one animal and to project the signals into the brain of a second animal, also implanted with a brain chip.


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