Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Giant Sloth Observed in Dolly Sods

We have now isolated several independent reports mostly from the Appalachians of a huge creature that is:

            Not any form of Bear
            Not a Sasquatch either.

I have identified this creature as a Giant Sloth and have discussed its lifeway extensively.
This report is excellent inasmuch as the observer was able to watch it for some time.  The coat is black in this case and the first one with a black coat.  The forearms are recognized as arms and the creature is travelling on them as has been noted elsewhere.  Remember that this creature is arboreal.  The lower torso is slim as demonstrated in the Delos statues unlike that of a bear.  A large chest is also noted with broad shoulders to assist in the trees.  No snout is noted as observed elsewhere.  It was also handling plants as expected from a vegetarian based digestive system.

This is actually the first report like this.  Others were a little more confrontational or fleeting.

The observer sensibly made himself scarce as soon as he safely could.  This was wise as this creature stalks and is an ambush killer and is capable of charging and rending its prey apart with all four limbs.  This makes it worse to encounter than a charging grizzly.

Monster Encounter in Dolly Sods
MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013

Hi Phantoms & Monsters - I had a strange incident in August 2006 that continues to bother me because I have no explanation for it.

I was living in Elkins, WV at the time with my wife's parents. I used to go into the Dolly Sods Wilderness area a lot to go hiking and to just spend some alone time. I had heard stories about the Dolly Soda and that Bigfoot was in there. I never paid much mind to the stories.

One late afternoon I was in the low part of the Dolly Sods at the Red Creek. The area is really beautiful but you can wander off the trail and easily get lost. It started to rain so I was heading back toward my truck. On my way I noticed something big move out of some thickets about 50 yards to my left. I stopped to get a better look with my binoculars. I waited until I saw more movement then aimed the binoculars in that direction. What I saw actually caused me to gasp. I could see it very clearly. This monstrous creature stood at least 7 ft. and had black hair all over. It was walking on two very strong legs that looked human. The body was like that of a racing dog - in other words it had a very large chest and a small waist and hips. The arms and hands were huge and bigger than a powerful man. I couldn't see the fingers because it was carrying vegetation. The head was huge and covered in thick hair - but the face had an odd looking form. It was hard to make out since it was moving away from me but the jawline did extend out from the rest of the face.

It continued to walk swiftly away from me but in the same direction where the truck was parked. I didn't know what to do and kind of stood frozen for several minutes. I started to quietly walk towards the truck when I heard something crashing through the thicket again. I stopped and knelt down but I didn't see anything. Well, I had enough and wanted to get out of there. I started to run toward the truck and made it there in about 10 minutes. I quickly drove away and went straight home. I never went back to the Dolly Sods - I am very wary of the wilderness.

I contacted a couple of wildlife experts who probably thought I was crazy. I'd of never believed it if I hadn't have seen it. One of these guys did say that there had been a 'wolfman' reported in the area back in the 1870's and that he had personally talked to a few people who claimed to see Bigfoot. This wasn't a Bigfoot in my mind. 

Not long after that incident, we moved to Morgantown, WV. I still enjoy hiking but I prefer to stay on the more pedestrian trails. Any idea what this could haqve been? Irving

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