Friday, January 18, 2019

Winged Humanoid Encountered in Salina, Utah

 This is very unusual and quite odd actually.  It looks like a gargoyle and the sizing issues is apparent by omission in other reports.  In this case it is human size but also slight and able to likely manage gravity.  Thus we are likely looking at a alien type with gravity control.

We will leave it at that.  Alien types are been spotted and mixed with our own oddities.

all good.
Winged Humanoid Encountered in Salina, Utah 

 Saturday, December 29, 2018

I recently received the following account:

I would say around June 2013, in Salina, Utah, I was walking under a street lamp with a friend. He was talking and I was looking at the stars as we walked. We walked under a street lamp that was also shining light upwards. Plain as day, I saw a flying humanoid (head, body, arms and legs almost like human) fly above the street lamp flying about 10 feet from the edge of the asphalt road, 30 to 40 off the ground, flying in the opposite direction as we were walking. The creature was traveling south on the west side of the road.

The height I would say is around the size of an adult human. It's arms, legs and body were athletic looking but looked like it hardly had any muscle. It had five fingers like us BUT had three toes. The toes narrowed down to a point, like a cone or triangle. It had two wings, one coming off each shoulder. The length of the wing was about the length of the creatures arm. The wings were narrow and had very little surface area. I did not see the creature flap its wings to fly. Its wings looked too small to support its body. Plus the body was parallel to the ground and was elongated like it was laying down while flying (the weight of the hips/legs/feet should have been sagging towards the ground). It had small hooks like things that came off from the creature's leg, mid-calf area and faced outward. I did not see any breasts or a penis. I don't know what sex it was. Hopefully it does not reproduce but I am sure it does.

I have told many people about what I saw that night, most people don't believe me. Although I did run into a guy that saw one, I'd say the same species of the creature. He was camping also around Salina, UT area. It flew down/ swooped at him and made a creepy noise. - SE

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