Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mycenaean Match in Ole Mexico

Bingo!  We have a Mycenaean Match in Ole Mexico 

Anyone following this blog for the past decade knows we have been assembling evidence in support of the Atlantean Age from 2400 BC through 1159 BC.   The Mycenaens and the Minoans were all part of this global sea borne network of trade 'factories' anchored on the main islands of Atlantis, Lyonese and the huge Bahamas Bank or Poseidon.

Central to understanding all this is the primary trade route that circled from the Med through to Bimini and the Georgian copper (brass) mines and then north to the Isle of Lewis, Lyonese and then south to the tin mines and the Bristol channel.  From there it is back to the Med.

Here we have additional conforming evidence and those Bronze Age ships were the viking equivalent of dragon ships.  I wonder if they used brass to produce clinkers for fastening the planks together.  


Bingo! We have a Mycenaean Match in Ole Mexico

A carved stela that I photographed on Cerro Gordo de Teotihuacan contains a symbol for a comet, which identical to the symbol of a comet on the Tugaloo Rock,  found in Northeast Georgia. While two of the ships pictured on the Tugaloo Rock are identical to petroglyphs in Sweden and Norway, which portrary Scandinavian Bronze Age boats, the third ship appears to be Mycenaean, Minoan or Phoenician.  A stone tablet containing Mynoan Linear A script was found near the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, GA.  


The abstract portrayal of a comet is identical on the Nyköping, Sweden petroglyphs (2000 BC), the Tugaloo Rock (Georgia), the Track Rock Petroglyphs (Georgia) and the stela that I photographed on Cerro Gordo de Teotihuacan.  But is there an obvious linguistic connection between Mexico and the eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age civilizations?   It’s a good thing that it was not a snake, because it wouldn’t have bitten me.   Guess what the Totonac, Mexica (Aztec), Mycenaean and Minoan word for a deity is?   Teo . . . as in Teotihuacan or Centeotl, the Totonac god of corn!  How about them thar apples?

The Cerro Gordo Stela. The comet is on the  right .

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