Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Shifting Political Winds

So much remains hidden and the MSM narrative remains gravely contrived.  This makes it hard to establish what is actually happening.  Yet the Florida shooting narrative, whatever its genesis has now been firmly turned back as a major fail for the gun control promote.  That is new.

Also new is that the other media is starting to laugh at the MSM.  This must turn into a major attitude shift.  Two years of MSM bunkum and the degenerating Mueller probe has inured all viewers to the fake news phenom.  In fact, i continue to strongly suspect that the output from Mueller was meant to exonerate Trump from day one.  After all the only plausible reason for this last entry of thirteen Russians was to provide cover for Trump's exoneration by Rosenstein and to set the stage for a major investigation of voting irregularities by the Democrats.  The MSM bought it hook line and anchor.

As i have posted, watch the hands.  We now hear the drum of boots on the march all covered by a smoke and mirrors show.  In fact, Trump now is feeding them the smoke and sooner or later, even the MSM must come to their senses.

We can not proclaim victory until the public actually sees it and even then we may need scalps.  What is apparent is that the voices who were part of it all are now going quite silent.  As posted before listen to the silence.   Perpetrators interviewed by the authorities all turn into clams.  Yet we are also on a planned schedule and though concerns exist, it appears to be easily running ahead of schedule.  

At this point Trump has turned the corner on the MSM propaganda program and the Deep State must be seriously diminished as well.  Taking out leadership nodes naturally collapses ninety percent of such influence.  Our frustration has been the need for secrecy, but with so much to do, it is better this way.  In the end, it is not too hard to determine aspects of what is happening based on available choices to the NWO threat easily identified.  That this is job for Mil Intel and the Marines becomes obvious.  Confirming that they are engaged is way more difficult and would not have been even possible except for their need to tee up local patriots as well to stand by to share knowledge.

As said, there is a real conflict underway and has so far been somewhat bloodless.  As reassurance, we appear to be winning and the opponent must be decapitated.  The last phase of the operation has been entered as well and general disclosure must become possible.  I would hate to see, for secrecy's sake, a large number of accidents however deserved..


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