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Atlantis against Mu

The names are essentially wrong but this does not matter.  The narrative is similar to Indian scriptures as well.

I do think that our future will be much different than this as we will empower the natural community and the true wisdom of humanity were all strive for true wisdom and mastery.

Otherwise a cycle of continuing human folly is not to be recommended.

Most important do observe the passing of these narratives and the limits in what can be shared.  What is science and a spaceship except loan words to confuse us?


Testimony of a Hopi Indian on MU and its fall

"Survivors of Mu"

There exists little information about the continent of Mu and practically no serious reporting about the war opposing this continent of the Pacific to the inhabitants of the island of Atlantis… The lines which follow are likely to touch a fair number among you. It is about the testimony of an Indian Hopi (Polar Bear) who reports with much generosity the history of his ancestors‚ that was transmitted from generation to generation and this during thousands of years… Polar Bear tells the history of its people‚ the Hopis‚ and the relations which he succeeded to keep with the celestial creator and his auxiliaries‚ the different Kachinas. It reveals us the absurd war which opposed his ancestors who lived on Mu (Kásskara) with the people of Atlantis (Talawaitichqua) and the destruction of these two worlds. The world of Atlantis is described like a society in full decline. 

Polar Bear reports this way the painful exiles of its people towards the American continent 80.000 years ago‚ which fully discredits the thesis of the arrival of the Indians there 10 to 12.000 years ago by the Bering Strait… 

Here thus a remarkable testimony in many regards! This document has never been translated in English. It comes from a German book published in 1979 and entitled “Kásskara und die Sieben Welten” (Kásskara and the Seven Worlds). We translated for you only the part which relates to the testimony of Polar Bear‚ which is a third of the content of this book, the remainder being a remarkable analysis of the testimony of Polar Bear written by Joseph F. Blumrich, the author of the book. 

Joseph F. Blumrich worked with NASA from 1959 to 1974. He in particular took part in the structural design of the engine of Saturn V which made it possible for the American astronauts to foul the soil of the Moon. He also collaborated in the design of Skylab. I am surprised that its work never left the Germanic territory. Unfortunately‚ Joseph F. Blumrich died in 2002. It is most probably not tomorrow that his work will be appreciated at its right value. The purpose of this translation is to diffuse its content to the greatest number of people. That those which want to know take the time to read it...

Anton Parks, october 2005

Introduction by Joseph F. Blumrich

In our history‚ there were men who recognized clearly how little they knew, but there were others which believed knowing everything. Today the differential equations‚ the computers and the statistics dominate. The solid facts explain all and the knowledge, which comes from the belief, is hardly worth a soap bubble! There exist currents which, on the basis of the beauty of a soap bubble, arrive at surprising conclusions. Changes are announced and throw their shade ahead - or should we rather say their light? 

This is why among us‚ those which seek the truth, listen - or start to listen - perhaps to the words coming from sources which are not influenced by our kind of logic‚ our manner of thinking or our traditions. In fact, words are expressed by human beings who come from a remote world which is completely foreign to us. Perhaps would we like to establish relations or form bridges to be able to understand about what one speaks at the other side? 

In a very humble way‚ this book would like to contribute to form such bridges. The “Book of the Hopi” gave me the best introduction to the world of the Hopis. It enabled me to recognize the subtle strings which are dissimulated under the surface of our solid facts. Some circumstances which one could call coincidences - I do not believe in it - led my wife and me at Polar Bear and his wife Naomi. It took a long time - it seemed long but lasted only a few years - until a mutual confidence arose. Finally‚ Polar Bear started to speak. I had not only to listen to it‚ but had also to learn and understand a completely new world. 

As one had to expect‚ the attempt to form a bridge between two worlds, as different as that from the Indians and ours, gave difficulties in comprehension. But it seems to me nevertheless that, for various reasons‚ our relation got supported by the factor luck. The family history of Polar Bear‚ as well as its role at the time of the preparations of the “Book of the Hopi”, gave him a glance on the traditions of its people which are undoubtedly vaster than that of any Hopi today. Its artistic intuitive capacity enabled him to draw and paint mural images which were impossible to get any other way. The three years passed in our Western society made it for him often possible to give explanations in the form of examples. Such explanations were necessary in order to express him selves comprehensibly for the external people. 

On the other hand‚ its knowledge of our world‚ never led Polar Bear to deviate from the traditions of its tribe. In the presentation of facts‚ events and characteristics‚ he was always imperturbable. With regard to its tribe‚ its traditions or religion‚ he transpires a deep solemnity. If ever I had to meet a man, which likes and preserves his roots and convictions passionately as those of his tribe‚ it was Polar Bear. Its frame of mind is one of the principal pillars of my conviction with regard to its integrity‚ which had naturally still to be confirmed. I discovered a basic difference between the way of thinking of Polar Bear and mine, which reflects not only our oppositional origin‚ but also throws a light on the problems of the present. It is the difference - and the conflict - between the knowledge which comes from the belief and the one based on tangible proofs. 

The following incident gives an account of it. I had followed the assertion of the Hopis concerning the islands by which they would have come to South America. And I had actually found the confirmations described below. This discovery had filled me with enthusiasm and when speaking about it with Polar Bear‚ I awaited a similar reaction. Instead he looked at me with his serene and quiet eyes and said: “I told you that we have come this way‚ isn’t it?” 

It should be mentioned that our work was strictly directed towards historical developments and their significance and that there did not exist any intention to create a replica of the remarkable “Book of the Hopi”. 

The text transcribed in the first part is exclusively the testimony of Polar Bear. It comes from recorded tapes, which he made him selves to this end‚ as well as from our recorded conversations, which were used to clarify‚ supplement and complete the image. However‚ as already indicated‚ I collaborated with him to seek formulations and examples for a better understanding; it was my task as an intermediate. Apart from that‚ my participation in this part contributed to fix the contents in an easily readable form. The proper words of Polar Bear and its manners to express him selves remained intact as much as possible. Moreover‚ the provision of the chapters and subparagraphs were carried out by me in order to more easily find the various topics. My contribution to the writing of the first part was guided by the unconditional intention to record the contents and the form of the revelations of Polar Bear without modifications and as much as possible with its own words.


Kásskara and the seven worlds

History of humanity according to the tradition of the Hopi Indians written in 1979 by Joseph F. Blumrich (1913-2002)

Mu (Lemuria) according to Cortezz & Morgana
Migration in the fourth world 
The destiny of the inhabitants of Atlantis
Táotoóma‚ the earth 
The Táotoóma city 
New migrations 
Migrations of the clan of the bear 
The ancestors which came from the sky 
The war between the clan of the snake and the clan of the arc 
The Diaspora 
Casa Grande 
Arrival of the Spaniards at Oraibi


This is the history of my ancestors and the clans which came on this continent. The continent on which my people lived a long time sank in the sea and people had to leave it. They had to go to a new continent which left the sea to the east‚ in order to have a new world for them and to make a new beginning. All this was caused by their attitude in certain situations. I will tell you why it arrived‚ how they arrived on the new continent which we call the fourth world (Tóowakachi) and what arrived to them afterwards. 

But initially I would like to say that I am very grateful to all these people who gave me the knowledge and understanding. Much was told to me when I was still child and I learned certain things when I was a young man and other when I was older. But during all these years the great ceremonies were celebrated. It is due to them that my people keep awake the memories of our history. 

As you know Hopis in their families follow the line of the mother. This is why I belong to the clan of my mother‚ the clan of the coyotes‚ and I got from my mother and my grandmother most of my knowledge‚ as well as from my uncle of the same clan. They gave me a good teaching. Out of the clan of the bear‚ from where is originating my father‚ came the Oraibi guides and chiefs during hundreds and hundreds of years. What I learned from my father and my uncle‚ the chief Tawaquaptiwa‚ therefore comes from the knowledge of the clan from the bear and other clans which settled here. 

There are also many other people who transmitted part of their wisdom and knowledge to me and I am very grateful to them. They are all part of the clans which live here now. These clans preserved their memories through the sorrows and the difficulties endured and caused by their migrations, which they regarded as belonging to their duties‚ with an aim of arriving at Oraibi to help with the construction of this place, thus carrying out the plans of the creator. 

Now‚ it is time to speak about our people‚ to say to you whom we are and why we are here, in the hope that somebody one day will understand us. Even if it is me which speaks here‚ it is the knowledge of the Hopis that you will know. Out of the long story of Hopis arises a warning for you. You will understand later what I want to say when I tell my story. This is why I speak now. That concerns us all. Perhaps this warning will not come too late. 

By telling our history‚ it is necessary that you know that time did not have the same importance. Today‚ time seems important‚ time makes everything complicated‚ time becomes an obstacle. But in the history of my people‚ time was not really important‚ nor for the creator himself. What accounted really was the beauty that we put in our life‚ the way in which we achieve our duties and our responsibility towards the creator. The material things of this world are of little importance for the Hopis‚ as you of will realize when you will be at my place and that you will see how we live our history. 

When you are among my people in our villages‚ you will start to understand that these old women and these old men‚ who make the current history‚ will never forget the old history which is written in their heart. And as the history to me was revealed‚ I will now try to transmit it as accurately as possible.


According to our traditions‚ we lived in two other worlds before coming in the third world, then in the fourth in which we are now. In the first world‚ the Táiowa divinity created the man. Táiowa created all the things in this universe. There is not one thing he did not realize. The place where he resides is called “the height”‚ much people call it “sky”. Nobody knows where that is‚ but out of there he directs the universe. He gave a brain to the man‚ he gave him the knowledge‚ he gave him all he needs in his life. And he gave him the law and the duties to which man must obey in this universe. 

The first world was destroyed by fire‚ because the men became malicious. But our people‚ those which in more recent times became the Hopis‚ survived the destruction‚ because our people were selected to preserve the knowledge of these facts through times‚ until the present and to transmit it in the future. 

The second world was destroyed by ice. Once again‚ our people survived and arrived in the third world‚ the third continent. All these events and the later events are still alive in our religious habits.



Mu (Lemuria) according to Cortezz & Morgana

The name of the third world was Kásskara. Few people today know the significance of this very old word. I learned it from Otto Péntewa which remembered it as the “mother ground”. We also call it “the country of the sun” because we like to refer to the sun and the soil which keep us alive. 

Kásskara was a continent. Perhaps this was the same one which is called today Mu or Lemuria. Most of the continent was at the south of Ecuador‚ only one small portion was in the north. It was a very beautiful country. Compared with today‚ it was almost a paradise. We were to work but we did not need to work hard. Since our beginnings in the first world‚ we had followed the plan of our creator and cultivated our food ourselves. In these times‚ we had chosen corn as principal food‚ and we brought it in the second world and we continued to live with it in the third world. When you see our corn‚ think of the fact that the Hopis have had it since very old times, since the first world. 

The knowledge that we seek and that was given to us related to the plants and the animals. We wanted to know why the sheets were green and flowers multicolored. We could communicate with the plants and the animals. We had what you call scientific knowledge‚ but we did not use it for the manufacture of objects which one needs to subject other people. 

People had respect for one another. The clans had their own bosses but they had all a big spiritual leader. In the life of the Hopis there always was a clan which had supremacy for a certain time in order to take care that we fulfilled well our obligations and responsibilities‚ like our good behavior in life. When we inherited this world‚ it was the clan of the arc which had the leadership. For this reason the tribe chief of the clan of the arc was the sovereign of Kásskara. 

At the beginning all was well in Kásskara. Much later the men gradually began to lose the respect for one another; initially a few, then more and more. As you see‚ we are exactly like other men. I can compare that with what occurs today in the organizations: people want to have some rank and power; they want their share. The same thing happened at Kásskara. It was especially the case for the clan of the arc‚ but the high ranking chiefs of this clan remained good.


In the east of our continent was Talawaitichqua, which we called the “Eastern country”. In the Hopi language “tichqua” means “land” or the surface of a continent‚ and the first part of the word means “morning” or “rising of the sun”. Between this continent and us there was a large surface of water. Today one calls this continent Atlantis and I will continue to call it this way because for you it is a more familiar word. At the beginning of the third world people of Atlantis were as peaceful as us. We have of course the same divine origin. They had the same symbols as us. But with time they changed. They started to explore the secrecies of the creator whom the man should not know. You know there exist secrecies which are only intended for the divinity and‚ when the men started to study them‚ they infringed this law. In fact the man has the same capacity as the creator‚ but the creator maintains secrecies which the men should not seek to understand. This business concerning the secrecies is very serious. Let’s make a parallel about our actual time so that you understand what I want to say on what the Hopis believe. 

You developed many things‚ for example planes. When my uncle led me to Oraibi to see the lithography of a jet‚ which is naturally much older than your jets of today‚ he said to me: “It would be very good to fly again through the airs‚ as our people did in the past. When there is a catastrophe somewhere far away‚ one can bring help (food‚ drugs‚ tools). But one also brings death to men hundreds of miles away. And it is by doing that that one will disobey the divine law. ” 

How can you separate these two things if you made research on secrecies of which the men cannot make a good use yet? Think of you: let us suppose that you made a scientific discovery in the field of the rockets and that somebody makes a bad use of your discovery. You would not do it‚ but it is your discovery. Do you really know where begins and finishes your responsibility? 

Naturally you can do research on the operation of your body in order to define what cures and what gives you a long life. The creator wants us to do it. He wants that we benefit from the life and that we have as little heavy work as possible and that all that is good‚ all the joy‚ all the happiness of this world should become ours. But now they try to produce artificial life, and one day also a human; well these things you should not do! 

We can summarize all that in two sentences. The divine creator said to us: “If you want to be my children‚ you should not use your knowledge to subject‚ to destroy‚ to kill or make a misuse of what I gave you. If you do not respect this law‚ you are my children. ” 

Towards the end of the third world a woman was the supreme guide of Atlantis. In our language‚ we call her Kickmongwuity‚ a supreme priestess. You would simply call her a queen. She was very powerful and very beautiful. She used her power and the beauty of her body to subject the chiefs of her people. She received from them so many jewels that we called her “the turquoise woman”. Among these personalities‚ there were scientists whom one could refer to as “doubtful leaders”. An erudite man is not systematically a good man. She had a lot of success by these men and became this way sovereign of the complete continent. Atlantis extended its influence and subjected people in the countries further to the east‚ which we call Europe and Africa today. Although Atlantis was a small country‚ it had a great influence. You can compare it with England, which is also a small country‚ with a lot of influence! 

The inhabitants of Atlantis had also made research on the secrecies of the creator‚ whom they should not have known. As I said it to you‚ they got knowledge of it too early. Spiritually‚ they were not ready yet‚ they used their knowledge to subject other people. And in that‚ they have infringed the divine order. Some even lost their life. They also studied other planets and they even went there, but as these were dead planets they could not live there. They had thus to remain on our good old earth. 

At this point in time they turned against Kásskara. They knew that morally and spiritually we were much stronger and that made them envious. This is also why the queen wanted to conquer our country and to subject our people. 

Mu (Lemuria) according to Loren adams ("Moonlight Over Lemuria")

As I already said there were among us people who had become avid of status and power. Their religious belief became weaker and people did not have much respect any more for one another. We were in a situation which one can compare very well with the current situation. 

Within time the influence of this woman led to a scission of our people. She started to get some of our people on her side. It were the men avid of power about whom I spoke. They walked away from our laws and said to themselves: “If we choose the side of the people of Atlantis and accept their requirements‚ we might acquire later perhaps a fair share of the power. ” 

The malicious ones took over. They had studied many secrecies of the creator which humanity should not know‚ but we did not take part in this. We wanted to be and remain the peaceful people which were recognized at that time as such. I believe that actually it was the creator who used his capacity to keep us away from these things. 

The chiefs met many times. But the group of those which had scientific knowledge was much stronger and they came to attack my people with the material of their capacities and their invention. 

All what I tell you‚ as well as the later events‚ I learned from my grandmother. But I also discussed with a man who is the last to know the history of the clan of the arc. I did it because in our history one says that those of the clan of the arc had done the worst things. He confirmed what had occurred and said: “Yes‚ we did it. ” 

From very high in the airs they directed their magnetic force on our cities. But those of our people which had not left the true way of our creator were gathered in a certain area in order to be saved. 

Yesterday at a meeting in a kiva of Shongopovi we had a long discussion on our current situation. We see at this moment occur the same things as those which occurred right before the destruction from the third world. The reason of our concern is that we know what will arrive. In this meeting it was clear that the crucial problem of the Hopis is the problem of the land and it was a similar problem which directed the space ships towards us. We know that we reached the point of no return. We also evoked Kásskara‚ the queen of Atlantis and how the third world was destroyed. I thought of my grandmother who said to me that the same thing will arrive again as what occurred very long time ago.

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