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Abductions and Alien Contact

 My own journey on this issue has been skeptical and confounded.  Now that i have a deep understanding of our physics, i can understand what has been reported and acept it at face value as a reasonable explanation of the observers experience.
This item finally provides a scenario underlying the phenomena. We are seeing a deliberate effort to provide a hybrid population able to also live on earth.  This may well be a good thing but leaves the topic of the form of our civilization off the table.

It happens to be far too easy to expect the worst, yet a local presence demands coexistence at least.  We now know what is going on and the jury remains out in terms of our response.  That they have scaled back also suggests that our own space force has been able to open a dialogue with them.
Abductions and Alien Contact

My daughter Elizabeth attended Temple University professor Dr. David Jacob’s UFO course and we stared attending his monthly meetings in Philadelphia. He provided great insight into the abduction phenomenon. I met dozens of abductees who were convincing in their stories at his home.

As State Director In New Jersey, I have personally interviewed many people who also believe they have been abducted. I try to get people to remember their abductions without hypnosis. I suggest that if they have missing time and suspicions that they should attempt to recall the experience when in a partial awakened time period. For example, when you partially awake in the middle of the night, try to recall the abduction on your own. Hide behind a curtain if you are afraid. If these procedures didn’t work I would use hypnosis without asking key questions.

There appears to be evidence the phenomenon is inter-generational and the children of an abductee will all be abductees as will their children, and so on. Many parents are aware of their children being abducted. There is some evidence this has been going on for generation’s even decades. Often members of the same family have similar scars and memories aboard the craft. Abductions begin in childhood and continue into old age. Many abductees actually remember their youngest abduction first. It seems they are given permission to remember or the time distance allows them to remember. People only seem to remember a few experiences, but seem to know when they had a rough night, are tired, with “suspicious” occurrences such as their night gowns inside out, waking in the wrong bed or wrong end of the bed. It seems the abductions occur at least once a month, often once a week.

Women who feel they provided eggs for off spring, often meet with their hybrid children on a very regular basis, probably a couple times a week.

Occasionally, aliens and their craft are seen by neighbors and evidence of their visitation exists. While I was active duty in Military Airlift Headquarters my boss Bob Woods was the commands UFO officer and visited many UFO visitation sights. As the UFOs moved into position near homes they often broke branches off trees. I Williamstown, New Jersey John Thompson was awakened a looked out the windows at a disc in the back yard. The aliens walked through concrete block picked him up and carried him to the craft. There they used a pen like device to open his chest from one arm pit to the other. I contacted two Flight Surgeons on active duty who examined John. They knew of no surgical reason for cutting someone horizontally across the chest. Yet the scars were evident on a strong six foot three inch man who held a high security post. We also visited John’s backyard where the UFO had been parked. The yard was mostly grass but where the UFO landed there was a 25 foot circle cut into the earth filled with gravel. It appeared the top layer of soil and grass had been removed. John did not know if the gravel had been their previously. John had complete memory of the abduction, gray aliens and their surgery. He felt they were looking for something in his chest, reached in possibly grabbed something and using the pen like object closed his chest up like a zipper. The flight surgeons confirmed the scar was about a month old.

Many abductees tell me about abductions as children. How they were being held by their father and noticed a UFO outside. /the father would go to sleep of be knocked out as the alien walked through the sliding door, picked up the child and carried him into a small disc. The disc would fly off into space and enter a much larger space ship. Other discs could be seen landing, and aliens leading abductees would go into various rooms. He was taken to a separate room and placed on a bed. Looking out the window hatch he could see the Earth off in the distance.

He was examined, told not to be afraid, and returned home with his father still unconscious. He awakened his father and told him about his journey. His father smiled but never confirmed that he believed his son’s story.

Most abductees do not know about what is happening to them and tend to remember relatively young abductions. Several ladies claimed the aliens came to their house making loud noises. They were taken aboard craft and sat next to their neighbor. The next day they questioned the neighbor who thought she was imagining things.

One observation I had with New Jersey abductees is that they are generally very attractive people. The ladies could win beauty contests while the men appeared strong, handsome and virile.

The aliens have good taste and choose abductees who will upgrade their species and aware of what is considered good looks by humans. Some people have good memories of some of their abductions and become fearful and aggravated. One abductee decided to get away from the abductions, drove to the airport and entered the international terminal. He had no idea where he might go and took the first plane he could buy a ticket on. He flew to his destination, got off the plane and was able to find an obscure Hotel. That night he was abducted. We assume they have some sort of tracking device on their favorite abductees.


Many of the abductees seemed to have transmitters and receivers placed within them as Dr. Roger Leir, who claimed to remove extraterrestrial implants from the bodies of abductees. Meet a surgeon who claims to remove highly advance implants, nanotechnology microchips embedded by aliens, non-humans monitoring our earth. Discover the world of abductions, scalar wave transmissions, and a program to study or manipulate the human race.

I have had several abductees notify me of an identical abduction the same night who live almost a hundred miles from each other. The implants could provide a sleeping person a dream of an abduction.

Dr. Leir who called me just before he died, believed that instead of radio signals these devices emit ‘scalar waves,’ which is a type of electromagnetic radiation, Although Dr Leir did not get to see the results of his final surgery after he passed away during the making of the documentary, two of his close research associates carried out the analysis of the strange object after his death and the second half of the documentary – Patient Seventeen – is devoted to their efforts.

The object removed from “Patient Seventeen” was sent to a New Hampshire lab for testing where the reports found that it contained rare-earth elements, some even toxic to the human body. The results revealed electromagnetic frequencies, indicating that the object could be some kind of communication or tracking device.

We have found markings on people that can be seen under black light. Some abductees claimed that when they had been drinking during the evening when the aliens came for them they had good memory of the abduction    Whatever the aliens did to erase their memory of the abduction did not seem to work while they were drinking.

Many of the abductees had surprisingly good positions of authority and leadership. We visited huge homes where small alien footprints were observed in the snow outside their homes. In Williamstown several people observed the UFOs above their homes. Interestingly, when commercial aircraft approached heading for landing at Philadelphia International Airport the UFOs ducked down into the tops of trees apparently to avoid being seen by the aircraft. Many abductions take place where there is heavy air traffic. People assume the objects in the air are normal air traffic.

We had some success using black light to pick up possible abductions although some cosmetics also show up in black light.

We also tried to set up video cameras in the rooms of known abductees. Usually the abductee or the aliens would turn off the camera. On one occasion a potential abductee is asleep with the camera on showing a cat on the edge of the bed. The cat’s sitting up looking at the ceiling where a small light appears. The light is about two inched in diameter and is moving around the room. The cat is following its movements while the abductee continues to sleep. The light stays for a couple minutes and departs through the wall. It appeared to be some sort of reconnaissance vehicle.

One lady who held an important financial position handling millions of dollars asked me to visit her. She had some wine with dinner and went to bed early. She was a light sleeper and heard some odd noise and felt her covers being removed and peaked out of her almost closed eye. Standing next to her bed was a small gray alien only a foot or so away. She quickly reached out and grabbed the alien by the neck. She said, His neck felt like heavy sponge rubber and he reacted strongly and pulled away. She held on and received a telepathic message she was killing him and the other aliens would respond violently if she wouldn’t let him go. She pushed him down low onto the rug and let him go. They quickly scurried away through the walls and left her alone.

Several abductees reported being vacuumed up in a large tube like device through the ceiling, into their attic, and up into a craft. The tubing was about the circumference of a large waste basket a hundred feet long. On the craft they were medically examined, eggs or sperm removed, shown a movie trailer of an upcoming war, and returned to the tube. There was the feeling of free fall into like a parachute opened and the abductee is gently put into bed. Sometimes they do bring it to memory, they might not remember all the other events of which they have no memory of whatsoever. We may never know how many abductions a person has had over his/her lifetime, but it is far more than people realize. I interviewed Betty Hill who was abducted with her husband and still had the dress she was abducted in. She felt the aliens were interested in a program of hybridization reproduction and sexual activity. They came from a distant planet and likely wished to colonize Earth. The abductees usually report seeing Grays fairly short gray aliens and some that appear as human size grown insects. The hybrid program would allow the aliens to appear similar to humans but also carry immunity and protection from various viruses and bacteria.

The reason for the abduction phenomenon appears to be a program to integrate the aliens with humans. The results of the program is to grow hybrids who look human and can live with us without suspicion. The abductees report they are providing information to the hybrids who are now grown up and are moving into neighborhoods and living among us.

But, by the publication of The Threat (1998), the evidence had led Dr. Jacobs into the hybridization program geared toward living on Earth. The beings on board would say that soon there was going to be a change and soon everyone would be happy, everyone would know his place. The world’s foremost academic expert on UFOs and alien abductions provides the first evidence-based explanation of a mystery that has perplexed scientists for decades.

Based on more than 700 hypnotic-regression interviews with alien abductees and a Roper survey of 6,000 adults, The Threat reveals why the aliens are here and what they want, explains why their agenda has been kept secret, and exposes their frightening plans for earth and its inhabitants. In a direct, authoritative challenge to researchers who believe the abduction phenomenon is essentially benevolent and spiritually uplifting, Professor David M. Jacobs proves that there is a far more disturbing and potentially dangerous plan underway, with possible alien domination at its core.

In this remarkably well-researched and well-written book, Professor Jacob has added a new complexity and depth to our knowledge of the UFO and abduction phenomena. The secret alien agenda revealed here is ominous, but it must be confronted before it is too late.

My guess is that “everyone” means primarily them. I did not know when this change would take place and the aliens never indicated that. However, starting in 2003, I began to hear reports of hybrids moving in to human society.

His newest book, Walking Among Us (2015), is about the processes and bureaucracy involved with sending hybrids here, settling them into apartments, and teaching them about life on Earth.

It is also about the critical role that abductees play in this invasion. The change is upon us.

NY Post Jan. 7, 2018

Caution: Fortunately, alien abduction seems to have greatly diminished in recent years. However, we know that large numbers of people have been abducted and a type of sexual abuse has occurred by the aliens in the past. These memories are likely real, but innocent people could be blamed for the sexual abuse. It is very easy to blame acquaintances for sexual improprieties that allegedly happened dozens of years or decades ago and may actually be memories of feelings part of an abduction. The aliens have the ability to wipe away memories of their abduction while a person remembers the feelings of sexual abuse, but has difficulty determining who was actually molesting them. There are numerous studies and support groups for sexual assault, but few if any even mention alien abduction. Real healing can be achieved when the abductee sincerely believes they are not responsible for what happened.” Believe and support survivors. Show them empathy and kindness.

New York Post January 7, 2018

New York Post Article January 7, 2018 Thanks to Joe Foster

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