Monday, February 26, 2018

Asking Jesus

This is an important insight that I need to share with everyone.

To start with, those following my efforts, know that we now understand that all life and each of us is operated by a spirit body that is physical and formed from second tier matter scaled at the level of the electron. Thus our subconsious is our in house spirit body having a conversation through our third tier physical body that the spirit body operates like a machine.  The information density of this spirit body is millions of times greater that possible for our chemical systems in our cells.

The take home though is really simple.  We are all immortal spirit bodies first.  The Soul is our pattern or blueprint to be improved and all that.

What this means though is that we are part of a community of spirits and that when we wittingly or unwittingly query that community for information,our inablity to identify the informant  is a serious liability.  It is not just dumb old uncle charlie that we can run into but seriously bad twisted actors as well.   Our best defense is careful rational thought and this recognition.

That is the background to this item and why i am sharing this additional insight.  It is clear that it is difficult to directly communicate with God per se when we are really dealing with GOD more tied to the intent of the universe than our individual needs.  This is where understanding the role of Jesus becomes important. Having been human he can stand in as GOD's will or intent at our level of understanding and most important Jesus can be trusted.

Thus when we do query the spirit world in prayer or meditation it is safest to pass through Jesus in order to protect from unfreindly intermediaries.  This can surely be extended to his pantheon of saints as well if this allows you to be more comfortable..

What i do find astounding is that the inherant logic is supported directly by Christian theology which has operated without any access to physical surety or a logic structure.  None of my material has anything to do with faith short of accepting that we exist yet we get to this teaching and a remarkable appreciation for the real sacrifice of Jesus the spirit who has stood by for all humanity who calls to him for two thousand years.  The allegory of the cross is important as a tool but his sustained presence to this day is the more important story.  He never left humanity as most spirits do..

Lord Jesus, help guide me (in this task) is a useful mantra.   Much has been said that is confused and confusing and part of two thousand years of accumulated error.  Set that aside and simply ask Jesus.  He is clearly there for you as reported over and over again for these past centuries.


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