Saturday, February 24, 2018

News Corp CEO Admits He Wants Internet Censored So News Corp Can Make More Money

Right now, and most of you are unaware of this, Main stream media or MSM is struggling to both censor independent voices and to suppress alternative news sources.  Problem is that the primary reason that the MSM is losing market share is simply because they have at the same time abandoned all traditions for fair reporting as so clearly evidenced during the past three election cycles.
It was not particularly subtle and readers fled into the internet to do their own homework.  Thus the market responded with alt media and fresh voices sharing their readers and listeners curiosity.  They need to remember that this happened in the USSR as well.
Now they are trying to control what can be found in the internet.  It is all nonsense.
What it is promoting, not voiced yet, is the formal breakup up of all forms of media ownership concentration as abusive monopoly manipulation.   The laws do exist but that battle has yet to be joined.  It is coming as sure as day follows night..
News Corp CEO Admits He Wants Internet Censored So News Corp Can Make More Money

“The potential returns for our journalism would be far higher”

Paul Joseph Watson

February 9, 2018

The CEO of News Corp. has admitted that big corporations are pushing for the likes of Google and Facebook to censor alternative media outlets so that News Corp-owned publications can make more money.

The admission is contained in an AFP article about Robert Thompson, CEO of the publishing arm of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.

Thompson accuses Google and Facebook of creating a “dysfunctional” and “debased” online environment by failing to crack down on what he calls “bot-infested badlands,” and that this lack of censorship is making it harder to achieve a “safe space for advertisers”.

Thompson goes on to complain that “misinformation” is being promoted at the expense of media properties such as the Wall Street Journal (which just happens to be owned by News Corp).

“The potential returns for our journalism would be far higher in a less chaotic, less debased digital environment,” asserts Thompson.

In other words, if those pesky alternative media outlets like Infowars were censored and shadow banned by Google and social media giants, News Corp would make a lot more money.

Thompson welcomes efforts by Google and Facebook to promote mainstream content alongside alternative media links, which has been introduced on the basis of “fact checking,” yet in reality is just another desperate effort by the establishment to silence its competition.

It’s understandable why Thompson is so paranoid about mainstream publications being supplanted given News Corp’s recent financial figures. The company recorded a $66 million dollar loss for the quarter ending in December. Advertising income is also down 6 per cent from a year ago.

The Wall Street Journal has led a crusade against independent content creators for the last year, most notoriously smearing YouTuber PewDiePie as a “nazi” as part of a campaign to drown out non-mainstream voices.

Earlier this week, the WSJ published yet another hit piece which lobbied YouTube to censor alternative media by having its algorithm demote non-mainstream content.

The writer of the article, Jack Nicas, bragged about how he had compiled a list of “fringe” and “divisive” content and then presented it to YouTube, who then promised they’d be working harder to bury such content in favor of mainstream media outlets.

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