Thursday, February 8, 2018

Christian Lighthouse for Islam

This video is very remarkable.   Please take the time to watch it.  We truly know nothing about what is now happening to the Arab Street.

Way more important than all that is his critical insight regarding love itself.  It has never occurred to me that love demands intent.  I sort of presumed that it flows naturally somehow or the other and that is not true.  Certainly hormones flow naturally to inspire lust, rage and fright.  But after the hormones have run their course, it is up to the rational brain to develop intent that converts these lost hormonal impulses in love, hate and fear.

This explains so much.  The transition to love hate and fear is rationally mediated.  This supports my contention that the certain way to confront Islam is to spell out rationally what sentences in the Koran are not supported by Jesus.

The whole thrust of Christianity has always been to promote love.  Just as clearly, Islam has always been promoting hate while providing lip service to love within their own community.

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