Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Chicago Woman Attacked By Giant Bat-Like Creature in 2005

First off, we have had over a dozen reports around Chicago during the past two months.  They are surely of the same unique creature and this has allowed a pretty good appreciation.  This earlier report tells us of an attack that was barely beaten off.

So far i do suspect that this creature is a gargoyle that depends on sucking blood from a victim.  The recent example is very large, but most appear to be smaller.  There could be a male female size split with a number of  smaller females associated with a single male.  Thus we have a natural flock of these creatures attacking cattle.

The good news is that this one in Chicago is producing a large body of eye witnesses...

Chicago Woman Attacked By Giant Bat-Like Creature in 2005 

 Friday, June 30, 2017

The following account was reported as a comment to a YouTube video that described the recent 'Chicago Phantom' sightings. The grammar and text was poorly written, and the original content needed to be corrected and edited. I believe the witnesses were Southwest Native American, though I don't know the nationality of the writer. This incident took place in 2005:

I live in Chicago, and my friend's mom told him about this creature. Well, he told me that in 2005 his mom and dad were driving in the city and they noticed a giant bat-like creature following them at high speed. Obviously they didn't believe their eyes at what they saw, but luckily they sped up the car and got far away from the creature. His father was so shocked, that he just about smashed the car into a tree. They later stopped the car and discussed about what that thing was. While they were talking they once again noticed the creature flying towards them. His father started the car, but the creature was speeding towards them. Then without any hesitation, it smashed itself into the windshield. It was like it didn't see the window. Then it breaks the glass on the front passenger side door. My friend's mom was sitting there while it tried to put its claws into her arm. His dad had a glass bottle which he cracked into the creature's head. It falls on the ground and they drive away as fast as they can.

They assumed that they had gotten rid of the creature. When they got home, it was apparent that my friend's mom was injured. After helping his wife out of the car, he went back to close the car door. Then suddenly, the creature again appeared at a tremendous speed and attacked his mom. It attempted to grab her and fly away. But quickly, his dad beat the creature with a huge stone. It eventually took of and disappeared into the dark sky.

When the creature tried to take his mom away, she got a closer look at it. After all this happened and her being injured, she told her husband that "it's a kind of extinct creature." "It had long sharp nails, a very scary face, glowing eyes and sharp teeth." His mother looked on internet to see what the creature was. At that time, they were new to Chicago. They had never heard about a Mothman. They were only thinking about one creature...a Skinwalker, because they were familiar with that creature because of their culture. It can transform into a half animal / half human.

After a lot of research, they eventually discovered that the creature closely resembled only one being. The Mothman. Since then, they always avoid dark places and those areas where other people don't frequent. They still believe that the creature will return and attack them.
After I heard about the incident from my friend, I thought he was lying. But when I heard this story from his mom, I now believe it occurred. Even if this thing exist, I will not truly believe it until I see it with my own eyes. Now it may have returned to Chicago

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