Thursday, January 8, 2015

Power Loading a 300 pound Household Transformer.

 This is an extrension of Gerard's work on the Bread board.  He is able to use this system to power up a three hundred pound transformer using the set up we demonstrated last month band in which i spoke to the issue of what is happening.

At our invitation, others are now replicating this whole configuration including a group of electrical technicians out of Alberta.   All are able to replicate these results and we have a lot of enthusiasm building.  By the way, powering up a three hundred pound transformer with a couple of battery packs is utterly impossible, for those of you who lack much exposure to this hardware.  Yet that is what we just did.

What we see here is a natural extension of third, forth  and higher order metrics that induce a spiraling field able to produce free electron pressure to load the applications circuit.  Static electrons are normally shielded by dark matter which is the physical ocean in which we reside.  The spiraling field is able to separate them out and concentrate them in order to produce work.  I surmised the possibility of both phenomena  but never expected to see it shown so easily.

At least i now know why dark matter has been missed by our labs for a century.  We can only detect it so far by inference.  Do not be concerned.  That is how we detect hydrogen as well and it is several hundred times as massive.

What we have is a simple modulator that interacts with our AC motor to flood the circuit with electrons and to also induce a apparently coherent radiative flux as well lowering heat losses across the whole circuit.  This needs to be proven but it is certainly indicated here.

It is always gratifying when you anticipate a possibility and then can demonstrate that it works.  That it is also simple to work with is also good news.  We also now think we understand everything Tesla understood and have the additional advantage of been able to use modern magnets.  He had a different way of describing things but he was getting the empirical results.


John Boanerges Redman said...

I, a person awarded a BSE EE and a MSEE, and having worked at the USPTO in class 290 and class 318, really OUGHT to not be mystified by the terminology used in this article - but I am, especially with the phrase "flooded with electrons". I just cannot get my head around that and others (like the must-be-taken-for-granted size relationship between hydrogen atoms and dark matter). When I read this, I tend to look for where the sentence "And then he waved his magic wand." was edited out.

John Boanerges Redman said...

Oh, as I re-read this, "a apparently coherent radiative flux" just jumped out and messed with my head.

arclein said...

don't feel bad. We are setting up the language here as we describe the phenomena. I am loath to even use the word electron. so far my worst enemy is attempting to accept previous concept that we were all taught.

So far my ideas are working out better than expected and producing observations beyond expectations. And yes we are monstrously over unity but that does not mean that we are creating energy at all. We are liberating energy from what we will call for now 'dark matter'. and yes I have a modeling conjecture that has zip to do with what we think we know.

John Boanerges Redman said...

I surely cannot say where the energy of the universe is stored but Tesla would have (had) us look in the 7 to 8 Hz area.