Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Missing Positrons


I constructing a theoretical model for Dark Matter which represents 98% of the actual matter in every galaxy i was confronted with an obvious imbalance between electrons and positrons on Earth.  Since either will be neutralized on binding to a dark matter element, the question becomes why is Earth electron rich.

I now think this is a function of matter itself which leaves a net positive charge.  This is enough to force positrons out into space at least and possibly much further.  These positrons will also be generally bound to dark matter elements.

Thus all gravity wells naturally have a surplus of bound electrons, while far space at least will have a surplus of positrons.  This is a simple prediction from modeling Dark Matter.

This does not affect our ability to tap free electrons as a source of energy.

We now have several working groups mastering the energy production project.  Our objective is to simply put a thousand vehicles on the road.

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