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Kennedy Assassination with Eye Witness James Tague


There are no useful reviews on this book, not least because it is self published and suffers from lack of professional editing. Yet it was assembled over decades and put together recently and is an unbiased an effort as i have stumbled across.  He does get past the smoke and mirrors of the Warren Commission which set out to whitewash the story and ensure that only the planned story was told.

1     Eye witness reports were triangulated to locate the key shooter who stood behind the picket fence on the edge of the grassy knoll screened by trees.  This shooter was assisted by an individual who brought the rifle and took it away as well.  The location provided an excellent firing position almost at the same elevation as the oncoming car but perhaps ten to fifteen feet higher.  The key shooter fired one round that entered the neck of Kennedy and blew out the back of his skull.  At that point he immediately broke down the rifle and passed it back to his assistant who left retreating back into a local building.  This was well planned.

However all was not perfect.  he clearly had not handled this rifle before or fired it.  Thus whoever had zeroed it in had then oiled the rifle as if for storage.  This led to a puff of smoke that was visible by many other eyewitness many of who started toward the knoll.  One eye witness actually saw the weapon been aimed and fired.  Three others observed the activity near the picket fence.

The shooter was then able to confront a cop who showed up, likely in response to the smoke at least and show him identification that claimed secret service.  This was good enough to allow this individual to disappear into the crowd.  It was later shown to be impossible.  As well several other fake secret service ID's held by other individuals were flashed in the area to avoid police curiosity.  Thus we have a team on the ground to provide support and plausible cover.

2      The shooter of the sixth floor fired three rounds before quickly abandoning his position and running down the stairs and out the back door in order to also disappear.  His position made aiming difficult as he was up six stories and firing downward.  While the other shooter had a clean flat shot, this shooter ended up firing one round wild to hit a curb and cause the author to be cut, while the other two did hit the target area causing injury to Connolly at least  and possibly Kennedy and leaving one barely damage bullet on the stretcher later.  

3       I really get the sense here that the team went with their best shooters which was good enough for shooter number one who was expected to succeed from his location.  The second shooter was there to draw attention away from shooter number one.  He also effectively set up Lee Harvey Oswald.

4       Oswald's story reads like a prepared patsy who magically got a job just thirty days before.  This ensured he was in the building when this all happened.  However he then went home and that surely was because his job was done.   It is only on the bus that he woke up to understand that he might be the patsy here.  Then he got excited and irrational to the point of going home and likely grabbing his cheap revolver.  Regardless he was never allowed to be debriefed ever as magically Jack Ruby appeared to shoot him.  Obviously any story of his would make zero sense.  Ruby's story cut the threads.

I have posted an article on the circumstantial connections to LBJ.  I doubt that LBJ knew any details, or planning or even gave an order.  He was in a political death spiral that would damage his cronies who knew well enough that this was their only solution.  I doubt if he was surprised then.  It was his duty to not bring Kennedy to Dallas and this is where he was proactive.  It is also clear that too many folks knew something was up.


LBJ and the Kennedy Killing
by James T. Tague

The author James Tague was an eyewitness to the assassination of President Kennedy, his Warren Commission testimony changed history and he is now recognized as a top researcher on the murder of JFK.This book takes the reader from that day in 1963 through the events of 50 years of discovery to document that Lyndon Johnson and his cronies were behind the assassination of President Kennedy.101 stories in 101 chapters that will answer most ofthe lingering questions that the reader has had. (less)

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