Tuesday, August 1, 2017

War Crime and Vietnam.

Perfidy is indeed a war crime, which is why this:

Was and is legal.

During the ongoing Tet offensive, this picture was taken of a high ranking Southern Vietnam official executing a man in civilian clothing.

That man in civilian clothing was an NVA combatant, who had just executed and mangled an entire family of civilians, belonging to a high ranking official in the Southern Vietnamese Army.

This man executed civilians under the guise of being a civilian. This man, pretending not to be a threat to security, snuck past defensive lines to kill unarmed women and children.

 The city was still under attack and the man was guilty, so he was executed accordingly.

While not technically a surrender, it does fall under the use of using unofficial clothing to weave through combatants to get to non-combatants.

As you can see by the bullet going through this man’s head, Perfidy is unacceptable.

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