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Nonviolent film festival From the desk of Bruno Pischiutta

There are two types of pornography in the film industry.  The one we know so well is sexual of course.  Less understood is the pornography of violence. If we have learned anything during the past thirty years it is that the viewer becomes accustomed to any intermediate level and soon upgrades to alternatives within the genre.  This process has been essentially maxed out and ample product has been produced as well.

Yet it is more than possible to draw legitimate lines in which the industry can choose to not participate.  No penetration still empowers a genre of erotica in which artistry is cherished by both men and women.  No contact can return us to the art of faux combat.  No blood allows crash and burn all day long.

My point is that we have zero need to go over the edge and we accomplished this in the past.

In the event Bruno is a film maker with whom i have had some contact and he is a founder of this particular festival which has been getting real traction.  All good stuff.

From the desk of Bruno Pischiutta
Dear all,

Global Nonviolent Film Festival, announced the Awards handed at its 8th edition. I like to send the list to all of you so that you become more familiar with our Festival and so that the names of the very talented filmmakers who got awarded are promoted as widely as possible.

All my congratulations to Italian director Flaminia Graziadei and to American actor Damion Rochester for the Awards they received! They are my friends and they are members of our Private Social Network Global Film Studio.

The link to the video of the Awards presentation is also in this letter. Please excuse the sound-flaws of the video, there was a lot of wind there and I was, of course, not in charge of the little production because I was presenting, in front of camera.

When I reviewed the Awards Presentation video yesterday, something happened: I realized how impressive and important this Festival has become.

When we opened the Festival in 2012 it was like the realization of a crazy idea because there were +10,000 festivals in the world already, and we were going to open another one in a little city in Romania.
On the 25 of February 2011 in Brasov (Romania) I organized a dinner with some friends and colleagues because I had the idea and wanted to present it to them. In the end of the dinner and after a few drinks, I told everyone about the idea of opening the Brasov International Film Festival. 
We decided that night, eight years ago, to create a little Festival in a small Romanian city to exhibit nonviolent films. We took a napkin from the table, we put in writing our decision and we all signed the bottom line. I framed that napkin and above is its picture.
After four successful yearly editions held in Brasov, four years ago the Festival became the Global Nonviolent Film Festival. This is a Canadian festival that started in Romania and is now taking place on-line for all the world viewers.
From being the last, after years of work and dedication, I am proud to say that the Festival is today one of the best in the world and, surely the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world.
Now it takes place on-line and brings the best nonviolent films from the world to the viewers in the comfort of their surroundings.
From eight years, I get to watch hundreds of films that are submitted and, in this way, I get to be in first place up to date with the reality of the film industry and its new trends and to discover the emerging filmmakers. I am very privileged: I get to be in close contact with hundreds of filmmakers and my work for the Festival is year-long. All of this gives me the great feeling and knowledge to be part of the history of film and, maybe, to be the maker of a small part of it.
I like to write a blog about the Festival, in theme with my autobiographical blog “The Last”, that will be published on my site: Bruno Pischiutta's Personal Website
I hope that I’ll be able to published the blog really soon, but I don’t know when this will happen. In October, I’ll be in NY City, on Wall Street, attending several meetings to close few financial deals and to start to raise the US $28M needed for our next two years’ productions. As soon as the blog will be published, I’ll let you know.

Here is the Awards’ list:
Here is the video of the Awards Presentation:
Warmest regards,

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