Saturday, April 25, 2015

Warning About Aliens On Earth


This reads like a genuine sharing of information and must be at least thought about.  Rather critically it informs us that disclosure is scheduled for three years from now.  That would be in the first half of 2018.

More critically it confirms that aliens are interfacing with humanity on a need to know basis for plausibly seventy five years.  What is revealed here is confirmation of knowledge and contact and that the aliens have become impatient with their human 'handlers' as is quite reasonable after seventy five years.

Better yet, it confirms that arrangements have been made to allow access to currency.  This has never directly come up but it has to be this way and can be treated as a hidden clue.  Thus the dozens of clear eyewitness reports that we have noted here are jumping forward a major notch in overall creditability.  Some nonsense has been interpolated into these reports, but the skeleton remains solid enough.  .

We have thought for some time that  alien bases are established on Earth deep underground, just as we would on any planet or moon-let we wanted a presence on.  At the same time agents suitably disguised would act to gather local intelligence on an ongoing basis.  today they also have access to our internet as well.  They can know as much about us as they want.


Warning About Aliens On Earth
Gauley Bridge, WV - 10/1974: This is not about a ufo sighting. This is about the aliens that are already living on this earth. I'm a registered surgical nurse that has been secluded all my life waiting to deal with what I have told you. I met a psychic/channel in 1974 who came to me and drew me some symbols on a piece of paper and told me they are the intergalactic alphabet. I was in nursing school at that time. She made reference to the fact that I would be in orthopedics and she kept talking about the intergalactic ships. I thought she was a "little off." As time went on I realized that what she said has to be true. I know there are many races of beings here and being funded by our government. They are getting more difficult to manage and in 3 years they will be coming "out of the closet." I have not had time to to investigate what I have just told you but I also am a psychic and I want to know what I am supposed to do. This is going to happen. I do hope you find a way to get in touch with me. [name & address removed/cms/rjl] there is so much more to tell you - MUFON CMS

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