Monday, April 27, 2015

Lunar Mascon Conjecture

I am currently working through material that argues and supports the artificial aspect of the moon.  I expect to break it up into sections for comment and to post it all shortly.  This has led to an important conjecture that we will report on here.

As i have posted earlier, we have recently discovered that we can alter the gravitational effect of Dark Matter by flooding it with coherent radiation derived from stimulating Dark Matter and using water as a wave guide. We have not yet shown this effect using any other material but expect to do so.

This leads us the the conjecture that the Mascons on the moon are tanks or even seas of water whose gravitational effect is manipulated.  If we can extend our slight knowledge a little, it is possible that these Mascons are used to adjust the moon's net gravitational effect.

This leads us to a derivative conjecture that the Mascons are used to maintain the present distance from the Earth and have been so used for four billion years.  It is surely sufficient to do just this.

Now the fun begins and this is straight out of science fiction so bear with me.  The purpose of the Moon is to Terraform Earth.  Here is now it is done.

The Moon is a manufactured spherical tank that is first filled with water.  Let us even presume that this water is also inoculated with life as well.  This is an awful lot of water and it will be equivalent to what water we have on Earth.

Once loaded it arrives in near Earth Orbit by passing through worm holes.  Earth itself is likely looking more like Venus and is seriously unpleasant.  It then jumps via worm hole a full four billion years into our past.  At that point it manipulates its gravity allowing it to drift down the the surface of the earth.  It then applies the gravitational effects to strip half the Earth's crust off and onto its own skin while releasing most of the water as a counter weight.  Upon completion it the recede to the orbit we know in order to provide tidal effects and establish dynamic stability for the Earth.

Observers on standby would suddenly see the Earth switch over to its current aspect.

My key point today is that i know that this is all plausible and possible with our changing understanding of physics.  I have never been able to suggst any of this until we successfully altered the gravitational effect of Dark Matter in a bucket of water which jumped twenty pounds.  This is no minor effect anymore.  Real tractor beams can no longer be discounted.

One other comment.  All attempts to explain any of this by other means such as the Big Whack Theory are Newtonian impossibilities and should have been dismissed out of hand upon birth.  What we have just presented demands only that we manage gravity.  Our experiment demonstrated just that and we will have much more to come on all this.

It is even possible that the crust of mars was stripped in order to manufacture the moon or alternately to trigger the birth of Venus from Jupiter.  That would have eliminated an instability in Jupiter as well.  This also suggests that the moon will possibly be reactivated to gather water and to Terraform Venus in the same way but in the present once we are allowed to know they are there.


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