Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Humanities' Disconnect From the Source


What has become increasingly apparent is that humanity is unique even on Earth for one specific trait.  We are unable to communicate on a mind to mind basis.  There is also indications that this is deliberately induced for presumably ethical reasons  that we can only speculate on.  In fact it is the foundation of the fall from Eden mythos.

What it has accomplished is that our  evolution as a people has been supercharged.  We developed new ways to store information and investigated knowledge itself with a fresh disrespect for authority.  At the same time a sister folk we know as the Sasquatch was not so separated and they continue to live in their parallel Eden.  Yet mind to mind communication allows them to simply avoid us almost completely along with any and all natural predators.  Those same clever predators avoid us as well when it is necessary.

It has also become apparent that this talent has allowed for a substantial presence of aliens on Earth.  All actually reside in deep underground bases providing their unique environment.  We will do the same when we do arrive on Mars and other locations.  This does not stop excursions outside and usually at night, so we get no end of conforming reports.

This presence is only possible because we cannot sense them mind to mind.  They have communicated with us in this manner but it is deliberate and directed.

Of course most of humanity is in complete denial or oblivious at least.  Yet thousands of eyeballs have allowed us to build up a pretty clear picture.  If you have got this far you understand that this is a plausible proposition.  The real surprise is the apparent uniqueness of humanities' role and position as a rapidly evolving race.  One source goes so far as to suggest that this is unique to the universe itself and represents a new departure.


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