Tuesday, April 7, 2015

15 of the Healthiest Foods on the Planet

Well maybe. at least i eat most of them whenever i can.  They are all plant foods so stock up.

No agenda here?  What i do swear by though is tapping variety.  Buy them all and figure out how to use them.  Keep doing it until you like each and every one.  Even kale though that one is still challenging me.  Kale sauerkraut worked out just fine though and makes a zesty condiment. 

Now we need to do more on meat products.  Our problem there is simply way too much.  A handful of fried grasshoppers once per week would be ample anyway.  Perhaps with a side of kale sauerkraut.

15 of the Healthiest Foods on the Planet


Meme - The average American eats out a shocking 4.8 times per week, and this can lead to many nutritional and health issues. After all, the typical fast food or restaurant meal has a large amount of calories and fat, but it does not necessarily offer a healthy mixture of essential nutrients. In fact, approximately 10 percent of the nation has some type of nutrition deficiency, and this can cause a long list of complications. Almost everyone knows that improved eating habits will most likely improve a range of health measures, but researchers have warned that the effects that a poor diet have on the immune system can persist even after eating habits improve. So it is important not only to eat a balanced diet with a variety of vegetables, nuts and fruits, but also include several servings of the following foods each day.

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