Friday, April 24, 2015

Animal Consciousness

This is a big important problem that needs to be better addressed.  Worse is that humanity has been almost completely blind because we do not share the key talent sufficiently to be effective.


All life is able to share mind images as a means of communication. Unfortunately this is tied to the level of cognition available.  Fortunately mind sharing appears to enhance herd or flock group intelligence.  Humanity has been specifically rendered almost blind but i suspect that we can overcome this by understanding it as a form of baby thought in images.  I have at least had direct confirmation that this is possible.


Cognitive ability matters.  It is for that reason that a number of clever creatures have successfully avoided us almost completely.  We normally do not stumble into them so much as break into their cover.  Thereupon they move immediately back into cover.  For the same reason deer disappear the moment hunters take the field and must be beat out of the bush.


Range matters and it appears linked to cognitive ability as well.  Yet an identified member of the community including humans will be sensed over extreme distances..  Thus we have the case of elephants moving miles to welcome home a human friend upon arrival after a long flight.  The one time his plane was cancelled, the elephants then on the way in actually stopped and went back at that moment of decision.

Without question this talent is a critical survival mechanism and the mere fact that it exists at all in one species merely ensures that it exists across the whole animal kingdom.  I suspect that carnivores can also suppress intent  almost to the last moment when a kill is plausible giving the target scant warning.

Regardless we could develop an image language to express intention to assist us in communication. This woill be a challenge but i think it happens to be feasible.

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new illuminati said...

Having lived amongst many forms of wildlife in a remote rainforest for most of the last 25 years I agree wholeheartedly with your conjecture.
I have also seen a beekeeper use visualisation techniques to control the flights of colonies from box to tree and vice versa - after first announcing their intention - and many anecdotes prove your 'conjecture' empirically (a speaker at the upcoming NEXUS COnference is addressing these very issues).