Friday, March 2, 2018

Siege of Leningrad Time-Slip

Yi!!  First we have multiple overlaps of the past with the living present.  Yet way more important was that  the informant received  a clip of ammunition from a soldier.  This is confirmation of the physicality of it all.

This is surely brought about by all the battle stress been generated in the historic environment and the conforming behavior of those excavators.  We have had glimpses of this through time and space from other observers but most is lost.

One gets the impression that strong  mental convergence with several others can trigger an actual time shift and this needs to be explored.  Someone is going to get himself killed in that battle field

Siege of Leningrad Time-Slip

Friday, February 16, 2018

The following is an amazing account of interaction with WW2 troops during an excavation on a Russian battlefield:

“We have actually seen many such episodes while excavating WW2 battlefields...Time mirages. Once I had seen, with four of my friends, a German advancing tank division in the Ropsha outskirts [Soviet Union...during the Siege of Leningrad. Lon]. We stood like stoned, observed all of the battle between German and Soviet anti-tank platoon which was eliminated by the majority of tanks, but some tanks also caught on fire and their crews were then shot by remaining infantry and we noticed each gun remaining on the battlefield. When it was over, we excavated 14 guns exactly the same that were shown to us and even their disposition and direction was the we had witnessed! Some were missing (actually 90 percent of them) but those which remained untouched were pointed in the same direction they were pointed in our mirage!

A lot more of such events are barely visible, like shadows, but sometimes they become even touchable and reacting the people! As once we were questioned by two horsemen about why our guns, which we brought with us, were in such conditions (we repaired many of the excavated ones and registered and took some for our own defence) – and, thank God, that one of our guys which likes to wear his Nazi uniform when excavating...because these horsemen were like real! Even when they suddenly came to us, the first thing that one of them did was extinguish our campfire and told us that we were fools because Germans will see us and kill us, like the partisans which he thought we were. And they also questioned us about our clothes and our vehicle! Also, thank God, they seemed to be hurrying somewhere, so they after 5 minutes wished us luck and left. But when I realized that one of them was also willing to exchange my gun to his because I had a sniper SVT40 (which was mint so that is why he even took me like an example just 'Look, how the guns which you have to take from the enemy you kill should look like!"), but I was really shocked, so much that I only nodded.

After all having the proof that you are not mad seeing that will be more sufficient then the loss of the cool rifle. And still the thing that I will keep forever is the 5 round stripper clip [probably a Mosin Nagant modified 1891 Russian carbine. Lon] with AP ammo which one of them tossed to me because by his thoughts I needed them more because I am a sniper! So anyway no one will probably believe that the simple Mosin stripper clip with AP rounds came through 70 years by the timewarp instead of being excavated but I still know that it had! And that makes it priceless for me!”

Source: Youtube comments, John Sheppard

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michael shoen said...

The Russkis won the war with their 27 million killed. Just like Churchill hoped, the Russians and the Germans "bled each other white". My father-in-law fought with the German Army both infantry and anti-tank, as an interpreter and scout up to the Volga, on both sides of the Don and down the southern Bug, Moscow, Kharkov, Smolensk, White Russia, you name it. I don't know about these weapons excavators, but remote viewing has been proven by this guy Targ. Russia got its ass kicked in WWII and doesn't want war today. The U.S. had an easy time in WWII and now screws around with war constantly and creates havoc throughout the world. Someday the chickens will come home to roost and the U.S. will get its ass well and truly kicked and then Americans won't love war quite like we do now. Murder is a mortal sin. We get to pay for our sins.