Monday, April 29, 2019

Wolves, Sasquatch, Trail Cams And A Story

Some excellent information regarding the present problems with the use of trail cams.  They have been generally unhelpful even when the creatures are clearly around.  They have no problem avoiding them and do.

He also expresses his own experience with preternatural avoidance.  It is similar to my own experiences trapping groundhogs.  As i have also reported, all creatures except our own appear able to use mind to mind communication over a short range.  This obviates some of the more unusual examples.

A lot of good work is now been done and many more witnesses are coming forward.  All good as we likely have over 100,000 actual witnesses if we simply presume only one in ten formally report.

Wolves, Sasquatch, Trail Cams And A Story

Why do so many people place limits on their brains? In this video I share some explaining about trail cams and why they just are not the answer to some tough questions. Be sure to hit up my app page on iTunes and Google Play for valuable knowledge at Howtohunt

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