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Underwater 12,000 Feet Tall Obelisk and 39,424 Feet Deep Hole Found On Google Earth?

This cannot exist of course but it is fun to look at.  This will be a grid matching error of some sort and to be fully expected when relying on pixels and curve estimation programming. In the meantime we get to wait for better information.

What I find disturbing though is that the volume of the shaft is around 12 cubic miles which plausibly matches the volume of the Obelisks.  Add in rock removal by the cancelling of gravity and we can build a two mile tall stack in seawater just like this.

A one mile diameter for the base building would suck up the observed rock availability.  So what we are looking at is plausible if we ever wished to do this in the middle of the ocean and had the necessary gravity control technology.

Now just how do we prove this does not exist?

Underwater 12,000 Feet Tall Obelisk and 39,424 Feet Deep Hole Found On Google Earth?

By Tony Gliddon

I am always researching on the web and somehow ran onto this amazing Google Earth find. 

 It appears to be perhaps a building complex with a 12,000 feet high Obelisk and a very deep hole that is -39,414 feet deep enclosed within five obelisks.

The average seabed elevation surrounding this complex is approximately -16,800 feet deep below the sea level using measurements derived from Google Earth statistics.

I began to examine this complex with Google Earth applications from top to bottom and came up with these measurements and finds:

Obelisk is located at: 32 degrees 30'05.98" S and 149 degrees 52'26.87" W

Showing elevation of -4,191 ft. There appears to be some kind of "arch" on the edge of the hole close to the smallest obelisk. 

There appear to be five obelisks surrounding this deep hole.

The five are approximately 12,000, 6,000, 2,500, 1,300, and 300 feet high respectively. The highest, Google Earth shows approximately to be -4,191, feet from ocean surface, and the seabed around the complex shows about -16,800, roughly putting the obelisk over 12,000 feet high. 

Deep Whole is located at 32 degrees 30'05.50" S and 149 degrees 52'26.87" W

Showing elevation at -39,414 feet deep at bottom of hole, according to measurements with Google Earth measuring applications.

Also, this deep hole, this Abyss, measures approximately .33 miles across 

Please refer to picture below and notice that the yellow ruler line dips down into the hole showing approximate 1/3 mile width.

Please, everyone go to the coordinates mentioned above and explore and verify this amazing structure and see what you find for yourself.

Please, look around the obelisk and hole and you will see "reflections" deep into the hole. Also, take cursor and hover over top of obelisk and center of the hole and notice the elevation window on google earth to verify measurements. And, take the measuring "ruler" and draw the line over the hole and obelisk and notice the contours that the "ruler" lines indicate.

Also, look around the surrounding areas of the complex and may see evidence of remains of some kind of complex with many shapes that appear to be like buildings.

Oh, another interesting fact is that from the top of The Great Pyramid, Cheops, coming off the South East corner to the top of this underwater obelisk is approximately 12,247.65 miles, or approximately half the globe, or 180 degrees, or opposite. Hmmm!!

If the Great Pyramid represents the "center of the land mass of the earth" and perhaps many other possible important "roles", what does this complex opposite, half way around the globe represent? 

What Is This Complex with These Obelisks and This Amazing Deep Hole, or ABYSS?

This is a follow up report on the unusual Google Earth find. 

I was able to use Google Earth to take more measurements and pictures of the Obelisk and Deep Hole.

There appears to be a mountain range close by to the structure, and according to measurements the mountain top with the cursor on top is approximately -15,000 feet below ocean surface.

This puts the mountain top at approximately 1,800 feet above the bottom of the seabed which averages -16,800 feet below ocean surface.

Here is another view showing perspective of mountain range to the obelisk structure. Please note the approximate level on Obelisk that is same height of mountain.

The shortest pinnacle of the Obelisk structure appears to be about the same height as the mountain top, again, with cursor marking the height at approximately 1,800 feet tall. 

The next picture shows Google Earth measurement with ruler of the same shortest pinnacle. 

And, as you can see this puts the tallest pinnacle being approximately 10 times taller than the shortest pinnacle at well over 12,000 feet tall!!

The following pictures are showing different angles of the structure and the deep hole in the middle, which did measure 39,414 feet deep.

The picture below is viewing from mountain top describe above towards the complex.

I have received much feedback and wanted to provide better pictures showing better perspectives, measurements, and angles of the complex.

Whatever this structure may be it is certainly very interesting.

One comment I received mentioned that in Dante's Inferno, Dante refers to Hell being in the center of the earth and that the entrance to hell was diametrically opposite of Jerusalem. 

Could this structure be what Dante was referring too?

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