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Political Islam Incompatible with Democracy.

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Of course not.  Political Islam is backdoor Nazism.  You are welcome to argue otherwise to your heart's content.  In the meantime we have a practical problem that was solved with the Nazis sixty years ago.  It is a combination of outlawing, and reeducation.  Worse it is been forced upon europe by these migrants.

So invest in these people and demand that they master the rules and customs of our civilization before we let them lose.  Start by taking their Koran and their other scriptures and separating those components belonging correctly to a christian milieu and the balance belong to the teachings of the Anti Christ. Make sure they understand the differences.

At the same time teach them basic skills allowing them to function.  A little basic language will help.  The idea is to allow them to operate as individuals and not a a slave to their nascent slum community.

My point is that we can deNazify them before we welcome them.  In the meantime they are exposed to our culture also.

Political Islam incompatible with democracy.
Christian Democrats says Europe should not allow ‘manifestations of hatred toward its fundamental values’

Zlín, South Moravia, May 24 (ČTK) — The Czech junior government Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL) stood up against political Islam at their congress this weekend, saying it includes elements incompatible with democracy, it ensues from a resolution the congress passed today.

“The KDU-ČSL makes difference between Islam as a religion and political Islam as an ideology including some elements that are incompatible with democracy and human rights,” the resolution says.

 “The European non-Muslim majority must conduct a permanent dialogue with the Muslim minority, based on emphasizing European values,” the resolution says and adds that within the dialogue, too, a clear difference must be made between Islam as a religion and political Islam as a state ideology.

According to the KDU-ČSL, Europe must not tolerate manifestations of hatred toward its fundamental values.

“Self-confident Europe must require that in Muslim countries, too, the freedom of religion be respected as is respected by us, Europeans,” the KDU-ČSL’s resolution says.

The resolution was read at the congress by MEP Pavel Svoboda (KDU-ČSL ).

He said many migrants have established themselves smoothly in Europe, have families and are full-fledged members of the European community.

 “Unfortunately, religious habits tend to be mixed together with the approach to the ideas of the state and law,” Svoboda said, adding that the CzechRepublic has not been faced with this problem so far.
The West has been turning a blind eye to the problem for a long time, Svoboda said.

“For many Muslims, our view of democracy and human rights is sinful because it contradicts the Sharia law. Since the mainstream parties in Europe failed to deal with the problem, it was unfortunately taken up by the extreme right with all the infamous stuff attached to it, which is swelling nationalism and populism,” Svoboda said.

“It is necessary to say a clear no to populism and hatred, and yes to the protection of culture, democracy and fundamental human freedoms. Multinational Europe - yes, challenging of the basic European civilization — no,” Svoboda said.

The delegates to the KDU-ČSL congress today rejected the European Commission's plan to introduce quotas for the distribution of the refugees flowing to Europe.

The decision making on the number of accepted refugees should remain in power of individual EU countries, the delegates agreed.

Simultaneously, they called for aid to be provided to the refugees.

“We have to distinguish between various migrants,” KDU-ČSL deputy head Ondřej Benešík told the congress, referring to economically-motivated migrants from Africa and the war refugees coming from the Middle East.

As for the former group, it is the business of the people-traffickers, who smuggle the migrants to Europe across the Mediterranean, that should be suppressed above all, Benesik said.

 The KDU-ČSL congress also condemned the persecution of Christians in the world, mainly in the Middle East and in North Korea.

Up to 100,000 Christians die as a result of persecution annually in the world. The number of the persecuted reaches tens of millions, said Svoboda.

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