Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sealand Skull Forensic Reconstruction.

 I have to thank one of my readers for this beauty.  Suddenly we have an elf that could easily have mixed with humans on a regular basis.

Of course, that now suggests an elaborate hoax as well simply because it is too good to be true.  Thus we have two real options.  There really are elves living on the periphery of human existence with some human genetic content plausibly linked to progenitors of humanity and those cultural sources had real models as well.  Alternately, a skilled artist asked the obvious question.  Just what would such a skull look like?  Without the specimen i am inclined to think that this is art work.

Careful DNA would instantly end all that  so that must be the next step and the ongoing silence suggests that this will not survive investigation  After all no one is going to carve a bone skull and get away with it.  That DNA would be the DNA of a real Elf.  Show me.

Here, a quick forensic restoration of the face:
Looks more like something local often referenced in old scandinavian and irish folk tales. 

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