Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Physical Theory of the Afterlife

As my readers perhaps know, we have made significant inroads in piecing together a clear(er) understanding of the afterlife.  There are many separate reports, many fanciful, from those with no firsthand knowledge and many sparse reports from those who are granted only a glimpse.I have had a glimpse at least and enough direct confirmation to be sure of my data.

The good news is that we live in an age in which the spirit world is actively passing detailed information to us and  clarifying it for us if we are prepared to investigate.  The information is now out there in far better form than i expected.

As usual it is necessary to read a number of separate reports.  Again each witness is biased in some way and with several reports, it is possible to catch what would otherwise be missed.  Yes even near death experiences are witness reports although they are very much glimpses.

We can make some statements.  These can be treated as statements of fact.  I am amazed that this is now plausible, considering i spent my entire life understanding only that it was all impossible.

1     Our spirit body, or our light body is a mass of 'dark matter' having the natural scalability and density of electrons and these particles are electrically almost neutral as compared to the free electron itself.  These 'neutral electron pairings' are then bound together by photonic energy which consists of ribbon like strips forming mobius loops and naturally able to store numbers.  This is a natural logic machine.

2        This spirit body can absorb photonic energy and does so for sustenance.  Of more importance, the information density is many orders of magnitude greater than our physical body that we operate through.  For that reason it takes on the task of operating our entire cellular life.  It can literally direct molecules to react.  This represents a huge restatement of the nature of life itself and holds true for all organic life as we know it.

The following is by way of published reports from informants using automatic writing.  This is becoming the method of choice. 

3.        The after life is the abode we remove to upon ending our Earthly life.  It physically exists a few miles over our heads well above the surface of the Earth and probably coincidental with the Stratosphere.  This is a human afterlife in the main.  It consists of seven levels that are separated by the state of your spirit.

The middle forth tier is the entry tier.  It is here that processing takes place and you evaluate your progress.  It is also here that you first rest in order for your spirit to heal from any trauma from death.  Of course you are quickly met by those you are close to who have passed before.  You are brought up to speed and them you do engage in a life review.

Three lower levels are identified in which like associate with like in the level of their bad actions and intentions.  The lowest level is associated with those utterly unable to change for the better. while the other two do have the possibility to choose rightly.

The same idea drives the three higher levels except this is about the good and about good intent.

All levels do have a good soul who is tasked with effecting change and granting permission to spirits been tasked.

This whole realm is naturally energized by Solar radiation mostly in the ultraviolet.. .


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