Thursday, June 25, 2015

Giant Sloth Kill Dump Discovered?

This is incredibly unusual and it naturally excludes all known predators including man.  I also do not see Bigfoot doing this although Bigfoot is able to at least carry a carcass to such a location and then dump it.  It is just that Bigfoot has zero reason.  They consume game in much the same way as any carnivore.  At best they carry it back for their mate and cubs.  

This is much more likely a cache site belonging to a Giant Sloth.  The Giant sloth consumes the maggots on decaying flesh and the Giant sloth does cache it's kills.   Such a site and behavior was described unknowingly in a report back East.

I suspect that the Giant sloth has a cave or dugout nearby where it resides during the daytime.  This ensures that its maggot supply is readily at hand.


Possible Bigfoot 'Kill Dump' Discovered

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I received the following inquiry and images on Tuesday. Is it possible that this is a Bigfoot kill dump and/or boneyard? I know of at least one other location within New Mexico where similar activity has occurred. I am redacting some of the information for the present time:

MF, aka (redacted), was prospecting in the (redacted - New Mexico) late September, 2002. He told me about a strange location he stumbled onto and later showed me a few of the photos he took.

Below a steep slope on a semi-flat rocky area, strewn amongst the typical high desert trees, was a boneyard. This boneyard according to MF was over 200 feet long and many of the bones had washed into a ravine below the dump, making the number of bones even greater than what he could see. The remains were a sampling of most the mammals that live in the (redacted), such as deer, elk, bighorn sheep, bear, mountain lion, horse, cattle, etc. Antlers and horns were broken and left on partial skulls — so that ruled out poachers and trophy hunters. On some of the kills made in recent years, the hides and flesh still clung to the bones, so that ruled out meat hunters. The location is too far from a rough 4-wheel drive forest service road, for any truck to use this as a dump site. MF searched for any intact skulls that he could take home, but most were all or partially crushed. His guess is something has been dumping carcasses here for over 50 years. He returned a number of times over the years, hoping to see some evidence of what was responsible.

MF thinks the predator has to be big and powerful, either dragging the carcasses long distances through the forest or dropping the carcasses from above. An intriguing mystery.

After I return to New Mexico from (redacted), I plan to visit thesite with MF in the fall of 2015. I’ll take close-up photos with a good camera.

MF doesn’t type or use a computer, so I’m sending this hoping you have some insight into what this might be. I’m attaching three photos taken from his old cell phone camera. If you want more info let me know. LL

NOTE: I'm interested in your thoughts. I want to keep the location private for the time being...I'm looking forward to receiving updated information from the parties involved. Lon

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