Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jesus as Perfect Master

This is a visit into the idea of the perfect master first.  It is accepted by many that Jesus was a perfect master and i want to state that this appears completely valid.  I also want to share that i have been investigating spiritual reports extensively and gathering a fair understanding.  My most important insight is that the spiritual realm is physically real and vastly more information dense than our own tier of matter.  This is the reverse of my original expectation.

After saying all that what i have found disquieting is the various representations regarding spiritualism practice itself. There is certainly a path and that path can be made visible.  This has provided solace to many.  Yet it is obvious from clear reports that while meditation and prayer are fine and beneficial disciplines, they cannot be an end in themselves. It is for example unlikely that we would feel a need to continue such practices upon arriving in the after life as we then are in communion and take on other duties.

Yet the path is about training the physical mind itself and that must actually be for physical reasons.  We are actually looking in the wrong place.  This leads to my central insight.  While most masters are teaching masters and never rise much beyond, the Perfect Master has succeeded in modifying the wiring of his brain sufficiently to allow his cognitive physical mind to direct his astral body.  It is as if the astral body finally integrates with the physical body.

Once done, the following becomes plausible:

1    Resurrection of course.  This means reentering the dead body and reattaching the astral body back to their respective cells a layer at a time and then applying radiant energy in order to reanimate those cells.  Physical evidence from the Shroud of Turin conforms to this conjecture.

2    Cessation of Aging.  This is a gimme. It becomes possible to apply the perfect pattern of the Soul to every cell in the body and restore youthful vigor. Your physical age will slowly be altered to that of a thirty some year old subject.  I suspect that this was how Jesus proved himself to his own teachers.  Certainly his brief sojourn at a the age identified was exceptional in terms of the content and daring and decades of additional preparation solves a lot of concerns.

3     Applied Ressurection.  He could do it for himself and thus could do it for another if in sufficient time.  This also applied to healing as well.

4     Control of gravity with his astral body.   This is an unexpected result,but it comes from the nature of the second tier of matter or as presently called 'Dark Matter'.  Controll of the astral body allows direct gravity modification and the benefits thereof.


My take home is that all mental work leads to improved mental function. The question is what can lead to the control and function of a perfect master.  The examples we have all come short.  Yet it provides the real possibility of a physical paradise on Earth itself.


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