Saturday, March 2, 2019

How Greenhouses Are Warming Afghanistan up to Peace

This is what true peace looks like.  Start with the switch over to fruit trees in particular and then start the long trek toward full reforestation.
Afghanistan fully forested would be a paradise and a cool home to tens of millions.  it is not particularly difficult either once you apply fog traps to feed the root of a nearby tree.  That Dutch system allows the tree to be fully rooted and a passive fog trap supplies a water surplus that encourages ground cover as well.   Small as it is though, it is still a capital investment.
What this item tells us though is that the tide has turned and a blossoming agricultural investment environment will quickly revolutionize this country.  After all they are next door to 1.3 billion Indians and 1.1 Billion Chinese for the mere effort of building proper roads and railways and surely they are not idiots.....
How Greenhouses Are Warming Afghanistan up to Peace

By Nick Fouriezos • MAR 01 2018

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