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First Contact 1947 IS-BE Chpt16 Airl Departs


This is a roadmap to human freedom from the spiritual trap of human existence which gives us a memory wipe every time around.

It is also not unreasonable that i am the navigator of the 3,000 crew members who have been trapped here on Earth.  I certainly have ample conforming evidence.  Not least that the other side gave me a lodestone to wear.

An interesting task would be to establish a proper test that allows us to identify members of that 3,000 crew.  It would be important in the task of removing the block itself.  It wouod also be useful to identify those here who do not have a Terran lineage.

All this knowledge is important to understanding your path.  Other sources are needed as well as most advice shows you a single step and little understanding.  This piece allows integration into our universal history.

Chapter Sixteen

Airl Departs


"I remained at the base, mostly confined to my quarters, for another 3 weeks after Airl had been "incapacitated" by Dr. Wilcox. Once a day I was escorted to the room where Airl lay on the bed under continued surveillance by Dr. Wilcox, and others, I assume. Each time I went to the room, I was asked to try to communicate with Airl again. Each time there was no response. This saddened me a great deal. As the days continued I became increasing more certain and distressed that Airl was "dead", if that is the right word for it.

Every day, I re-read the transcripts of my interviews with Airl, searching for a clue that might remind me of something or help me in some way to re-establish communication with Airl. I still had the envelope in my possession with copies of the transcripts that Airl was asked to sign. To this day, I don't understand why no one ever asked me to return them. I suppose they forgot about the copy of the transcripts in all the excitement. I did not offer to return them. I kept them concealed under the mattress of my bed all the time I remained at the base, and have kept them with me ever since then. You will be the first person to see these transcripts.

Since Airl's body was not biological, the doctors could not detect whether the body was alive or dead unless it moved. Of course I knew that if Airl was not consciously animating the body as an IS-BE, the body would not move. 

I explained this to Dr. Wilcox. I explained this to him several times. Each time he just gave me a patronizing sort of smile, patted my arm, and thanked me for trying again.

At the end of the third week I was told by Dr. Wilcox that my services would no longer be needed because it had been decided by the military to move Airl to a larger, more secure military medical facility that was better equipped to deal with the situation. He didn't say anything about where the facility was located.

That was the last time I saw Airl's doll body.

The following day I received written orders, signed by General Twining. The orders said that I had completed my service to the U.S. military and was officially discharged from further duty and that I would receive an honorable discharge and a generous military pension. I would be also be relocated by the military, and given a new identity with the appropriate documents.

Along with the orders I received a document that I was instructed to read and sign. It was an oath of secrecy. The language of the document was full of "legalese", but the point was very clearly made that I was to never, ever discuss anything whatsoever with anyone whatsoever about anything whatsoever that I has seen, heard or experienced during my service in the military -- under pain of death as an Act of Treason against the United States of America!

As it turned out, I was placed into a Federal government witness protection program 240 (Footnote), except that I would be protected from the government by the government. In other words, as long as I stayed quiet I could stay alive!

The following morning I was placed aboard a small military transport plane and flown to a relocation destination. After being shuttled to several locations for short periods, I eventually I ended up in Glasgow, Montana near Fort Peck.

The night before I was scheduled to board the transport plane, as I lay in bed contemplating the whole affair and wondering what happened to Airl, and to me, I suddenly heard Airl's "voice". I sat bolt upright in my bed and turned on the light on the night stand! I looked around the room frantically for a few seconds.

Then I realized that it was Airl, the IS-BE. Her body was not in the room with me, of course, and it didn't need to be.

She said "Hello!". The tone of her thought was plain and friendly. It was unmistakably Airl. I did not have the least doubt about that! 

I thought, "Airl? Are you still here?" She answered that she was "here", but not in a body on Earth. She had returned to her post at The Domain base when the doctor and MPs attacked us in the interview room. She was pleased to perceive that I was well, and that I was going to be released unharmed. 

I wondered how she escaped from them. I was worried that they might have injured Airl by the shock machine. Airl said that she was able to leave the body before the shock was administered and avoided the electric current running through the body. She wanted to let me know that she was safe and not to worry about her. I was very relieved, to say the least!

I asked Airl if I would every see her again. Airl reassured me that we are both IS-BEs. We are not a physical bodies. Now that she had located me in space and time we would always stay in communication. Airl wished me well and my communication with her ended for the moment."

Post Script from Mrs. MacElroy

EDITOR' NOTE: The following message was enclosed in a separate envelope marked "READ ME LAST", together with the original letter, the transcripts and the other notes of explanation I received in the envelope from Mrs. MacElroy. This is what the message said:

"The other documents in this envelope are the end of the story, as far as what happened back in 1947.

However, several months after the government got me settled at my final relocation destination, I
continued my communication with Airl on a regular basis.

It has been almost exactly 40 years since the crash at Roswell. Since then it has become obvious to me that I have been able to communicate telepathically with Airl for one reason: I am one of the 3,000 members of the Lost Battalion. At this time, all of the members of the Lost Battalion have been located on Earth as a result of The Domain Annunaki Mission and their use of the "Tree of Life" detection device.

Through my communication with Airl, I have recovered some of my memory of lives I've spent on Earth over the past 8,000 years. Most of these memories are not especially important compared to the long backtrack of events, but it has been a necessary stepping stone to regaining my awareness and ability as an IS-BE.

I can also remember some dim patches of my life in The Domain Expeditionary Force. I was a nurse there too. For the most part I've been a nurse over and over and over again down through the ages. I stick with being a nurse because it is familiar to me. And, I enjoy the work of helping people, as well as members of the race of biological beings in The Domain whose bodies look more like insects than
mammals, especially their hands. Even doll bodies need some repair once in awhile, too.

As I remember more about my past, I realize that the rest of my life is in the future. Eternity is not
just in the past. Eternity is in the future. At this point I am still not able to fully return to The Domain. 

I am sentenced to eternal imprisonment, like all other IS-BEs in the living Hell called Earth, until we can disable the "Old Empire" force screens. 

Because I won't keep my biological body much longer now, I am intensely aware that very soon I will be recycled through the amnesia process of the "Old Empire", and stuck back into another baby body to start all over again -- without any memory of what went before.

As you know, members of The Domain Expeditionary Force have been working to solve this problem for thousands of years. Airl says that even though The Domain has located all of the Lost Battalion officers and crew, the success of freeing them depends on the IS-BEs who are already on Earth. The Domain Central Command cannot authorize any personnel or resources, at this time, to conduct a "rescue mission" as this in not the primary mission of The Domain Expeditionary Force in this galaxy.

So, if IS-BEs on Earth are going to escape from this prison, it will have to be an "inside job", so to
speak. The inmates will have to figure out how to get themselves out. Various methods of recovering
the memory and ability of IS-BEs have been developed over the past 10,000 years on Earth, but none have proven to be consistently effective so far. 

Airl mentioned that the most significant breakthrough was made by Gautama Siddhartha about 2,500 years ago. 

However, the original teachings and techniques taught by The Buddha have been altered or lost over the millennia since then. The practical techniques of his philosophy were perverted into robotic religious rituals by priests as a self-serving instrument of control or slavery.

However, another major advance occurred recently. An acquaintance of The Commanding Officer of The Domain Expeditionary Force Space Station is an IS-BE who had once been an important engineer and officer in the "Old Empire" Space Fleet. He become an "untouchable" himself about 10,000 years ago and was sentenced to Earth for leading a mutiny against the oppressive regime of the "Old Empire". The engineer was trained in Advanced Scientific Improvisation Theory thousands
of years ago. This man has applied his expertise to helping The Domain solve the apparently unsolvable problem of rescuing the members of the Lost Battalion, as well as the IS-BEs on Earth.

Careful observation and experimental analysis of the mechanics of memory in IS-BEs by he and his wife, who assisted him, led to the realization that IS-BEs can recover from amnesia and also regain lost abilities.

Together they discovered and developed effective  methods that they used to rehabilitate their own
memories. They eventually codified their methods so that others can safely be trained to apply them to themselves and others, without detection by the "Old Empire" thought control operators.

Their research also revealed that IS-BEs can occupy and operate more than one body at the same time -- a fact that previously was thought to be uniquely limited to officers of The Domain.

 [ This is my conjecture of ASPECTS arclein ]

One example of this fact is that the engineer, in a previous lifetime on Earth, was Suleiman The Magnificent 241 (Footnote). His assistant was a harem girl who rose up from slavery to become his wife and rule the Ottoman empire with him. 242 (Footnote) Simultaneously, she inhabited another body and ruled her own empire as Queen Elizabeth. 243 (Footnote) As the Queen of England, she never married, because she was already married to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire!

In a later life he was incarnated as Cecil Rhodes. 244 (Footnote). 

During his life as Rhodes she was, again, a princess, this time from Poland. 245 (Footnote) As such,
she pursued Rhodes unsuccessfully toward the end of his life. However, in their next incarnation they met again, were married, had a family, and again, worked together successfully all of their lives.

Several other notable examples of this phenomena were observed. For example, the process of refining steel was invented by the same IS-BE who inhabited two bodies simultaneously. One was named Kelly 246 (Footnote) who lived in Kentucky, and the other was a man named Bessemer 247 (Footnote) who lived in England. They both conceived the same process at the same time.

Another example is Alexander Graham Bell 248 (Footnote) the inventor of the telephone, which was invented by several others at the same time, including Elisha Gray. 249 (Footnote) The telephone was conceived concurrently in several locations around the world all at once. This was a single IS-BE of such tremendous energy and ability that he was able to operate several bodies in several different locations while conducting complex research work!

Thanks to these revelations, The Domain has been able to return some of IS-BEs of the Lost Battalion to active duty on a limited, part-time basis. For example, two young girls who occupy biological bodies on Earth are now, at the same time, working as active members of The Domain Expeditionary Force on the asteroid space station as operators of a communication switchboard. These operators relay messages between The Domain Expeditionary Force and The Domain Command Headquarters.

Recently, I, myself have been able to resume some of my own duties for The Domain Expeditionary Force while continuing to live on Earth. This is not an easy task however, and can only be done while my biological body is sleeping.

It makes me very, very happy to know that we may not have to stay on Earth forever! There is hope of escape, not just for the Lost Battalion, but for many other IS-BEs on Earth.

However, all IS-BEs could be helped to become more aware of the actual situation on Earth through the information in this envelope. This is why I sent these letters and transcripts to you. I want you to
get these documents published. I want IS-BEs on Earth to have a chance to find out what is really
happening on Earth.

Most people will not believe any of it, I'm sure. It seems too incredible. No "reasonable" person would ever believe a word of it. However, it only seems "incredible" to an IS-BE whose memory has been erased and replaced with false information inside then electronically controlled illusion of a prison planet. We must not allow the apparent incredibility of our situation to prevent us from confronting the reality of it.

Frankly, "reasons" have nothing to do with reality.
There are no reasons. Things are what they are. If we don't face the facts of our situation, we're going
to stay under the thumb of the "Old Empire" forever!

The biggest weapon the "Old Empire" has left now is our ignorance of what they are doing to all the ISBEs on Earth. Disbelief and secrecy are the most effective weapons they have!

The government agencies that classified the enclosed transcripts as "TOP SECRET" are run by IS-BEs who are nothing more than mindless automatons covertly ordered about through hypnotic commands given by the "Old Empire" prison operators. They are the unknowing slaves of unseen slave masters -- and all the more enslaved by their willingness to be slaves.

Most of the IS-BEs on Earth are good, honest, able beings: artists, managers, geniuses, free thinkers
and revolutionaries who have harmed no one, really. 

They are no threat to anyone except the criminals who have imprisoned them.

They must find out about the "Old Empire" amnesia and hypnosis operation. They must remember their own past lives. The only way this will ever happen is to communicate, coordinate and fight back. We have to tell other people and they have to discuss it openly with each other. Communication is the only effective weapon against secrecy and oppression.

This is why I am asking you to tell this story.

Please share these transcripts with as many people as you can. If the people of Earth are told what is
really going on here, perhaps they will begin to remember who they are, and where they came from.

For now, we can begin our own release and rescue with words. We can be free again. We can be ourselves again. Perhaps I will meet you in person, with or without a body, somewhere in our Eternal Future.

Good Luck To All Of Us,
Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

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