Monday, March 11, 2019

Canadians get creative in solving food waste problem

 What we learn here is that both France and Italy now ban grocers from tossing food ever and donating it all.  That at least drives some of it to the food banks.

What is also necessary is the use of community kitchens to process a lot of this stuff.

After all every farmer has food that is unshipable for various reasons. Dealing with this is usually inconvenient at least.

My real point is that i grew up with the consumption of rescue food.  The real issue is time.  Past date bread and baked goods needs to be used within a couple of days or be frozen.  Vegetables need to be cooked within a day or so or more even.  It means willing hands able to fall back on a number of standard recipes for nutritious foods each and every day. 

All this food becomes quite welcome to a large part of the population.  After all it is not about been poor, but about having a handy meal.  Picking up a bowl of bean soup is great.  After all no one makes a single serving for that.  What about Borscht?  Again single orders are difficult to do up yourself.

 So there is a second issue here.  Such food is basic and nutritious.  It easily replaces highly processed go to foods now in the market place.  Organize this properly and we can have community kitchens supporting all sorts of folks with convenience meals that are at least cheap or free and everyone knows they are making it all food efficient...

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