Wednesday, June 20, 2018

'Whatever this animal is, it can read my mind!' -

This report is extremely important. I had come to the conclusion that the large smart critters out there have the ability to control our ability to see them by mind to mind influence.   However, this came about reviewing many reports in which that provided the best explanation.  It was a long way from been directly observed simply because no observer is expecting this.

This report does exactly that. We never learn what the creature is except it is noisy and angry and very much in their face.  Better yet it responds to the observer's thoughts of using his shotgun by getting more angry.

The good news is that the creature shows restraint.  No one Got hurt.  That makes it a likely Big Foot although we cannot count out the Dogman or Giant Sloth.  We are long overdue to make direct contact with this lineage and to learn how to cooperate with them...   .

'Whatever this animal is, it can read my mind!' --

 Saturday, June 16, 2018
'Whatever this animal is, it can read my mind!'

“In my encounter with Sasquatch/Dogman(?), it was screaming right in my face (note there were no trees for 75 yards). AND I COULD NOT SEE A THING!!! I had accidentally caught one in a trap; he destroyed the trap then followed me home. When it got dark, he came to my house screaming. When the whole family went out on the porch to see what it was, we could hear it right in front of us but could see nothing! Every time I thought of asking my father if I could take his shotgun to see what this thing was the screams got five times louder. I said to myself, 'Whatever this animal is, it can read my mind!' This is a true life experience that happened 55 years ago (1962). Since then I have had one other experience where I knew they were right next to me but I could not see them!" - PeterBerian

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