Monday, June 18, 2018

Qanon - Congress/ DOJ/FBI Confrontation Wednesday


The traffic from Q has become unusually heavy.  We now know that Huma and Podesta were indicted early last November.  This would remain sealed.  We also learn that the principal motive behind this Mil Intel operation is the ending of human trafficking or the children.  It also entails rolling up the DEEP STATE.  I understood that this was what was happening and this is formal confirmation trough this intel feed.

It is one thing to think logically and surmise actions.  it is quite another to have it directly confirmed. 

Our attention is now drawn to Obama's 2014 speech to the Bilderberg group.  Hitler could not have said this better and i am angry this was never brought out by the MSM who must be now understood as complicit.

Full confrontation between Congress and the DOJ/FBI is on this week.  They have now run out of stall options.

I want to observe that the Q feed is driving massive conversion to the patriots flag and that this includes patriots globally who all object to authoritarian control everywhere.  No one is really covering this but it is expanding and tactical successes are attracting many more converts. 

We are still some ways away from mass arrests it appears but sealed indictments are now past 35,000.  In the meantime rising support for the Trump GOP is narrowing DEM options.  Half of those in congress are likely to be forced to resign before the midterms as well.  That is only four months away and the shoe must drop soon.

I do think that the Obstructionists may well throw in the towel now.  ..
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Jun 17 2018 12:05:46 (EST)
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Jun 17 2018 11:50:20 (EST)
Batr Sartre

Published on 31 Jul 2016

This Obama speech was given at the Bilderberg Group conference in Brussels , Belgium , on May 23, 2014 and Obama’s comments are chilling !

This was sent by a German friend after the YouTube version from the US was pulled. It’s unbelievable that Obama actually says this out loud!

Lead in was cover.

Exit out was missing what?

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Jun 17 2018 11:48:58 (EST)
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Jun 17 2018 11:47:41 (EST)
Holy Smokes!
They are in for it!
You really do have it all!

Happy Father’s Day!

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The World is watching.


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Jun 17 2018 11:01:40 (EST)
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>What will this week bring?

Proof [RR] altered the IG Report!

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Jun 17 2018 10:59:56 (EST)
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Jun 17 2018 10:45:58 (EST) 

Q, Happy Father's Day! You are furthering the Divine Stride of our Founding Fathers. May you feel their blessing and may they shower keen intelligence, power and safety upon you.

Thank you & God bless.

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Jun 17 2018 10:53:35 (EST)📁
Listen carefully.
What will this week bring?

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Jun 17 2018 10:32:11 (EST)
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can you confir, Q

Track history.

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Jun 17 2018 10:19:39 (EST)
About time Congress acted like it still has some power. We'll see. Intelligence branch has had it neutered w so-called nat sec

GOOG OP provided undeniable proof.
How do you share what you already know (legally)?
Those who don’t act now know they cannot hide the reasons why.
What a wonderful day.


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Jun 17 2018 10:17:35 (EST)
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Jun 17 2018 10:15:58 (EST)
Comments by Devin Nunes on Fox News this morning ~

Mr Rosenstein / Mr Wray have 2 decide ~ r they going 2 be "part of the clean-up crew" or "part of the cover-up crew?" ~ @DevinNunes @FoxNews ~ awaiting news TODAY regarding WHEN SPYING REALLY began? DOJ didn't know a month ago? Why didn't they reveal immediately? @POTUS

Mr Rosenstein/Mr Wray ~ @DevinNunes on @FoxNews ~ Don't get docs that have been asked 4? Monday docs should start flowing w/ plan by Wed morning or hell to pay ('not going to be pretty') ~ we can hold in contempt ~ we can impeach ~thinks we r getting close 2 there! @POTUS #Qanon

We have an arsenal and sounds like he has been ready to go for some time now!


Thank you Q and POTUS

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