Thursday, June 14, 2018

China invites all UN members countries to cooperate on new Space Station

China'smilitary had become rambunctious the last few years which is unsurprising.  They needed to be slapped in the face to bring them back to their senses, particularly in regards to North Korea.  Of course, they have no understanding of true USA space capability.

Suddenly their space station crashed recently way ahead of its expected schedule, though likely destabilised months before. And a few months ago a high energy blast shattered an empty railyard in Northern China.  This was possibly a kinetic rod from space or a tactical nuke.  Either way,  they did not see it coming.  The purpose was to silence the generals for Xie.

The new Space Station will now have a serious international component as this also prevents it from having any untoward accidents.

China invites all UN members countries to cooperate on new Space Station

brian wang | June 6, 2018

China announced that all United Nation member counties are welcome to cooperate with China to jointly utilize its future China Space Station (CSS).

“All countries, regardless of their size and level of development, can participate in the cooperation on an equal footing,” he said. Interested public and private organizations, including institutes, academies, universities and private enterprises with scientific orientations, can identify their appropriate models of cooperation on board CSS, may it be the growth of a space plant, or will even accommodation of an astronaut, said the ambassador.

CSS is expected to be launched by 2019, and complete and brought into operation by 2022. Consisting of one core module and two experiment modules, the CSS will have the capacity to accommodate up to three astronauts at the same time.

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