Monday, September 11, 2017

Underwater Airport

Whatever this stucture happens to be is irelevant.  What is relevant is that it was above sealevel during the Antediluvian world of over 13,000 years ago.  That it was manufactied by surely humanity is just too obvious.  Staight lines and pattern.  

The whole system is several miles long and a couple wide if based on the apppent urban grid neaby.

Local taffic supports a sea entance to an underground habitat as well.  Vertical surfaces are available here as well. Definately no issue.

I havebeen on the lookout for evidence of this sort. Resolution is not good enough but pyramids may exist as well.

Underwater Airport

UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott C. Waring believes this alien base is connected to all the UFO sightings coming out of Mexico and the entire Central America. This base is huge and it’s no wonder why we hear about so many UFO sightings over Mexico,” he writes. “This base is just 45 miles away from the Mexican coast. The chances of this being an intelligently-made structure I put that at 100 percent.”

It’s interesting to note the similarity between the structure’s arrangement and that of an airport’s landing strips when viewed from above. However, the sheer size of the tubular structures that make up the underwater network means they must have served a different purpose. It is unfortunate that we might never know what that purpose was, but unless the scientific community decides to investigate the matter in a thorough, transparent way, we’ll remain clueless. Coordinates for the underwater base here.

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