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The Donald & The La Raza Judge

The whole gang up smells of an attempt by political operators to use the judiciary to cause political trouble. Worse we have a judicial system that is hardly untainted by politics generally.  That is made quite plain in the item below.

I do not know what the back story happens to be on the Trump university but it had a six year run that ended six years ago.  It was a limited company and we presume that it ultimately lost money.  However several similar businesses exist today all using the same business model. Certainly Donald Trump put a lot of personal effort into it and he may have shut it down because it simply was a hard way to make money when he made if far easier doing what he does in development.

That a class action suit exists at all is certainly a function of Trump been a rich target. They are trying to force a settlement in what is certainly a commercial dispute.  Yet it all is exploitative and no other commercial disputes are heard from at this late date?  give me a break.

Regardless the whole action should be put over until the election is over.  If an incredibly successful Real estate Developer has nothing to teach in real estate than no one on earth has any right to teach anything.  It was patently never a scam.  That is the usual case of lawyers claiming everything in their original attack knowing it will boil down to one issue at best.

And as the second item makes very clear this judge needs to recuse himself.  The racist here smells like our judge.

The Donald & The La Raza Judge

By Patrick J. Buchanan

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Tuesday - June 7, 2016

Before the lynching of The Donald proceeds, what exactly was it he said about that Hispanic judge?

Stated succinctly, Donald Trump said U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over a class-action suit against Trump University, is sticking it to him. And the judge's bias is likely rooted in the fact that he is of Mexican descent.

Can there be any defense of a statement so horrific?

Just this. First, Trump has a perfect right to be angry about the judge's rulings and to question his motives. Second, there are grounds for believing Trump is right.

On May 27, Curiel, at the request of The Washington Post, made public plaintiff accusations against Trump University — that the whole thing was a scam. The Post, which Bob Woodward tells us has 20 reporters digging for dirt in Trump's past, had a field day.

And who is Curiel?

An appointee of President Obama, he has for years been associated with the La Raza Lawyers Association of San Diego, which supports pro-illegal immigrant organizations.

Set aside the folly of letting Clinton surrogates like the Post distract him from the message he should be delivering, what did Trump do to be smeared by a bipartisan media mob as a "racist"?

He attacked the independence of the judiciary, we are told.

But Presidents Jefferson and Jackson attacked the Supreme Court, and FDR, fed up with New Deal programs being struck down, tried to "pack the court" by raising the number of justices to 15 if necessary.

Abraham Lincoln leveled "that eminent tribunal" in his first inaugural, and once considered arresting Chief Justice Roger Taney.

The conservative movement was propelled by attacks on the Warren Court. In the '50s and '60s, "Impeach Earl Warren!" was plastered on billboards and bumper stickers all across God's country.

The judiciary is independent, but that does not mean that federal judges are exempt from the same robust criticism as presidents or members of Congress.

Obama himself attacked the Citizens United decision in a State of the Union address, with the justices sitting right in front of him.

But Trump's real hanging offense was that he brought up the judge's ancestry, as the son of Mexican immigrants, implying that he was something of a judicial version of Univision's Jorge Ramos.

Apparently, it is now not only politically incorrect, but, in Newt Gingrich's term, "inexcusable," to bring up the religious, racial or ethnic background of a judge, or suggest this might influence his actions on the bench.

But these things matter.

Does Newt think that when LBJ appointed Thurgood Marshall, ex-head of the NAACP, to the Supreme Court, he did not think Marshall would bring his unique experience as a black man and civil rights leader to the bench?

Surely, that was among the reasons Marshall was appointed.

When Obama named Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, a woman of Puerto Rican descent who went through college on affirmative action scholarships, did Obama think this would not influence her decision when it came to whether or not to abolish affirmative action?

"I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life," Sotomayor said in a speech at Berkeley law school and in other forums.

Translation: Ethnicity matters, and my Latina background helps guide my decisions.

All of us are products of our family, faith, race and ethnic group. And the suggestion in these attacks on Trump that judges and justices always rise about such irrelevant considerations, and decide solely on the merits, is naive nonsense.

There are reasons why defense lawyers seek "changes of venue" and avoid the courtrooms of "hanging judges."

When Obama reflexively called Sgt. Crowley "stupid" after Crowley's 2009 encounter with that black professor at Harvard, and said of Trayvon Martin, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," was he not speaking as an African-American, as well as a president?

Pressed by John Dickerson on CBS, Trump said it's "possible" a Muslim judge might be biased against him as well.

Another "inexcusable" outrage.

But does anyone think that if Obama appointed a Muslim to the Supreme Court, the LGBT community would not be demanding of all Democratic Senators that they receive assurances that the Muslim judge's religious views on homosexuality would never affect his court decisions, before they voted to put him on the bench?

When Richard Nixon appointed Judge Clement Haynsworth to the Supreme Court, it was partly because he was a distinguished jurist of South Carolina ancestry. And the Democrats who tore Haynsworth to pieces did so because they feared he would not repudiate his Southern heritage and any and all ideas and beliefs associated with it.

To many liberals, all white Southern males are citizens under eternal suspicion of being racists. The most depressing thing about this episode is to see Republicans rushing to stomp on Trump, to show the left how well they have mastered their liberal catechism.

Report: Trump University Lawsuit Judge Appears to Have Ties to La Raza

As the establishment moves to protect it’s asset Judge Gonzalo Curiel with accusations of racism against Donald Trump, a different picture is emerging. Judge Curiel – who is presiding over the Trump University lawsuit – was blasted by Trump over having a racial bias in the case because he is a Mexican was defended in a high profile manner in both the New York Times and the Washington Post. Media Matters, the propaganda shop run by Clinton operative David Brock and partially underwritten by George Soros is also promoting the Trump is a racist meme but the mad rush by the Dems to rehash the failed attacks over the controversial real estate school may be about to backfire. According to a reports on conservative websites, the judge is a member of a legal group affiliated with Latino supremacist organization La Raza.
The Daily Caller reports that “Judge Presiding Over Trump University Case Is Member Of La Raza Lawyers Group”:
United States District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the man presiding over the class-action lawsuit against Trump University, is a member of the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego and oversaw the gift of a law school scholarship to an illegal alien.
In his 2011 judicial questionnaire to become a federal judge, Curiel revealed his history with La Raza. originally reported this Tuesday, and The Daily Caller has independently verified.
Curiel lists “La Raza Lawyers of San Diego” as a legal association he has been a part of in the questionnaire. Curiel’s office at the United States District Court for the Southern District of California confirmed to TheDC the judge’s membership in the group.
Curiel reveals more ties to the group in his questionnaire. He has spoken at two receptions held by La Raza Lawyers of San Diego, the most recent being in 2011. Last year, the group also held a reception for Curiel. The description of the event says, “This year we are proud to be honoring Judge Gonzalo Curiel at our reception and recognizing him for his leadership and support to the community and to our Association.
In addition, Curiel served on the selection committee in 2014 for the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego Scholarship Fund. Six of seven of the recipients of these scholarships ranging from $1500 to $1600 were born in Central America. One of them, Ricardo Elorza, described himself as “undocumented.”
The revelations would seem to be representative of a huge conflict of interest that should lead to calls for the judge to recuse himself from what is increasingly looking like a politically motivated witch hunt.
Interestingly Judge Curiel has now moved to reseal documents related to the Trump University case that he himself had just ordered to be unsealed and which led to a media feeding frenzy. The timing is curious given the unearthing of the apparent ties to La Raza and Queen Hillary’s attacks on Trump over the lawsuit. Also of note is the story that has yet to be completely substantiated that the law firm involved in the Trump University class action suit may have paid the Clintons for speeches, this would be a bombshell if true and could blow the case wide open.

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